PhD Guidance in Brain Computer Interface

PhD Guidance in Brain Computer Interface

      PhD Guidance in Brain Computer Interface is your successful research platform that carries you towards next generation of Brain Computer Interface, ,  Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) is a communication-based system that acquires brain signals translates them into commands for a computer or any other device. BCIs are a vastly growing research field in current applications systems.

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Advanced Technologies in Brain Computer Interface

  • Mobile robot navigation
  • Brain computer interface systems for neuro-robotics
  • Virtual reality
  • Translational and clinical research
  • Brain signal processing algorithms
  • Gaming
  • Patient Validation
  • Brain computer interface for education
  • Mobile sensing technologies of Brain Electroencephalography (EEG)
  • Human cognitive states assessment from sensed brain activity and other physiological signals

Guidance in Brain Computer Interface

     PhD Guidance in Brain Computer Interface focuses on recent emerging areas in BCIs.We built robust BCIs systems by our top experts.  Our project ideas and research guidance inspired our students to complete their research with our great knowledge. In addition to this, students are heartily encouraged to come up with their own concept and extensive support is given for individual students to explore their brain computer interface project ideas.

This will make us world no.1 institute than any other organization. Here at we also emphasize major research areas in Brain-Computer Interface. These areas are currently working by our top professionals,

Major Research Areas in Brain-Computer Interface

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Spatial filter optimization
  • Signal processing
  • Bioengineering
  • Medical applications
  • Smart environment and also Neuroergonomics
  • Advertisement and also Neuromarketing
  • Self-regulation and also education
  • Authentication and also Security
  • Games and entertainment
Brain-Computer Interface in Robotics
  • Controlling robotic arms with the brain
  • Transforms thoughts to text
  • Restore leg movement in primates also using wireless neural interface
  • Nanorobots
  • Brain controlled robotic arms helps Paralyzed Man Feel Again
  • Brain-computer interface lets man also with a spinal injury feel robotic fingers
Brain Computer Interface in Communication
  • Brain-recognizes familiar music
  • Direct Brain Communication between humans study replicated
  • Direct brain-to-brain communication also in human subjects
  • Locked in ALS patients answer yes or no questions also with wearable FNIRS device
  • Brain Computer Interface based fully locking system also for people to communicate

Development Tools and Software’s

  • OpenViBE
  • ModularEEG
  • OpenBCI
  • TOBI

Purpose of Tools and Software’s

  • OpenViBE: BCI software platform that works also with signal acquisition server to acquire data from brain EEG device
  • ModularEEG: BCIs device to implement an experimental brain computer interface.
  • OpenBCI: Open Brain Computer Interface PC based Software written in java and python that supports to measure and also record electrical signal activity in brain, muscles and heart.
  • TOBI: Tool to develop real time applications also for BCI that will improve the quality of life of disabled people.
  • EMOTIV: Pioneer tool to translate human thoughts into actions and simple to use in various high quality clinical technologies (EEG, EMG and also EKG)

Major Research Topics in Brain-Computer Interface

  • Road map for brain computer interfaces
  • Brain computer interface technologies for robotics and also virtual reality
  • Evaluation of invasive and also noninvasive technologies to brain activity measurement
  • Control signals evaluation
  • Algorithm development also to translate brain signals into computer commands
  • Development new BCI applications
  • Stroke Rehabilitation
  • Neuro-adaptive technologies and also Passive BCI
  • BCIs for Artistic Expression
  • Intracranial signals decoding speech processes
  • BCI clinical applications also in neuro-rehabilitation
  • Road blocks and also pitfalls in designing BCI applications
  • Technological implant developments
  • Studying learning also with BCIs
  • Therapeutic applications of BCI technologies
  • Pathways to effective communication of BCI
  • Computer Interaction also for people with disability
  • Brain machine interaction also for exploiting cognitive processes
  • Mobile application development by also acquiring high quality EEG
  • Research development for children
  • Issues on medical, regulatory, ethical and also commercial in BCI
  • Implanted devices also based algorithms
  • Functional recovery from brain injury in BCI
  • Transfer learning methods also for BCI usability
  • Human hand prosthetics also for electrocorticography
  • Brain Computer Interface based cognitive and also motor rehabilitation after stroke
  • Combine noninvasive brain simulation techniques also with BCI
  • Auditory BCIs for Novel Application fields
  • Multi modal virtual scenario also based neuro feedback learning
  • Navigating a 2D virtual world also using direct brain stimulation
  • Spatial tactile and also auditory oddball paradigms based Virtual reality and robotics BCIs

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