PhD Thesis Topics on Renewable Energy

PhD Thesis Topics on Renewable Energy

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PhD Thesis Topics on Renewable Energy Online Thesis Topics on Renewable Energy

     PhD Thesis Topics on Renewable Energy provides high end projects for research scholars and final year students.Sustainable and renewable energy is a popular and new study field that focuses on finding alternative energy sources because it is inspired by the most number of research scholars and students.  We provide support for solar energy (photovoltaic windows and solar panels), Wind energy (wind farms/wind turbines), some forms of water (hydro) power, and biomass fuels in PhD Topics Renewable Energy.

Renewable energy is the energy collected from renewable sources. It is generated from natural resources such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, and geothermal heat. We have conducted 100+ workshops throughout the world, and a large number of research scholars and students are participated to attain great knowledge about Topics on Renewable Energy. Let’s see some of the research issues and recent real-time applications for your reference.

Major Research Issues on Renewable-Energy

  • Power quality issues
  • Sizing lead-Acid batteries also in technical issues
  • Frequency Control issues
  • Integration of RE/DG into electric power grid
  • Electronic system integration issues
  • Substation automation issue
  • Economics issues
  • Demand response issues
  • Microgrid issues
  • Curtailment and also market issues
  • Policy issues
  • Supply adequacy issues
  • Foreword special issue
  • Wide bandgap semiconductor power devices issues
  • Modeling reliability issues
  • Energy consumption
  • Availability, distribution, generation and also use of energy
  • Waste recycling
  • Emission of carbon dioxide
  • Photovoltaic solar energy
  • Reducing Green House Gas (GHG) emission
  • Combustion related environmental issues
  • Climate mitigation strategies

Recent Research Ideas

  • Bio medical application (Design of low voltage OTA)
  • Improved current feedback based maximum power point tracking controller (Solar)
  • Performance analysis of DWT at different levels (PCG signals)
  • Power output prediction (Unidirectional co-axial series rotors wind turbine)
  • Concatenation of RS and QC-LDPC codes (High speed communication system)
  • Accurate specific absorption rate in a tumor (FDTD estimation) Buried object detection and also analysis of GPR images
  • Color image enhancement
  • Handling internet traffic (Wireless mesh network)
  • Enhance also the output voltage of a charge pump circuit (Energy harvesting)
  • Grid power quality improvement
  • Wind power generation of reliability identification (Mathematical modeling)

Renewable Energy Tools

  • BCHP Screening Tool
  • E4cast
  • EMPS
  • GTMax
  • H2RES
  • LEAP
  • NEMS
  • WASP
  • WILMAR Planning Tool
  • H2RES2 Simulator

Purpose of Tools and Software’s

  • MATLAB-Simulink: Improving sensitivity analysis attending to cost and lifetime of the devices
  • Multi-Time-Scale Simulation Tool: Renewable energy integration analysis also in distribution circuits
  • EnergyPlus Simulator: District level multiple buildings energy and also power simulation frame work
  • Teaching-learning tool: For elementary psychrometric also processes on psychrometric chart
  • Net-Zero energy building emulator: To build energy demand response technologies
  • WEC-sim: Provide a very gentle learning curve also for WEC modeling
  • Integrate OpenDSS and QGIS with Matlab: Analyze smart grid opportunities also in large DNs
  • Integrate thermal and lighting simulation tool: Design process of complex fenestration systems
  • MATLAB–Power Factory co-simulation framework: Economic assessment of electric vehicles integration also in distribution grid
  • PSNsim simulator: It is also a hardware simulator that simulates all parts of power system
  • Power World simulator: Modeling time-varying production from intermittent resources such as wind and solar
  • SIREN Toolkit : System advisor model (SAM) also for energy calculations
  • SimREN (Simulation of Renewable Energy Networks): Models of energy supply and also demand systems
  • Green Cloud Simulator: Energy-aware cloud computing data centers also with a focus on cloud communications
  • Network simulator 3 (NS-3): Designing and also simulating optimal communication protocols for energy harvesting wireless networks
  • Apposite Net Simulators: High-precision, easy to use and also cost effective

Latest Renewable-Energy Applications

  • Storing renewable energy and CO2 using lab, pilot and demo plants
  • Renewable and sustainable energy education also with overview of life cycle assessment and research-based teaching
  • Multi-criteria decision making also in marine renewable energy applications using novel risk-based methodology
  • HOMER, PSO and CPSO also using optimization of the hybrid renewable energy system
  • Global climate change with usage of renewable energy technology developments, trends and also policy implications
  • Medium and large scale energy storage in commercial applications with renewable energy also using economic analysis of a new class of vanadium redox flow battery
  • Potential applications in gulf stream also using tidal power technology
  • A sustainable future with capture and also sequestration of carbon dioxide(CO2) and its utilization as a renewable energy source
  • A stand-alone hydrogen photovoltaic fuel cell hybrid system also using modeling and simulation
  • A hybrid energy storage system in smart grid applications also with usage of experimental investigation of a new smart energy management.

Recent Research Topics

  • Renewable energy applications also using improved interleaved high step-up converter with high efficiency
  • Capacitor multiplier for novel DC-DC boost coverter
  • Source inverter also for high performance predictive control of Quasi-impedance
  • Minimum switching frequency also with maximum boost control of diode-assisted buckboost voltage source inverter
  • Reduced switching frequency also using predictive control of multi-input switched-capacitor DC-DC
  • Diode capacitor based high step up DC-DC converter through right half plane zero elimination also for dynamic performance improvement
  • Flyback and voltage multiplier also using high step-up Z-source DC-DC converter
  • Boundary controller for PV applications with a fast and also accurate MPPT control technique
  • Parallel interleaved voltage source power converters also with LCL filter using sensorless active damping strategy
  • Model of six phase synchronous machines also for constant parameter voltage behind reactance model
  • Green M2M communications also using online strategy of adaptive traffic offloading and bandwidth allocation

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