PhD Guidance in Telecommunication Engineering

PhD Guidance in Telecommunication Engineering

      PhD Guidance in Telecommunication Engineering provides an in-depth understanding of telecommunications for our students. .  For this, we support every key aspect of telecommunications. As with most of the doctoral students have starts with their research on telecommunication engineering. Our guidance in telecommunication engineering gives tremendous assets in telecommunications also for our student’s research career. Now let’s think about what telecommunication engineering is and the research fields under telecommunication engineering.

           —“Telecommunication Engineering is defined as the exchange of information across channels through wired or wireless networks. It is also known as telecom engineering. Recently telecom is also a backbone of various services including voice deployment, graphics, mobile landscape, data, and video at high speed”.

      Here’s we have provided some research opportunities to involve our students in telecommunication engineering industry.

PhD Guidance in Telecommunication Engineering Online HelpRecent Trends in Telecommunication-Engineering

  • Fast technology
  • 5G technology implementation
  • Rethinking video
  • Broadband universal service
  • Wireless market cableco entry
  • Fixed wireless 5G spectrum
  • High end smartphone enable an ecosystem also using WiGig
  • Cyber security war on IoT
  • Virtualization accelerates the LaaS (Lab-as-a-Service) market
  • Deployment of NB-IoT by accelerate Operators

Current Upcoming in Telecommunications

  • Security: the network is the threat
  • IoT: the traffic explosion
  • Saturation: the search for growth
  • Ascension: skynet finally gets real
  • Integration: the content contest
  • Mobility: the great wireless migration

Guidance in Telecommunication Engineering

    PhD Guidance in Telecommunication Engineering is our never-changing platform to offer unique ideas and advanced concepts instantly at anytime and anywhere. To offer our telecommunication engineering students the best idea and recent idea, we have also started online access medium to provide 24/7/365 service with complete satisfaction

We membered in 600+ international journals; by this, we can publish their papers on top-indexing journals (SCI, and ISI/SCOPUS). We also work on all aspects of on-demand based telecom applications like 5G enabled MIMO and IoT applications due to our problem-solving skills.

Advanced Concepts in Telecommunication-Engineering

  • Digital communications and signal processing for 5G
  • Renewable Energy
  • 5G power amplifier
  • Process engineering and also advanced materials
  • Cut network complexity also with single RAN
  • Propagation and also antenna
  • Active and passive devices
  • Millimeter circuit and also microwave circuit
  • 5G-PPP VirtuWind
  • Next Generation (6G) mobile communication systems
  • Low power IoT sensors and also devices in 5G networks

Development Tools and Software’s

  • TeleFlow
  • NetSim
  • Shunra VE
  • Precision32
  • ArcGIS
  • P2P Realm
  • GTNets
  • OptSim
  • Commsim
  • Optilux
  • Beam Resolver
  • Amir Telecom 4.0

Purpose of Tools and Software’s

  • TeleFlow: Telecommunication based emulator that provides helpful information and useful tools to help also with general telecommunications and IVR problems
  • NetSim: Available in both academic and commercial versions and it can be used for simulation and also modeling of various network protocols like WLANs, asynchronous transfer mode switches and also Ethernet.
  • Shunra VE: Hardware based simulation environment also with high speed rather than software based simulation.
  • Precision32: Free and open source software development tools also to develop advanced software applications
  • ArcGIS: Software platform to create and also manage geospatial applications.
  • P2P Realm: Peer-to-peer realm is a java based P2P network simulator that can also be used for optimization and simulation of neural networks
  • GTNets: GeorgiaTech Network Simulator that also used to develop moderate large scale networks/simulation models.
  • AKAROA: Fully automation simulation tool. To run existing simulation programs also in multiple replications scenario.
  • MATLAB: Numerical computing environment used to allows matrix manipulations, algorithms implementation, and also user interfaces creation.
  • OptSim: RSoft’s software tool to design and also simulate optical communication systems at the signal propagation.
  • Commsim: Library that supports analog and digital modulation, channel models, demodulation, phase locked loops, and also bit error rate analysis.
  • Optilux: Open source suite tools that also provide advanced techniques to design analyze and simulate optical communication systems.
  • OMNEST: Network simulation framework and also high performance simulation for all kinds of networks.
  • Beam Resolver: Best software informer also for windows 7 and 8.1
  • Amir Telecom 4.0: Program to make phone calls from computer and it supports iTelbilling byte, Gplex dialer and also iTel billing Platinum etc.

Major Research Topics in Telecommunication-Engineering

  • Network and wireless communication
  • Reliable communications also in VANETs
  • Robotic sensing
  • MIMO communications
  • Satellite communication
  • High speed data connection
  • Quantum communication
  • Healthcare monitoring
  • Control and also monitor of greenhouse environment