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Artificial intelligence research proposal template


  •  Outline of the research topic will be discussed.
  • Mention the research question.
  • Describe the meaning of the research.

Literature review:

  • Review the prevailing research on the prescribed research topic.
  • Sort out the gaps in which the research project will address.

Research methods:

  • Define the research methods that we use to reply the research question.
  • The data that is collected, the data analysis techniques that is used, and the ethical considerations are included.

Expected results:

  • Deliver a brief summary of the findings of your research project.
  • The potential impact of the research should be confirmed.

Timeline and budget:

  • For the implementation of the research project a detailed plan should be provided.
  • Schedule of activities, a list of resources that is required, and the total cost of the project are involved.


  • State out all of the sources that you have quoted in your proposal.


  • Additional materials such as data sets, code, or figures that we need to add up in our proposal are included.

We follow the above methods to frame a good proposal so it is necessary that you also consider.

Additional tips for writing an artificial intelligence research proposal:

  • Your proposal must be user friendly and easy to understand and it should be clear and not too long.
  • The research question should be more enough to be accountable, but wide enough for further research.
  • The research approaches and timeline must be realistic and attainable.
  • The research proposal must allow for changes as the research progresses it should be flexible always.
  • Get feedback from your advisor, colleagues, and other experts for your research proposal to identify flaws if any.

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Research Proposal Projects Artificial Intelligence

Research Proposal Topics in Artificial Intelligence

Within the prescribed time we deliver your proposal work with proper explanation. Before starting with your proposal, you must think of the journal that is to be published. Our Journal publication team handles it tactically good we make sure that your paper doesn’t gets rejected as it is done by field experts and with utmost care. Many reputed journals like ACM, SPRINGER, SCOPUS, IEEE, Sci we publish the paper. Some of the latest AI topics are shared below for your reference.

  1. The Malmo Platform for Artificial Intelligence Experimentation.
  2. Applications of distributed artificial intelligence in industry
  3. Adapting a Trusted AI Framework to Space Mission Autonomy
  4. AI-Driven Automation in a Human-Centered Cyber World
  5. A Real Application Enabled Traffic Generator for Networking AI Model Development
  6. AI-Based W-Band Suspicious Object Detection System for Moving Persons Using GAN: Solutions, Performance Evaluation and Standardization Activities
  7. UAV-Enabled Mobile-Edge Computing for AI Applications: Joint Model Decision, Resource Allocation, and Trajectory Optimization
  8. A Pilot Study Integrating an AI-driven Chatbot in an Introductory Programming Course
  9. New Generation Dynamically Reconfigurable Processor Technology for Accelerating Embedded AI Applications
  10. A Monolithic 3D Integration of RRAM Array with Oxide Semiconductor FET for In-Memory Computing in Quantized Neural Network AI Applications
  11. On using AI-Based Human Identification in Improving Surveillance System Efficiency
  12. A Hybrid Explainable AI Framework Applied to Global and Local Facial Expression Recognition
  13. 4 A 28nm 2Mb STT-MRAM Computing-in-Memory Macro with a Refined Bit-Cell and 22.4 – 41.5TOPS/W for AI Inference
  14. Challenges of Computation-in-Memory Circuits for AI Edge Applications
  15. An AI-based manufacturing design rule checker and path optimizer for PCB production preparation and manufacturing
  16. AI Deep Learning with Multiple Labels for Sentiment Classification of Tweets
  17. An AI Edge Computing-Based Robotic Automatic Guided Vehicle System for Cleaning Garbage
  18. Surface Cancellation in Wideband Ground Penetrating Radar Employing Genetic Algorithm AI for Waveform Synthesis
  19. Managing AI system development in critical large-scale applications
  20. Analog Compute-in-Memory for AI Edge Inference