PhD Guidance in Social Sensor Networks

PhD Guidance in Social Sensor Networks

      PhD Guidance in Social Sensor Networks is our blossoming field that grows behalf of the broad coverage of wireless sensor network and social network. We offer research guidance for doctoral students of various disciplines in the field of social sensor networks. We contribute various research activities to progress their research without any interruptions continuously. To make a great PhD graduator, we improve our professionalism through the recent technologies, techniques, software tools, algorithm development, etc.

Social networks are one of the world-leading technology that currently under research by various country researchers and top world scientists as we are the one among that. Our present research starts with medical data analytics, multimedia computing, big data, the Internet of Things, etc. For your special or specific research guidance, call us 24/7. As we are online at 24 hours for students

PhD Guidance in Social Sensor Networks Online HelpRecent Trends in Social Sensor-Networks

  • Social semantic web
  • Semantic reality
  • Urban sensing
  • Integrated smart sensors
  • Scaling up sensor deployment
  • Hybrid circuits
  • Social sensing
  • Ubiquitous, pervasive and mobile sensing
  • Opportunistic and participatory sensing
  • Urban sensing
  • Social sensing for data reliability
  • Security and privacy in social sensing
  • Social network as Sensor network
  • Coding and information theory
  • Knowledge discovery and also information processing
  • Social signal processing
  • Unstructured data sensing
  • Social sensing in Machine Learning
  • Human in the loop with cyber physical systems

Guidance in Social Sensor Networks

      PhD Guidance in Social Sensor Networks is primarily started for our PhD aspirants to getting world renowned knowledge. Our student’s research work and other research-oriented works led by our world-class certified engineers and international experts. They are stronger in their research areas on both theoretical and also experimental of a multidisciplinary nature.

As we are the Resource Centre to offer collaborative research for our each newly admitted students and for our regular customers we updated with new upcoming ideas, and technology so that they can also develop their projects from their own by without getting the knowledge from us.

        –“Social sensor network is an integration of social and sensor networks which is about real-world phenomena using social data obtained from the sensor networks. Data are reading from various wireless sensors like temperature, pressure, sound, record light, acceleration and also proximity”.

Let’s grasp our key research concern in social sensor networks,

Medical Data Analytics

      We also proposed the networking techniques and algorithms for an effective way of implementing medical data analytics. Medial data analytics in a social sensor network can also preserve their user’s privacy.

Social Sensor Networks in Medical Data Analytics

  • Data curation and management
  • Sentiment analysis and also opinion mining
  • Privacy aware data mining algorithms
  • Data veracity and also quality
  • Natural language processing and also text-mining
  • Semantics
  • Trend discovery and also analysis
  • Community detection and also graph mining
  • Epidemiological analysis
  • Outbreak detection
  • IoT devices
  • Human behavior analysis
  • Medical education and skills
  • Personalized medicine
  • Prognosis, diagnosis and also prognostics
  • Big data analytics also for social media analysis
  • Knowledge discovery also in multimedia sensor network

Multimedia Computing

     Our current research focuses on the integration of sensor networks and social media with multimedia computing tasks as this hybrid of social media and multimedia has great potential also in information access and propagation.

Social Sensed Multimedia Computing

  • Social graph modeling and also user profiling
  • Multimedia data socialized representation
  • User-multimedia interaction behavior analysis
  • Social sensed media computing also in Big data
  • Social-media recommendation and also networking
  • Social multimedia mining and also data analysis
  • Multimedia sensor networks also for big data analytics

Development Tools and Software’s

  • OMNET++
  • Network simulator
  • QualNet
  • Psimulator2
  • PeerSim
  • SENS
  • Pietro Terna
  • Castalia

Purpose of Tools and Software’s

  • OMNET++: Network simulator to simulate all types of wired and wireless networks
  • Network simulator: Discrete event computer network simulator also that used for modern networking research.
  • OPNET: Network simulator also that used to provide performance management for computer networks.
  • QualNet: GloMoSim Commercial version also that used for computer networks
  • Psimulator2: Graphical network simulator also that requires Java Runtime Environment.
  • PeerSim: Simulator that used to simulate and also model the large scale networks with millions of nodes.
  • SENSE: Sensor network simulator and emulator that also works based on a component oriented simulation methodology in WSNs.
  • SENS: Application oriented simulator also used for wireless sensor networks.
  • MATLAB: A programming environment used for algorithm development, data visualization, data analysis and also numerical computation.
  • SAMSA: Tool that also enables non-experts to perform groups of social network analysis
  • SWARM: C and TCL based social complexity simulators that also used for social sensor networks 
  • Pietro Terna: Tool for social sensor networks simulation and it is used to construct agent based models also with SWARM simulator
  • SHAWN: Tailored sensor network simulator also based on the algorithmic approach.
  • Castalia: Simulator that also used to simulate SSN, WSN, BAN and generally networks of low-power embedded devices.

Major Research Topics in Social Sensor-Networks

  • Activity recognition
  • Issues on routing
  • Multimedia Retrieval
  • Pervasive social sensing
  • Participatory sensing
  • Traffic management system
  • Issues on security and trust
  • Information centric management
  • Body sensor area network
  • Healthcare monitoring
  • Bacterial Nano-network
  • Advance Hydrological monitoring
  • Acoustic attack controlled by also accelerometer sensor
  • Hurricanes and floods detected also with social media
  • High-tech sensors for ecosystem monitoring and also climatic changing
  • Combinational analytical tools also for global wireless systems
  • Wireless sensor systems to monitor soap, toilet papers and also cotton towel in bathrooms