Project Topics Information Technology

Project Topics Information Technology

      Project Topics Information Technology is stated service with collaborate effort to provide quality of research guidance for student and research scholars. We have a research team that consists of experienced developers and research analysts to provide the best guidance for researchers. We also have finished 8000+ projects for research scholars and students who committed with us. In the past 10+ years of experience, we are running in this field, and many students benefited from our smart work successfully.

Our popularity is spread among other research scholars and students, which makes them willing to do their research with us. We also focus on the latest and innovative concepts to provide high-quality projects based on current trends. So We provide the best quality of the project at optimum price. We also explore our innovative ideas through seminars, conferences, workshops, and faculty training program.

Project Topics in Information TechnologyTopics Information Technology

      Project Topics Information Technology offers a wide range of ideas to build their knowledge in research. We also support research scholars and students through the Information Technology service to improve the student academic marks.

Our main aim is to motivate and equip the student in information technology to successfully attain their goal. Information technology has numerous domains, which are also applied in the following research areas: Medical, Robotics, Energy systems, Cloud computing, Agriculture, Aviation, Construction, Electronics, etc. We also give 100% assurance for the quality of the project within a stipulated time. Now let’s see major supported domains and research areas for your reference,

Our Supported Domains

  • Medical Image analysis
  • Wireless communications / Networking
  • Data mining and big data
  • Cloud computing
  • Energy based systems
  • Electronics

Support for Medical Image Analysis

  • Body implants
  • Health informatics
  • Deep learning
  • Computerized tomography (also based on CT) scans
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
  • Accurate boundary detection
  • Tracking of deforming form time-varying medical images (e.g., Cardiac MRI)
  • Detection of glaucoma in retinal images
  • Human brain cortical structures (also in Shape analysis)
  • Therapy imaging program (TIP)
  • Quantitative PET/SPECT
  • Multimodal MRI research
  • Image generation and also clinical assessment
  • Molecular neurotherapy and also imaging

Support for Wireless Communication / Networking

  • Content routing (Mobile ad hoc networks)
  • Industrial wireless networks
  • Scheduling of wireless transmissions
  • M2M networking (also based IoT)
  • Resource management and also mobile broadband network planning
  • Real time monitoring
  • Capacity analysis of wireless communications
  • Resource optimization (also Ad hoc and wireless mesh networks)
  • Tracking area management also in LTE
  • Wide area sensing
  • Coordination and also communication (Drone networks)
  • Cryptography (also based on Wireless multimedia sensor networks)
  • Propagation analysis (also in MIMO ad hoc network)
  • Time analysis (also in Wireless controller area network)
  • Multi sensor fusion (Body sensor networks)
  • Transparent computing
  • Traffic aware utility performance analysis (also in Vehicular Ad hoc Networks)
  • Mobile edge computing
  • Secure data sharing (VANET)

Support for Data mining and Big data

  • Next generation big data analytics
  • Big data also in advertising research
  • Privacy-Preserving record linkage
  • Big geo-data
  • Healthcare informatics
  • Social marketing
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Geo-ecological environment assessment
  • Coal mine concentration
  • And also Geolocation prediction

Support for Cloud-Computing

  • Mobile learning and also in mobile edge computing
  • Metropolitan mobile opportunistic networks
  • Cloud manufacturing
  • Next generation 5G cellular networks
  • Cloud based body area network
  • Human-cloud integration (Healthcare systems)
  • Software defined networking
  • Cloud service selection
  • Weather research and also forecasting (WRF) model
  • Securing big data storage
  • Secure data sharing (VANET)
  • Privacy and also security (Electronic health services)
  • Wireless body area network

Support for Energy based Systems

  • Microgrid (also in Hybrid renewable energy system)
  • Solar energy (Heat and also in power generation systems)
  • Haptic communication (also in 5G cellular networks)
  • Smart city (Cloud of things)
  • Solar powered microner sprayer
  • Domestic green energy storage
  • Semi-arid agro-ecosystem
  • Energy system optimization modelling
  • Nonlinear energy-based regulation control
  • Electrical energy peak load shifting
  • Solar water heating system

Support for Electronics

  • High-performance large area also flexible electronics
  • Scalable Nano manufacturing
  • Low voltage sustainable energy systems
  • Agri-Electronics
  • Embedded systems
  • Digital system
  • Power system
  • Computer vision
  • Control systems
  • Embedded systems
  • Photonics and also Optics
  • Power and also Energy
  • Signal and also image processing
  • Machine learning
  • Molecular electronics
  • Multi object tracking (WSN)
  • Reflect array antenna (also in Wireless telecommunication)
  • Power electronics

       We also trust that the abovementioned information is adequate to attain crisp knowledge about Information Technology. Apart from the information technology, we provide support for under and also post-graduate students in the following disciplines as Computer science, ECE, EEE, etc. If you’ve got a specific question about our services, why not check our website and get in touch with us. Our online service is available 24×7.

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