Project for MSc Computer Science

Project for MSc Computer Science

    Project for MSc Computer Science offer you various technical ideas to build your knowledge in your academic project. Our experienced professionals and world-class developers have formed a research team that guides our research scholars and final year academic students in research. We also have completed nearly 7000+ MSc Computer Science for our research scholars and students from all around the world.

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    Project for MSc Computer Science provide you latest and innovative ideas to attain your goal in your final year academic project. We also started the MSc Computer Science service to focus on Ns2 simulation for final year academic students to increase their academic grades and also marks. Over the ten decades, we are running this service, which makes us comfortable doing any type of network simulation project for research scholars and students. Our prime focus on the latest and current trends based project development, which is also sustaining our smart work among research scholars and students worldwide.

Let’s see some of the important research areas in Ns2 for your reference,

Important Research Areas for Ns2

Wired Network in Ns2:
  • Recovery and link failure
  • Wired networks TCP issues
  • Wired network multimedia issues
  • Sybil attacks
  • Novel security enhancement strategy
  • Node stability based routing
  • Air pollution management
  • QoS aware broadcasting techniques
  • Joint optimization of multimedia transmission
  • Support also for multipath routing protocols
  • Routing also using cross layer approach
  • Wired network detection of attacks
Wireless Networks in Ns2:
  • Ad hoc and hybrid cellular network
  • Congestion control techniques and also channel allocation
  • Data confidentiality and also integrity
  • Buffer management techniques
  • Channel allocation and also bandwidth management
  • Zigbee wireless networks routing mechanism
  • Multipath routing protocols
  • Learning networking
  • Video quality evaluation
  • LTE handover
  • Vertical handover mechanism
  • Authentication and also trust based wireless network
  • Pipeline network enhancement
  • Green communication protocol
  • Bio-inspired routing protocol
Wireless Sensor Networks in Ns2:
  • Energy efficient routing protocols employing
  • Replica and security attacks also in WSN
  • Approach also using trust and reputation
  • Approaches and also deployment strategies in WSN
  • Underwater sensor networks
  • Social sensor networks
  • Network aggregation techniques
  • Secure smart grid communications
  • Hop by hop congestion avoidance
  • Network delay modeling
  • Securing wireless sensor network
  • Extended SPINS framework
Mobile Ad hoc Networks in Ns2:
  • MANET multipath and also secure routing
  • Data flooding attacks prevention
  • Mobile ad hoc network also for IDS
  • MANET cyclic
  • Energy efficient management
  • Privacy preserving routing
  • Adaptive cooperative caching strategy
  • Formal verification and also validation
  • Spectrum section pre-allocation
  • Selfish node detection
  • Cache management and also data access management
  • Ad hoc network cooperative transmission
  • Ad-hoc networks clustering
Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks in Ns2:
  • Prevention and detection of Sybil attack
  • VANET Zigbee
  • Urban area vehicular network
  • VANET Software defined network
  • Scheduling and differentiation traffic scheme
  • Classification of urban congestion
  • Flexible testbed architecture
  • Event driven warning message propagation
  • Pseudonym management and also energy consumption
  • Multi path routing and also street centric routing
  • VANET beaconing and also broadcast communication
  • VANET handover and also QOS support scheme
  • Data dissemination and also bio inspired routing
  • Flexible multi-channel coordination
  • VANET congestion avoidance and control
  • VANET intelligent and also opportunistic routing protocol
  • Secure routing and also video streaming
Other Networks:
  • Body area networks
  • Wireless Ad hoc networks
  • Wireless Mesh networks
  • Machine to Machine communication
  • 5G Networks
  • 4G with LTE
  • Satellite networks
  • Smart Sensor networks
  • Bluetooth, Zigbee and also other technologies

Recent Research Topics in Ns2

  • Data center networks also using novel approach to mitigate TCP Incast
  • Wireless sensor network also for advanced analysis on secure hierarchical routing protocols
  • IoT MQTT-SN also for End to end service assurance
  • WANET using design of fuzzy also based intelligent energy efficient routing protocol
  • Implementation over Ns2 also using evaluation of the TPGF protocol
  • Mobile ad hoc networks also using reliable flooding mechanism
  • The performance in bidirectional traffic stream also for research on the effect of the relative speed
  • Over IPv6 networks also for simulation based study of IP mobility

        The above-provided information about MSc Computer Science is also adequate to build your project work. We support Ns2 and provide support for other network simulators like Ns3, OMNET++, and OPNET, etc. Let us know if there’s any way we can also help you.

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