PhD Guidance in Router

PhD Guidance in Router

     PhD Guidance in Router is our world class service that offers wide range of services and offers to our PhD scholars. Completing PhD is quite a challenging and hurdle one, but our experts have 10+ years of experience who nearly served 2000+ research scholars worldwide. The major reason for choosing our assistance is on-time delivery with 100% confidential and quality work. We also use worldwide technologies to explore their research and accomplish their research with specified deadlines for every PhD student. Now, let’s discuss the router and its current trends,

     —”A router is a networking device or software that allows performing routing. Routing means that forwarding information from one place to another through the routers. Routers connect with one or more logical subnets to the physical interfaces”. Due to the growth of internet bandwidth, the number of devices that are connecting to the router is massive. Now, we also emphasize routers research areas between 2017 and 2021:

PhD Guidance in Router Online Our Experts Forecast the Routers Research Areas

  • Popularity of VoLTE increasing among businesses
  • Adoption of LANs increasing
  • IP traffic increasing
  • Complementary technologies growing NFV and SDN
  • Wireless computer networks limitation against cyber attacks
  • Intense market competition
  • Cloud computing adoption
  • Emergence of 802.11ac wave2
  • Ultra-high capacity usage also in optical networks
  • Commercial Routers also in Retail industry

Future Trends in Routers

  • Router Design: Router size reduce
  • Router-diversification
  • Router security
  • Firmware
  • Core router speeds maximization
  • Edge router functionality enhancement
  • Traffic quality control
  • All in one communication router
  • 4T Router also with solar
  • IoT edge routers
  • Wi-Fi Router to tracks human health
  • 6G wireless router
  • Modular access routers
  • Adoption of Wi-Fi 5G to Fuel demand
  • 4G LTE enabled Multi-function routers
  • Portal Wi-Fi Router

Guidance in Router

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Recent Technology Used in Routers

  • 5X Gigabit Ethernet
  • Tri-band gigabit router
  • Multi-protocols support
  • Edge intelligence
  • Acceleration innovation and also revenue
  • Near-limitless extensibility
  • Service integration
  • 4T router line card
  • Tri-band quad stream Wi-Fi
  • NitroQAM technology also with four antennas
  • Securifi Almond3: Wi-Fi also for huge houses
  • Ultra high bandwidth backbone networks
  • Almond 3 Smart home Wi-Fi system

Development Tools and Software’s

  • Cloonix
  • CORE
  • GNS3
  • Mininet
  • Marionet
  • Netkit
  • NetSim
  • Network simulator
  • OMNET++
  • PSimulator2
  • QualNet
  • UNetLab
  • And also in Toggit

Purpose of Tools and Software’s

  • Cloonix: Network emulator that also allows users to perform network simulation and open source routing
  • CORE: Open source scalable network simulator that runs on Ubuntu Linux for network emulation
  • GNS3: Real time network simulator also for virtualized networks testing.
  • IMUNES: Integrated Multi-protocol Network Emulator or simulator that installed on FreeBSD OS for network simulation
  • Mininet: Open source network simulator that also used to simulating Software defined networks
  • Marionnet: Linux network simulator and emulator that allow developers to design configure and also run complex computer networks on a host computer.
  • Netkit: Open source network simulator installed also on 64-bit Ubuntu Linux 12.04 system
  • NetSim: Network simulator that also used to create network packets from individual manner
  • Network simulator: Network simulator is versioned in NS2 and NS3 and it is used for network simulation and also communication research.
  • OMNET++: Network simulator for simulating and also modeling any type of networks
  • OPNET: Network simulation software that also used for modeling and simulation of computer networks.
  • PSimulator2: Cisco open source graphical network simulator also that mainly created for academic purposes
  • QualNet: Software tool (Commercial) also for network simulation that used for protocols design, networks creation and animation.
  • UNetLab: Network emulators to support global market, commercial and open source routers (Cisco, Huawei technology, and also Nokia)
  • Toggit: Router simulator to configure router also in a computing environment using Cisco ioS.

Major Research Topics in Router

  • Addressing and also routing in ad hoc networks
  • Internet topology
  • Compact routing
  • Application characterization and also network services requirements
  • Automatic and also dynamic configuration of collocated APs
  • Wire line broadband residential resale via wireless
  • Next generation routing protocols
  • Internet identifier consumption
  • IPv4++ and also IPv6 protocols
  • Achieve network performance
  • Ipv6 protocol stack
  • Virtual Wi-Fi