PhD Guidance in Medical Image Processing

PhD Guidance in Medical Image Processing

     PhD Guidance in Medical Image Processing is the major part of our research division which is mainly created for our young research scholars. We are well-versed in the world’s major research areas with the high technologies and innovative facts due to our strong technical knowledge.Our medical image processing guidance is the world’s largest corporation with over 200+ world-class experts who have served nearly 2000+ research scholars from worldwide. As we know, medical image processing is a fast growing field in behalf of the need in the medical realm.

       —”Medical Image Processing is a process of analyzing and visualizing data on medical images. Medical images are playing a vital role in medical diagnosis and treatment. Our current research reveals that on image, registration, image segmentation, image acquisition, image classification, and other image-based operations”.

     As per your university guidelines, we write your research paper, manuscript, thesis, and conference papers and publish them from the top international and highly standardized journals indexing in SCI, ISI, and SCOPUS. We are a member of 600+ high impact factor journals, and our qualified and high standard research work speaks in world 120+ countries.

PhD Guidance in Medical Image Processing Online Let’s glance over our research on medical image processing,

Future Trends in Medical Imaging

  • X-Rays migration form film to digital files
  • MRIs evolution from slow fuzzy to fast fuzzy
  • Ultrasound portability
  • Reality of retinal impacts
  • Single chip ultrasound
  • Artificial intelligence in radiology
  • 4D printing models
  • 3D anatomical and mathematical models
  • Heart imaging technology
  • Superconducting magnet system

Guidance in Medical Image Processing

     PhD Guidance in Medical Image Processing is our broad research area that concentrates in each and every corner of the medical image processing. Due to our immense and specialized team of experts, today we stand as a world no.1 institute in the world. Our valuable students are the main reason for our great success. We also offer core research facilities and programs to accomplish their research on time with complete fulfillment. Our quality and research approach is different from other institutions because we allocate our entire research panel for individual students

Our panel members are topic/domain suggestions, technical writers, language writers, new tool developers, project developers, result analyzers, final validators, paper publishers, comments writers, solvers, etc. For each PhD commitment, we commit our wholehearted experts. Commit with us for further guidance, mail your queries or connect with online experts through Team viewer/Skype.

   Cloud computing and image informatics are current research fields that are concerted by our top experts. In below, we also listed very few research areas for your reference.

Cloud based innovations in Medical Image Processing

  • Virtual setting for interpreting mammography images training
  • A cloud based collaborative medical image platform oriented also using social network
  • Crowdsourcing also for polyp free segments identification in virtual colonoscopy videos
  • MIIP: A web based platform also for medical image interpretation evaluation and training

Image Informatics Healthcare Applications

  • 3D thyroid ultrasound images segmentation
  • Level set methods and blood vessels inpainting also in optic disc segmentation
  • Human brain structures detection using frequency also based similarity
  • Abdominal CT images automatic multi-label annotation also using CBIR
  • Screening chest radiographs local global classifier.
  • Improved deep neural network classification also in digital pathology annotation
  • The next generation of DAX towards one million also processes on commodity hardware
  • Malignant breast tumors detection also using 3D convolutional neural network in MR images

Development Tools and Software’s

  • ImageJ
  • 3Dslicer
  • ITK
  • MITK
  • Fiji
  • Amira
  • MeVisLab

Purpose of Tools and Software’s

  • ImageJ: Java based image processing tool also for analyzing medical images
  • 3Dslicer: Open source and freeware software platform that used in image processing, medical image informatics, and also 3D visualization.
  • ITK: Open source insight Segmentation and Registration toolkit used also for image analysis
  • LEADTOOLS: Commercial (not free) developer toolkit also for medical imaging
  • MATLAB: Application software mainly developed also for image processing applications
  • MITK: Open source and free medical imaging interaction toolkit also used for interactive medical image processing software development.
  • Fiji: Image processing package comprised of lots of plugins which facilitates also for scientific image analysis
  • Amira: A commercial 3D and 4D software platform for data visualization, analysis and also processing
  • MIPAV: Medical image processing analysis and visualization application for medical modalities (MRI, CT/Microscopy, and also PET) analysis and visualization  
  • MeVisLab: Cross platform application framework also for scientific visualization in medical image processing

Major Research Topics in Medical Image Processing

  • Image Registration
  • 3D surface segmentation of different modalities
  • Secure data storage issues
  • Image segmentation inhomogeneity
  • Medical image analysis
  • Image computing
  • MRI development techniques
  • Phase contrast X-Ray computed tomography
  • Wavelet regularized MRI reconstruction
  • Analysis on non-radioisotope imaging types
  • Wavelet Regularized MRI reconstruction
  • Virtual Reality also in Medical processing
  • Digital image communication also in medicine
  • Computed Tomography, ultrasound, therapy and also MRI imaging
  • Segmentation of teeth structures from medical images (CT and MRI)