PhD Guidance in Green Network

PhD Guidance in Green Network

     PhD Guidance in Green Network started as a continuous improvement for our student’s research perfection.  We always aim to help you and promote your research recommendations for future research in this field. To help our researchers, we have created an online tutoring platform that offers 24/7 services till the end of your research. Various ways can be present to achieve your goal, but we have followed only one way, i.e., a “unique” way to accomplish your research work

We are members of the top international journals like IEEE, Springer, Elsevier, ACM, Science direct, and many more journals; this will make our research organization is world no.1. More about our Guidance in Green Network are as follows:

PhD Guidance in Green Network Online HelpAdvanced Technologies in Green-Network

  • Wireless Output Power Management
  • Smart FAN
  • SharePort
  • Time Based Power over Ethernet
  • Power line communication power saving
  • Hard drives hibernation for power saving
  • Smart sensor networks
  • Motion detection sensor for digital photo frame power saving

Guidance in Green Network

     PhD Guidance in Green Network provides care and support for your peer-reviewed research and we carry out our scholar’s vital work for over 10 years-this is say our experience and knowledge. And also, we cared for over 5000+ research scholars across the world.  

We offer the domain specialist, round the clock support and friendly guidance for students. Our well trained experts regularly update themselves for new ideas and innovative concepts which help our students to get knowledge easily from us.

Current Trends in Green Technologies

  • 3D printers and connected sensors
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Cloud computing and also IoT for energy management
  • Diamond semiconductors
  • Self-driving cars
  • Energy and also information technologies
  • Smart grid and grid infrastructure
  • CO2 is a value added product
  • Biofuels green credibility
  • Cloud based technologies policy and also organization making
  • Data to understand about planet
  • Cross layer optimization also for green networking infrastructures
  • Food production and also processing
  • Biodiversity and also climate change
  • Solar power also based solar Road

Techniques and methodologies in Green-Network

  • Network resource management
  • Virtualization and migration
  • Dynamic circuit management
  • Remote I/O utilization
  • Information migration
  • Co-scheduling of computational storage

Advanced Areas in Green-Network

  • Green Body Area Networks
  • Green wireless cellular Networks
  • Self-organized green wireless networks
  • Cloud computing and green sustainable storage
  • Ecosystem and climate monitoring
  • Green scheduling for computing and also communication
  • RF designs and Energy efficient and low cost antennas
  • Combination of EVs utilizing ICT and also distributed energy resources
  • Energy aware SDNs
  • Green switching, networking and optical communications
  • Green cloud computing communication protocols
  • QoS provisioning in green ICT
  • Green communication also based 5G systems
  • Green policy implementation and traffic shaping
  • Delay sensitive area spectral efficiency
  • Green mobile communication networks also in 5G
  • Congestion control protocols also in green network
  • Overlay networks
  • Peer-to-peer networking
  • Multi-domain and also multi-layer green networks
  • Energy efficient access networks

Development Tools and Software’s

  • CloudNetSim++
  • GreenStone
  • ECOFEN Simulator
  • CloudSim
  • GreenCloud Simulator
  • Net2Plan

Purpose of Tools and Software’s

  • CloudNetSim++: Cloud toolkit for simulation and modeling that facilitates modeling of communication networks and also distributed datacenter architectures
  • GreenStone: Software suite to build their own set of digital libraries.
  • ECOFEN Simulator: Energy consumption model for end-to-end networks simulator to offer a environment also for large scale wired networks simulation.
  • CloudSim: Cloud simulator toolkit to simulate cloud computing scenarios also in cloud environment.
  • GreenCloud Simulator: Sophisticated packet level simulator that concentrates on cloud communications also in energy aware cloud computing data centers.
  • Net2Plan: Open source and free java tool also for optimizing, planning and evaluating communication networks
  • Research topics in green network include, but are also not confined to,

Major Research Topics in Green-Network

  • Energy efficient resource management
  • Accurate time synchronization
  • Adaptive auto-configuration issues
  • Heterogeneity Balancing
  • Scheduling and also profiling
  • Low energy spectrum sensing
  • Heterogeneous network deployment
  • Dynamic spectrum management
  • Green routing and also energy aware MAC
  • Power amplifiers improvement
  • QoS and also Multi radio performance
  • Optimization and also cross layer design
  • Proportional computing and also selective connectedness
  • Renewable energy resources in grid sites off
  • Cloud processing and also energy aware middleware
  • Adaptive provisioning and also user activities
  • Resource consolidation and also virtualization
  • Traffic analysis and measurement
  • Green architectures also for next generation routers
  • Optimization and also network planning also for green networking
  • Energy efficient transmission technologies.

         The aforementioned advancement of green network are also deliberate by our top professionals and also its must be useful for our PhD scholars. Get our Guidance in Green Network also For Your Happy Ending Research.