SCI Indexed Journal List

Science citation index (SCI) is one of the multidisciplinary databases based on the indexed bibliographic information so the research scholars can search the particular through articles, journals, and the author’s address. The information includes the articles list such as academics, cited references, search databases, etc. The SCI indexes consist of several journals and scientific disciplines including all the cited references. The SCI indexed journal list such as,

Top Sci Indexed Journal List
  • Springer
    • Springer journals are considered as the developing pool which consists of the leading multi-discipline research. It includes various ground-breaking articles across all the substantial research fields
  • IEEE
    • IEEE journal is used to publish papers in electrical engineering, power, and energy, biotechnology, computing, telecommunication, and more. This is one of the highly ranked journals across the number of JCR metrics
  • ACS
    • ACS is abbreviated as the American Chemical Society and the ACS publications are the assurance to publish the high-quality content continues to attract impactful research that addresses the most important challenges in the world
  • ACM
    • Association for computing machinery is the abbreviation of ACM and it is one of the multidisciplinary journals to publish the finest research papers, survey papers based on scientific and technology
  • Old City Publishing Inc.
    • Old City Publishing, Inc. is dedicated to providing the international community with the newest research and developments in the medicine, humanities, sciences and technology. OCP Science, an imprint of Old City Publishing which highlights the quality, speed and specialization

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In general, SCI Journals accepts submissions that have been situated formerly and made available as preprints provided that they have not gone through peer review. A preprint is a draft version of a paper made available online before submission to a journal.

The journal operates preprints, a preprint server to which submitted papers can be uploaded directly after completing journal submission. The research scholars have to note that independent preprints operations of the journal and posting a preprint does not affect the peer review process. Consequently, the researchers have to check the preprints instructions for authors for the further information.

In addition, expanded and high quality conference papers can be considered as articles if they fulfill the following requirements

  • The paper should be expanded to the size of a research article
  • The conference paper should be cited and noted on the first page of the research paper
  • If the authors do not hold the copyright of the published conference paper and authors should search for the appropriate permission from the copyright holder
  • Authors are asked to disclose that it is a conference paper in the cover letter and include the statement on what has been transformed and compared to the original conference paper

In consequence, we have attached excel in the following which includes the publisher’s name, E-ISSN number, impact factor, etc. for your ease to know about the SCI indexed journal list. So, download the attachment and make use of it.

Latest Sci Indexed Journal List 2022