Projects for MSc Computer Science Students

Projects for MSc Computer Science Students

      Projects for MSc Computer Science Students provide highly comprehensive guidance for you to complete your research career with the grand achievements. We initiated our MSc Computer Science Students service with the hope of providing highly advanced projects for our undergraduate (BE, BTech), and postgraduate students (ME, MTech), and research scholars (PhD/MS). 

We contact seminar classes with step by step guidance in project implementation. Through our project class, you can learn more and more information, which is useful in each stage of the project. Our professionals update their mind with the vision of widespread their knowledge among students and research colleagues to create a knowledge revolution worldwide.

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Projects for MSc Computer Science Students Online HelpMSc Computer Science Students

       Projects for MSc Computer Science Students offer innovative and novel thoughts for worldwide students and research scholars to get their dream of career in competitive world. We provide a wonderful opportunity for you to utilize our Computer Science Students service. Through our service, we provide modernized ideas for you to know about advanced research computer technology, including optimum quantum computing, security in the multi-robot system, split-second data mapping, computational artificial intelligence, etc. Today, incalculable computer technologies are increasing concurrently, such as autonomous vehicles, advanced machine learning & artificial intelligence, virtual reality, Internet of Things, augmented reality, wireless virtual reality, digital Computing, and machine intelligence. Here, we provide some of the advanced information about computer technology for your reference. 

Advanced Research in Computer-Science

  • High Value IoT Solution Development
  • Privacy Preference Modeling and Prediction
  • Non-Fiducially PPG Based Authentication
  • Space Division Multiplexing
  • IEEE 802.15.7r1 Reference Channel Models
  • Estimation of Real Time Room Occupancy
  • IEEE 802.11 / Wi-Fi MAC (Medium Access Control)
  • Dynamic Position Reporting Rate Estimation
  • IEEE 802.11 QoS Performance in MAC and PHY Layer
  • Ultra Wideband Propagation and Channel Loss Estimation
  • Characterization of Cross Platform Machine Learning
  • Integration of IoT and Cloud also for Smart Health Solution
  • Improve Performance in IEEE 802.11 n WLANs
  • Efficient Location Tracking with Smartphone
  • Memory Management in Graphics
  • IEEE 802.11 Network Anomaly Attack Classification and also Detection
  • Cognitive Health Assessment
  • IEEE 802.15.4 (Information Element) also for IETF
  • Wireless Device Authentication and also Access
  • Compute Application Programming Interfaces

Research Issues in Computer-Research

  • Decision Making in Robotics Based on Learning
  • SE for Intelligent System and also Control
  • Smart Computing and also Algorithms
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Paradigms
  • Intelligent Computing and also Signal Processing
  • Big Data and Smart Systems
  • Edge of Things also in Smart Healthcare Systems
  • Image and also Video Procession
  • Big Data and also Cloud Technologies
  • ANN Based Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Reliability and also Quality in Hybrid Information Systems
  • Signal Processing in 5G Networks
  • Distributed and Parallel Computing Technologies and also Applications
  • Data Mining Analytics in Big Data and also IoT Systems

Technology Trends in Computer-Research

  • Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
  • Computer Aided Education
  • Conversational System
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Virtual and also Augmented Reality
  • Architecture of Adaptive Security
  • Cyber Security
  • Algorithmic Personality Detection
  • Digital Technology Platforms
  • Intelligent Things and also Apps
  • Digital Twins
  • Service Architecture and also Mesh App
  • Block-chains Distributed Ledgers
  • Bioinformatics
  • Advanced Machine Learning and also AI

Web Information Applications and Systems

  • Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
  • Intelligent Web and also Semantic Web
  • Web Services and also SOA
  • Semi Structured Data Management
  • Multimedia Data Management
  • Web Information Retrieval and also Mining
  • Grid Computing
  • Web 2.0 and also Social Information Network
  • Deep Web Technology
  • Web Information Engineering Methodology

Latest Project for Computer-Science Students

  • Reliable Visible Light Communication Data Transmission also in Lighting Control Networks
  • Novel Methods and Systems also in VCS (Vehicle Computing System) to Communicate with Devices
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for Wi-Fi Packet Sniffing and also Receiver Mapping with Antenna Radiation Pattern Diversity
  • Automated Voice for Transmitting Vehicle Data also Using Innovative Method and System
  • Navigation Data Normalization also Using Novel Methods and Apparatus for Vehicle Computing System Playback
  • QoS Aware Routing Mechanism also with IEEE 802.16 Mesh Networks Based on Game Theoretical in ITS

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