Project Topics in Information Technology

Project Topics in Information Technology

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Topics in Information Technology

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Information Technology Strategic Plan

Cyber Security and Privacy (Secure Data and Critical Systems)
  • Prioritize Cyber-security
  • Monitor, Prevent and Respond to vulnerabilities and also Emerging Threats
  • Enhance Security and Privacy Information Systems and also Data Posture
Usability and Interoperability (Promote Interoperability, Integration and Data Sharing)
  • Promote Interoperable Data Exchange
  • Enhance Data Governance and also Management
  • Expand User Engagement Through System Accessibility and also Usability
Shared Service (Optimize Ability by Sharing Business Services and Systems)
  • Maximize Value by Quality and also Cost Through Enterprise Framework
  • Ensure Shared Service Via Enterprise Framework Deployment and also Development
  • Promote Strategic Sourcing for Cost Effective Provisioning IT Services
Information Technology Management (Mature IT Management to Improve Acquisitions)
  • Update Governance Processes and also Management
  • Mature Delivery of IT Services Through Project Management
  • Guide IT to Reflect Wide Policy Requirements and also New Legal
  • Process Streamline Report also for Increased Center of Focus on Delivery
IT Workforce (Sustain, deploy and acquire technology)
  • Well Planning for IT Hiring
  • Deploy Technology Workforce
  • Analyze and also Define Capacity to Forecast Staffing
  • Brand HHS
  • Streamline Employee Hiring, Recruitment and also On-boarding for IT
  • Expand Outreach Programs

Information Technology Application and Services

  • Trust and Security Computing
  • Data Mining and also Big Data
  • Converged IT Services
  • High Performance Computing
  • Sustainable Computing and also Green IT
  • IT Service Management and also Computing
  • Internet and also Web Computing
  • Middleware and also Embedded System
  • Sensors and also IoT (Internet of Things)
  • Cloud and also Grid Computing
  • Computational Intelligent Computing
  • Advanced Multimedia Computing
  • U-Health and also Wireless Services
  • Robotics and also Automations
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Networking and also Communication
  • Reconfigurable also Computing System

Latest Project Topics in Information-Technology

  • Hybrid Gaaco Approach for Scheduling Workflow also in Grid Computing
  • Replication Based Reliability Aware Task Scheduling Algorithm also on Heterogeneous Computing Framework
  • Secure Distributed Big Data Storage also Using Intelligent Cryptography Approach in Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Computing for allocate Resource also Based on Imperfect Information Dynamic Stackelberg Game Using Hidden Markov
  • Schedule Scientific Workflow Using Deadline Constrained Co-Evolutionary Genetic Algorithm also in Cloud Computing
  • Different Green Energy Sources also in Cloud Based Smart Grid Power Network
  • Protect Big Data Storage Using Dynamic Remote Data Auditing also in Cloud Computing
  • Big Data Using Semantic Interoperability also for Healthcare in Heterogeneous Internet of Things Infrastructure
  • Resource Allocation and also Load Balancing Using Multi Agent System Approach for Distributed Computing

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