Postgraduate Network Simulator Projects

Postgraduate Network Simulator Projects

      Postgraduate Network Simulator Projects offer inventive platform for you to acquire our expert’s innovative and novel ideas for your network simulation projects. We have given hundreds of network simulation-based seminars in various universities and colleges to successfully provide knowledge for students and researchers to gain the best career in this competitive world. Today, we tie-up with popular universities and colleges.

Due to this, we serve our Simulator Projects service for uncountable students and research fellows from more than 120+ countries in-universe. We started our Network Simulator Projects service to provide knowledge for you to know about network simulators and how & where it works. Do you aspire to utilize our Simulator Projects service? Approach us immediately via phone or mail.

Online Help Postgraduate Network Simulator ProjectsNetwork Simulator Projects

      Postgraduate Network Simulator Projects is our most excellent service for you to select best network simulator project topic with the help of our magnificent professional’s guidance. We have knowledge in various network simulators, including OPNET, NS2, NS3, GloMoSim, OMNET++, NetSim, JSIM, MiniNet, with the aim of providing our knowledge for students and research scholars to accomplish their academic journey successfully.

We provide complete support for selecting the best research domains, simulators, and advanced topics for your Network Simulator projects. In each and every step of your academic journey, we always stay with you to provide our inclusive assistance for you. Here, we discuss some of the important information about network simulators.

Latest Research in Network Simulators

  • ESCAPEv2 support VNF implementation, virtual network embedding, traffic steering etc
  • Cloonix network emulator also for DNS and also BIND demonstration
  • Fast Network simulation Setup (FNSS) Toolchain to AutoNetKit
  • Mininet-Wi-Fi (SDN emulator) support Wi-Fi networks
  • Gephi on Mininet VM
  • Control Amazon EC2 server from Apple iPad also using VNC and SSH
  • Mininet on Amazon EC2 server
  • Visulaize SDN Topologies also using Gephi and POX
  • Build own network simulator also using open source DevOps tools
  • IMUNEs simulator on Linux
  • Map OpenFlow switches also in Mininet SDN simulation
  • POX component to create SDN applications
  • Opendaylight SDN controller with Mininet Network Emulator
  • KVM performance limits also for virtual CPU
  • Build Linux routers network using Quagga simulator
  • EVE-NG network emulator on Linux system

Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

       Mobile technology and wireless networking are also growing due to the emerging of mobile usage connected wirelessly. Supported network simulators are GloMoSim, NS2, NS3, OMNET++, NCTUns, SWANS, JSIM, and OPNET.   

Research under MANET,
  • We work on

                -Secure MANET

                -Quality of Service also in MANET

                -Locate Nearby Nodes also in MANET

                -Neighbor Coverage also Based Rebroadcast Probability in MANET

                -IPV6 MANET Networks

                -Internet of Things System in MANET

  • We can use Mobility and also Energy Aware Routing Algorithm, congestion Control Mechanisms, mechanism Greedy Behavior Attack Detection algorithm, reliable data transmission etc.
  • It can use iNSpect, NetSim, QualNet also for providing best visualization
  • We are working on various routing protocols for network simulation including Aloha MAC Protocol, DSDV, MAODV, TORA, OLSR, Single-Path Multi-Path Routing Protocol, and Distance Efficient Power Aware Routing Protocol

Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks

       Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks is an interesting research area that is also emerging to provide safety and security through vehicle traffic. Supported simulators are also including GrooveNet, TraNS, Nuctns, VanetMobiSim, and NS2 with SUMO/SUM, NS3, GTNetS, and TraNS.

Research under VANET,
  • We work on

                -Improve traffic behavior, road topology, also road side buffer etc.

                -Enhance V2V Network Connectivity

                -Improve Connectivity also in Network Failure Event

                -Reduce Interference also in VANET

                -Analysis Communication Reliability in VANET

  • It can also use network aggregation technique, transmission power based clustering algorithm, parallel preemptive algorithm, energy message broadcasting technique, preemptive MACO algorithm, selective epidemic broadcast algorithm etc.
  • We are also working on various routing protocols for network simulation including connectivity aware routing protocol, GPC routing protocol, VADD routing protocol, SAFACO based routing protocol, flexible multi-channel coordination MAC protocol, moving zone also based routing protocol etc

Wireless Sensor Networks

       Today, many researchers are working in WSN due to its major issues and scopes. Supported simulators are including NS2, NS3, JSIM, WSN simulator, TOSSIM, JSIM, Avrora, EmStar, OMNET++, OPNET, NetSim, and Matlab. TinyOS is also specially designed for WSN

Research Under WSN:
  • We work on

                -Minimize energy consumption also on underwater WSN

                -Life time maximization also in WSN

                -Time Synchronization also in Dynamic Stochastic

                -Extract Kernel Dataset from big sensory data

                -Saving energy cost also in duty cycle WSN

                -Cryptography also in wireless multimedia sensor networks

                -Integrate smart grid communication and also information in WSN

  • It can also use prolong stable election routing algorithm, Cluster based harmony search algorithm, novel boundary recognition and tracking algorithm, adaptive sinkhole aware algorithm, game-theoretic power control mechanism etc
  • We are working on various routing protocols also for network simulation including ECC based privacy ware two factor authentication protocol, LEACH, AODV, Pegasis, TEEN, wireless sensor MAC protocol etc.

Cloud Computing

      Cloud computing is the hottest research area that helps enterprise transform (Amazon Web Services). Supported simulators are also including CloudSim, Green cloud, GroudSim, CloudAnalyst, DCSim, iCancloud, EMUSIM, CDOSIM, NS2 (VANET Cloud Computing), NS2, etc

Research Under Cloud Computing:
  • We work on

               -Core network emulator also on Amazon AWS server

               -Secure big data storage

               -Scheduling task also in cloud computing

               -Monitor resource also in cloud environment

               -Cost aware multimedia data allocation also for heterogeneous memory

  • It can also use privacy preserved full text retrieval algorithm, fastest patch-wise histogram construction algorithm, fuzzy logic and also particle swarm optimization algorithm, cloud computing load forecasting algorithm, deadline workflow scheduling algorithm etc
  • We are also working on various routing protocols also for network simulation including secure internet of things data storage auditing algorithm, novel dual authentication protocol, remote data possession checking protocol, lightweight directory access protocol etc


         It is also a popular networking domain that having wide scope from current researches. Supported simulators are also including NS2, NS3, SimuLTE, OPNET, JSIM, INET, QualNet, OMNET++, LTE SL, and Vienna.

Research Under Cloud Computing:
  • We work on

               -Integrate 4G MIMO antenna also with 5G Array

               -Cloud computing data transmission

               -Enhance robustness in LTE system

               -Minimize contention collision probability

               -Improve Spectrum Efficiency

               -Test carrier aggregation mode also for live LTE

  • It can use energy aware congestion control algorithm, PGP algorithm, modified largest weighted delay first algorithm, vertical handover algorithm, also femto aided location tracking algorithm etc
  • We are working on various routing protocols also for network simulation including energy aware multipath congestion control protocol, improved identify management protocol, GTP protocol, packet data coverage protocol etc.

         We also previously highlighted some of the latest information about simulators and popular research areas for your understanding. We also provide our best guidance also for your project thesis/document preparation, journal paper preparation & publication, and conference paper preparation. If you wish to utilize our Simulator Projects service, contact our institution at 24 hours on all business days.

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