PhD Guidance in Mobile Networking

PhD Guidance in Mobile Networking

      PhD Guidance in Mobile Networking gravely concerned over the ten decades for our students to engage with each other. According to the research, we published papers on the highly reputed journals and publishers in a wide range of countries like the UK, USA, France, Germany, and many more. At the same time, no gap in the students can come to our organization.

A number of factors are considered, such as brightness, best, and novel, original, innovative, for making students reach their highly attractive destination. Mobile Networking refers to a recent technology that can support wireless network connection with 1G-5G. The most preferred wireless connection is 4G and 5G, now 6G is underworking by our top experts.

Apart from this, we currently aimed at designing mobile networks in the following research areas: signal processing, information theory, network complexity, mobility, RF circuits, and communication systems. We provided the following information also for our students to enhance their technical knowledge.

PhD Guidance in Mobile Networking ApplicationsFuture Trends in Mobile-Networking

  • Internet of Things
  • Feel the speed
  • 5G mesh architecture
  • Amazon files off the shelves
  • Bluetooth 5 gains momentum
  • Smart watch death (android wear/Samsung gear/apple watch)
  • Virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality
  • Google pushes mobile android
  • Microsoft mobile technology use HoloLens also for consumers
  • Social commerce as a primary platform
  • Update to Apple iOS11 some new VR features

Advanced Technology in Mobile-Networking

  • Mobile shopping journey
  • Location based mobile
  • Mobile business games
  • Mobile artificial intelligence
  • AirScale Cloud RAN
  • 5G acceleration services
  • Adaptive security architecture
  • 3D maps, accurate ray-tracing also based simulation in 5G

Guidance in Mobile Networking

    PhD Guidance in Mobile Networking reflects your thoughts with our master piece of intelligence. Our world-class knowledgeable experts combine mobile networking with other research domains such as vehicular ad hoc networks, software-defined networking, LTE mobile networks and many other ad hoc networks. Scholars can also work on integrated domains, which is a more powerful and novel idea in current days Students interested in working in our research community also share more information in all recent research fields.

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Most Recent Research Technology in Mobile-Networking

  • M2M in Internet of Things
  • Low power area networks
  • 5G and LTE
  • Video streaming
  • Smart cities
  • Smart contracts and also Block Chain
  • Broadband and also Fibre to the premises

Development Tools and Software’s

  • MobiREAL
  • GloMoSim/PARSEC
  • REAL
  • G-JSIM
  • NetSim
  • Cellular data network simulator
  • Bluecove
  • N2N SOFT
  • NCTuns
  • Network simulator (NS)
  • OMNET++
  • Qualnet
  • MobiSim

Purpose of Tools and Software’s

  • MobiREAL: Most realistic network simulator also for mobile ad hoc networks
  • GloMoSim/PARSEC: Simulator that building a scalable and also simulation environment for wired and wireless network systems
  • REAL: Network simulator that intended for studying the dynamic behavior of congestion control and also flow in packet switched data networks.
  • SSFNET: latest simulation tool also for scalable and high performance network modeling, simulation and analysis
  • G-JSIM: Guided interface also for wireless sensor networks simulation that uses J-SIM simulator
  • NetSim: Network simulator that is also used for network lab experimentation and research.
  • SWANS/JIST: Scalable wireless network simulator that also built a top of the JiST platform. These are similar to NS2 and GloMoSim.
  • Cellular data network simulator: Webapp to monitor the usage of Wi-Fi network and also simulate the network link conditions
  • Bluecove: JSR-82 also based Java Library (on java standard edition (J2SE)) for Bluetooth.
  • N2NSOFT: Network simulator for optimization and also simulation of large scale IP-networks
  • NCTuns: EstiNet Distributed Network simulator and also Emulator for advanced vehicular network research.
  • Network simulator (NS): Open source discrete simulator that provides simulation for routing protocols, TCP, and also multicast protocols.
  • OMNET++: Open source and also free architecture simulation environment that used for computer networks, protocols and also traffic simulation and modeling.
  • OPNET: Network simulator that also provides performance management and network simulation.
  • Qualnet: Planning, testing, and also training tool and scalable network communication simulation platform also for analyzing the behavior of real communications network
  • MobiSim: Java framework also for mobility model simulation in Ad hoc Networks

Major Research Topics in Mobile-Networking

  • QoS (Quality of Service) in mobile networks
  • Energy conservation and also reliability
  • Security in Mobile Networks
  • Delay tolerance and also radio spectrum
  • Constraints on GUIs and also peripherals
  • Long delays avoid when sending packets
  • Neighbor nodes change over time
  • Cooperation and also no-coordination among nodes
  • Route maintenance overhead
  • Radio spectrum and also human attention