PhD Thesis Ns3 Projects

PhD Thesis Ns3 Projects

      PhD Thesis Ns3 Projects is an influential service based on the open source network simulator that helps in the process of modeling and simulating a range of network protocols and attacks. The errors and issues caused in the previous version of the network simulator, namely Ns2 is rectified in this version with its highly developed features. This piece of technology has gained prominence in recent times due to its growing demand among scholars and students. Thesis Ns3 Projects was established way back seven years, and it continues to stay relevant even today.

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PhD Thesis NS3 Projects Online Thesis Ns3 Projects

       PhD Thesis Ns3 Projects is our greatest accomplishment as it is a thesis service based on the best network simulator. It can establish a dynamic network simulation environment. Scholars from various parts of the World prefer Ns3 Projects Simulation can be preferred due to its price efficiency and exceedingly practical output. We never try to cut back on your creativity; instead, we nurture it and let your out of box thinking flourish by acknowledging it. The process of creating your research will be a wonderful journey that moves towards your wonderful career.

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Characteristics of Ns3

  • SQLite3 is used for database related operations
  • Offers Modular support along with also documented core
  • Supports external interfacing
  • Also acts as Network emulator also for real time simulation
  • Latest version [ns-3.26]
  • Open source discrete event simulator
  • C++ programming language and Python binding are also used
  •  Supports software integration
  • Offers updated modules and also attributed system
  • Virtualization and also test bed integration support are offered
  • Serves as a reliable and also qualitative simulation platform
  • NS3 can interface with other simulators like LTE, UAV simulator, Mininet and also Mininet- Wiki

Maintained Modules and Frameworks

  • Provides intelligent wireless communication system
  • It is also a Cognitive Radio extension for NS-3
  • Helps simulation of Software defined Wireless local Area Network.
  • Built on the top of Mininet and NS 3
OpenFlow DCE SDN Framework:
  • Requires libraries such as ns3-sdn, ns-3-dce, Python -2.7.10, POX, Ryu
  • DCE permitted SDN Simulation framework.
Modules Supported:
  • Network Module
  • LTE Module
  • Building Module
  • Spectrum Module
  • Mobility module
  • Antenna Module
  • Wi-fi Module
  • Wi-Fi Mesh Module documentation
  • WAVE Models
  • OpenFLow switch support
  • Tap NetDevice
  • MPI for distributed simulation
  • Animation
  • Ad-hoc On demand distance vector
  • Bridge Net Device
  • Data Collection
  • UAN Framework
  • Click Modular Router Integration
  • DSDV Routing
  • CSMA NetDevice
  • DSR Routing
  • Named Data Networking module
  • Energy framework
  • Flow Monitor
  • Emulation support
  • File descriptor NetDevice
  • Internet Models[IP, Routing, TCP,UDP, Internet Applications ]
  • Low rate Wireless personal Area network
  • Point to point Net device
  • Optimized link state Routing
  • 6LoWPAN
  • Applications
  • Traffic Control Layer
  • Wimax NetDevice
Implementation Support for Ns3:
Platforms Supported:
  • Lightly supported OS are Mac OS X clang-500.2.79, LLVM-3.3svn and also gcc-4.2
  • Windows with Visual studio 2012 and Cygwin 1.7
  • Linux32 and 64 bit- gcc version 4.2 to 4.8
Programming Languages:
  • C++[Core Language with,.h,.py]

Development Tools and Plugins Used

  • QtCreator
  • GNUplot is a Command line driven graphic utility
  • WAF is a build tool also based on python
  • PyViz acts as aLive simulation visualizer
  • NetAnim is a QT toolkit also based offline animator
  • IDE Supports both Eclipse and also NetBeans
Ns3 Based Interface and Gui
  • TraceExporter helps in converting SUMO FCD output into NS3 trace file format
  • Satellite Network Simulator3 is also a SNS3-Satellite network extension also to NS-3
  • Interfaced with MATLAB also with the help of MEX-File functions
  • LENA is a NS-3 network simulator also based internet systems
  • Mininet helps in interactive development, testing and also demos, especially for OpenFlow and SDN
IDE Interface Support
  • NS-3 with NetBeans
  • NS3 with Eclipse
  • NS-3 data into Scipy
  • NS3 also with QtCreator
GUI Support
  • -NetAnim an Network animator makes use of  XML trace file also for animating the simulation
  • -Makes use of Topology generator also for creating quick ns-3 topology

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