Postgraduate Network Simulation Projects

Postgraduate Network Simulation Projects

      Postgraduate Network Simulation Projects is our unique service to provide highly confidential research for students (ME/MTech/MCA/MSC) and Research Scholars (PhD/MS). Many scholars are currently chosen highly advanced research topics for their projects due to the emerging of network simulation. The academic project speaks about candidate quality of knowledge in career. We also provide our best assistance for you in programming language selection, domain selection, and best topic selection with our 10+ years of experience.

We also have the best knowledge in a wide range of network simulation tools and popular research domains. So We can also easily train you to develop network simulation projects using any simulators. These days, we also have 5000+ happy customers from 120+ countries in-universe. If you aspire to utilize our Network Simulation Projects, you can also immediately come and join us.

Postgraduate Network Simulation Projects Online Network Simulation Projects

      Postgraduate Network Simulation Projects provide innovative platform for you to acquire novel ideas from our magnificent to select best project topics also for your academic projects. Simulation is the most important modern technology in this emerging world. It is applied in a different field, including engineering, science, and also other industrial application development.

And It can also be used to modeling and evaluating the system to predict that system behavior, such as network traffic simulation. Every day, we also renovate our knowledge with newfangled ideas and inventive thoughts to provide the best of the best for you to shine your career with the best knowledge. We are also always walking with you to provide high support in each and also every path in your academic journey. Here, we also highlighted some of the important aspects of network simulation for your reference.

Advanced Research Areas in Network-Simulation

  • Wireless Communication
  • Mobile-Computing & Parallel Computing
  • Mobile Cloud Computing
  • Wireless Sensor and also Network Security
  • Internet of Things
  • Wireless Body Area Sensor Networks
  • Wireless-Mesh Networks
  • Wireless Multi Hop Sensor Networks
  • Software Defined Networks
  • Cognitive Radio Acoustic Networks
  • Heterogeneous Sensor Networks
  • M2M Communication
  • Green Cellular Networks
  • Video Streaming and also Telecommunication
  • Wireless-Sensor Networks
  • Wireless Social Sensor Networks
  • Terrestrial Microwave Networks
  • 3G, 4G (LTE) and also 5G Networks
  • LEO Satellite Networks
  • Full Duplex Multi antenna Cellular Networks
  • Wireless Underwater Sensor Networks
  • Multi Antenna Interference Networks

Major Network Simulators

  • QualNet Simulator
  • NS2 and also NS3 Simulator
  • OneSim Simulator
  • SSFNet Simulator
  • OPNET Simulator
  • PhySim Simulator
  • NetSim Simulator
  • OMNET++ Simulator
  • PSim Simulator
  • GloMoSim Simulator
  • SUMO Simulator
  • JSIM Simulator
  • MiniNet Simulator
  • Cloonix Simulator
  • Traffic Simulator
  • GrooveNet Simulator
  • Cooja Simulator
  • TraNs Simulator
  • STRAW Simulator
  • TinyOS Simulator
  • WEINS Simulator
  • TOSSIM Simulator
  • Divert Traffic Simulator

Interface with Other Simulators

  • NS3 Integrate with CAVENET
  • NS-3 Integrate with Matlab
  • NS3 Integrate also with LTE Lena Simulator
  • NS-3 Integrate with GEM5
  • NS3 Integrate also with VISSIM
  • NS-3 Integrate with Real Time Digital Simulator
  • NS2 Integrate also with Green Cloud
  • NS-2 Integrate with QualNet
  • SUMO-Integrate with NS2
  • SUMO Integrate also with NS3
  • OMNET++ Integrate with INET
  • OMNET Integrate also with NS2

Advanced Research in Network-Simulation

  • Evaluate Mobile IPv6 Simulation Model also for NS3
  • LED Based Luminaries Simulation
  • Code Transparent Discrete Event Simulation
  • Utility Function also Based Context Aware Access Network Selection
  • Parallel Agent also Based Road Traffic Simulation
  • Micro-magnetic Simulation
  • NMR Chemical Shifts Simulation also in Heterocycles
  • Network Card Packet Buffering Simulation
  • Shear Thickening Simulation
  • Data Assimilated Lifecycle Simulation
  • Gris Integrated Photovoltaic System Simulation

Modules for Network Simulation

  • mmWave Module (NS3)
  • Smart Antenna Module (OMNET++)
  • GPRS Module (OMNET++)
  • WiMAX RF Module (NS2 and also NS3)
  • ACE Module (NS2 and NS3)
  • Traffic Generator Module (GNS3)
  • Visualizer Module (NS3)
  • LTE Module (NS2 and NS3)
  • WiMAX Module (NS2 and NS3)

Latest Topics for Network-Simulation Projects

  • Proposed Test-bed and Network Simulation also for Finite State Machine Model Validation
  • Extreme Scalable Applications modeling and also performance of simulation Using Scalable Synthetic Workload Generation
  • Network Redesign Pharmaceutical Wholesalers also Using Optimization Simulation Approach
  • Artificial Neural Network and Large Eddy Simulation also for Multi Inlet Gas Cyclones Analysis and Optimization
  • Wavelet Integrated with Linear Regression, Neural Network and Support Vector Machine also for Groundwater Level Variations Simulation
  • Multipoint Statistics also Using Reservoir Simulation Strategies for Fractured Reservoir Properties Modeling
  • SiC Power MOSFETs also Using Fast Electro Thermal Co-simulation Modeling Approach

         For your reference, we also previously highlighted some of the information about network simulation, including advanced research areas, network simulators, interface with other simulators, research ideas, network simulator modules, and also the latest project topics. If you also want to get more information about the network simulator, approach us 24 hours/7days on all working days.

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