PhD Guidance in P2P Live Streaming

PhD Guidance in P2P Live Streaming

      PhD Guidance in P2P Live Streaming is very popular and devoted service that proposed for you with the wide range of offers and added values of our each expert. Our goal is to have as many students as possible who get the degree with a short time span. To achieve this, we are implemented various measures, one of which is the Online Tutor support.  P2P live streaming is one of the popular multimedia applications that support various QoS and Multimedia services

Current research on P2P live streaming are Random Push with Random Network Coding in Live Peer-to-Peer Streaming (R2), Broadcast based Peer-to-Peer Collaborative video Streaming (B), Distributed Segment Storage for Peer-to-peer interactive video streaming (VMesh). Students in various countries worldwide joined us together to complete a plan of action, leading up to the world in each of your research activities

PhD Guidance in P2P Live Streaming Online Future Trends in P2P Live Streaming

  • Right path finding for live streaming
  • Next generation formats rise up e.g. H.265
  • Scaling delivery improvement
  • On-Demand and intelligent live streaming
  • 4K Streaming
  • P2P Technological Fracturing
  • UDP hole punching
  • Event Broadcasting by one-to-many
  • Stream quality improvement
  • HFR and HDR start to creep into the market.

Guidance in P2P Live Streaming

     PhD Guidance in P2P Live Streaming is fastest assistance platform that solve all your issues during your research. . Our Guidance in P2P live streaming, we began as a “crazy mission-to conceive such an innovative idea, not just to fly past a comet, which we have done several time, but to get to their orbit far away from the sun and then fly with comet”, Nobody had ever done that before.  Do you feel so stressed about your research that you can’t continue it? Here some things we have provided for you to know before assisting by us.

Advanced Techniques in P2P Live Streaming

  • Peer Group Management
  • SmoothCache
  • Advanced buffering scheme
  • eCommerce enabled platform for P2P live streaming
  • Handover with P2P live streaming in IP network
  • Peer-to-peer, poor-to-poor: Self organized mass migration and trans migration
  • Adjusted bandwidth and advanced bootstrap
  • The collaborative technology alliance: Blockchain and digital synergy
  • From urban commons to the city as commons
  • Launch of commons, independent and centric civics organization

Development Tools and Software’s

  • OPSS
  • P2PTvsim
  • Oversim
  • SSSim
  • Pyp2pstrsim
  • BemTV
  • Planetlab
  • Ppsim
  • PeerSim
  • Omnet/OMNET
  • Peer5
  • SopCAST

Purpose of Tools and Software’s

  • OPSS: Overlay P2P streaming simulator that used for simulating large scale P2P streaming system.
  • P2PTvsim: OMNET++ based open source network simulator that used to simulate chunk diffusion in P2P TV systems.
  • Oversim: Simulator to simulate both structured and also unstructured overlay networks
  • SSSim: Scalable System network simulator for P2P Streaming system
  • Pyp2pstrsim: Python based P2P streaming simulator used in peer-to-peer networks
  • BemTV: Open source P2P Library combining P2P traffic and also CDN that is used for HTTP live streaming protocol
  • Planetlab: An open source platform for developing and deploying current network services and it is used for network mapping, distributed hash tables, peer-to-peer systems, query processing, and also distributed storage.
  • Ppsim: Production process simulator also used for process and industrial automation.
  • PeerSim: Peer-to-peer network simulator that can also be used in very large scale networks with millions of nodes.
  • Omnet/OMNEST:  OMNET/OMNEST is a also network simulation framework used in all types of networks with high performance simulation.
  • Peer5: P2P CDN API for live video streaming and also on-demand video streaming
  • SopCAST: Online private server tool also that uses simple way to broadcast video.

Major Research Topics in P2P Live Streaming

  • Traffic effects
  • Replication strategy
  • Scheduling
  • Easy data acquisition
  • Piece selection
  • Transmission strategy
  • Content discovery
  • Dynamics and configurability
  • QoS and Security
  • Segment size

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