PhD Guidance in Wireless Body Area Network

PhD Guidance in Wireless Body Area Network

     PhD Guidance in Wireless Body Area Network is a fundamentally important research field for young minds. Some of the research scholars have started their research without any aim/objective in behalf of not understanding or thinking about anything. Such students can also become good researchers by motivating our experts to achieve a respective goal. 

We also influence our research scholars to create or break their scientific research careers. In the word of “Guidance in Wireless Body Area Network” is undertaking research on scholars to find their issues, solutions, explanations, and final outcome. Precisely, we also assist you for customized research to understand or get the specific needs.

     —”Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN) is a collection sensor’s that are wearable or implanted in the human body to provides continuous health monitoring information on her/his daily life activities.”

Let’s sight our recent research interest on WBAN,

PhD Guidance in Wireless Body Area Network Online HelpAdvanced Technologies in WBAN

  • Advanced ZigBee MAC
  • Ambient assisted living
  • ANT
  • Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Communication and also connectivity
  • Data consistency
  • Decision support
  • Energy management of wireless wearable biosensor design
  • Human computer interface
  • Internet of things
  • Middleware and programming
  • Operating systems and also platforms
  • SENSIUM ultra low power
  • Tasking, scheduling and control

Guidance in Wireless Body Area Network

     PhD Guidance in Wireless Body Area Network is emphasizing about our importance in during our young minds research. Our guidance in wireless body area networks includes many research themes like routing protocols, cryptographic mechanisms, Bluetooth, m-health application, channel technology, security and privacy, and also ZigBee technology.

We also explore our ideas in all those areas. Scholars at anyplace can need our support, consult of experts also for your unique achievements. Cross the ocean, also to reach your dream with our expertise.

As pointed out above, we follow several important steps to solve your research problems,
  • Research Topic Selection
  • Define Research Problem
  • References collection and also literature survey
  • Current facts assessment of the topic chosen
  • Hypotheses formulation
  • Research methodology design
  • Data analysis (qualitative and also quantitate )
  • Develop new tools and also search some existing tools
  • Results interpretation
  • Report writing (thesis/dissertation)

Advanced Concepts in WBAN

  • Network control and management
  • Topology control and also management
  • Power control and also management
  • Resource management and also allocation
  • Service discovery
  • Time synchronization
  • Quality of service provisioning
  • Node localization and also ranging
  • Data fusion
  • Fault tolerance and also reliability
  • Security and also privacy
  • Capability and also network capacity
  • Wireless software defined networking
  • IoT enabled channel selection approach also for WBANs
  • Ad hoc networks applications
  • Traffic adaptive MAC protocols in WBAN
  • Standards and technologies
  • Optical sensors
  • Physical sensors : EEG, temperature and also other
  • Wireless network protocols
  • Network topologies
  • Power management
  • Node mobility
  • Routing techniques

Development Tools and Software’s

  • Castalia
  • MoBAN
  • Open-ZB
  • BodySim
  • NS2
  • PyLayers

Purpose of Tools and Software’s

  • Castalia: Wireless sensor networks and body area networks simulator used also for low power embedded devices.
  • WBAN-OPNET: Licensed under GNU General Public License v3.0 and it is based on WBAN OPNET 14.5 modeler also for BAN simulation
  • MoBAN: A configurable mobility model also for wireless body area networks
  • Open-ZB: Open source tool to provide IEEE 802.15.4 and also ZigBee tools for wireless sensor networks
  • SENSE: Powerful and efficient sensor network simulator also used for wireless networks simulation
  • OMNEST: Simulation software to investigate various wired and wireless networks, queuing based performance models and also interconnection networks and other systems.
  • BodySim: Framework based on multi-domain modeling and also simulation used for body sensor networks.
  • NS2: Discrete event simulator used for research and academic purpose. It’s offers substantial support also for routing, TCP and multicast protocols over the local and satellite networks
  • PyLayers: Open source site specific radio channel or propagation and localization simulator for various applications such as mobility, localization, wearable devices, also communications, UWB, IR, 5G MIMO channels etc.

Major Research Topics in Wireless Body Area-Networks

  • Antennas and propagation
  • Bio Compatibility
  • Context processing
  • Communication protocols
  • Data rates
  • Energy scavenging source
  • Impact of data loss
  • Network topology
  • Network life time
  • Patient monitoring applications
  • Power demand
  • Power supply
  • Positioning of WBANs
  • Security in WBANs
  • Sensor location and also mounting
  • Weight and also size of sensor
  • Wireless radio technology