Software Defined Radio Thesis

Software Defined Radio Thesis

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Software-Defined-Radio Thesis

   The Software Defined Radio Thesis provides you world class ideas to shine your research career successfully. We support research scholars and students through Software service efficiently on SDR to prepare them for viva voce. We focused only on student improvement in academic marks through our quality of work to attain a high degree of benefits in their research. So We are also allocating separate experts for each and every student to provide better research guidance in their appropriate research area.

We also provide support for various disciplines students like CSE, ECE, EEE, EIE, etc. SDR is a radio communication system used to implement components in hardware like mixers, filters, amplifiers, etc.  We also provide support for all types of a student like undergraduate [BE, BTech], postgraduate [ME, MTech, MCA] and also research scholars [MPhil, MS, PhD], etc. And also We have got positive feedback about our work, which extends our service to 120+ countries in worldwide. We also have mentioned below information about SDR for your reference,

Software-Defined Radio Key Features

  • SDR enables also for radio equipment manufacturers and system integrators
  • Its common platform architecture, allowing new product to be also more quickly introduced into the market
  • Software to be reused across radio products, also reducing development costs dramatically
  • It allowing bug fixes also to occur while a radios is in service
  • Over the air or remote programming reducing the time and costs associated with operation and maintenance.
  • It also allowing service providers to quasi-future proof their networks
  • Significantly reducing logistical support and also operating expenditures with use of a common radio platform for multiple markets
  • Capability upgrades can also be activated and new revenue generating features can also be inserted via remote software downloads, through which capacity can be increased
  • Reduced costs also in providing end-users access to ubiquitous wireless communications

List of Open Source Software for SDR

  • CubicSDR
  • Studio1
  • WebRadio
  • OpenWebRX
  • Sodira
  • cuSDR
  • PowerSDR
  • QtRadio
  • Multimode
  • Sdrangelove
  • SeeDeR
  • SDR#
  • Linrad
  • GQRX
  • ShinySDR
  • SDR Touch
  • Wavesink Plus
  • RFAnalyzer

Recent Research Areas in SDR

  • 5G physical layer design
  • AESA radar receiver
  • Nano satellite ground station
  • Communication and also identification for IFX
  • Portable short-range noncontact microwave radar systems
  • Hardware and also software codesign [wireless transceivers]
  • Neural networks and SDR modulation schemes [Wireless mobile nodes]
  • Sniffing GSM traffic [Cellular network]
  • VLSI design of reconfigurable filter [Multi-standard SDR application]
  • Intelligent social robots [Cognitive robotics]
  • UHF digital ground receiver system [flying object also using LabVIEW]
  • Delivering ICN also services [5G network]
  • Communications technologies [Vehicles]
  • Architecture of future 5G mobile networks
  • Smart grid [communication network]

Recent Research Software-Defined Radio Topics

  • FBMC in a SDR implementation on GNU Radio environment also for proposal for the next generation of ISDB-TB
  • Multi gigabit transceivers also for centralized signal processing zero-forcing capable massive MIMO SDR hardware
  • The robust multicast beam forming problem also with interference temperature constraints using SDR approximation
  • LDPC codes for MIMO channels over SDR systems also for experimental Alamouti-S TBS
  • Terrestrial and satellite communications also using SDR based reconfigurable multicarrier transceiver
  • Embedded systems also using SDR based channel sounding technique
  • Small satellite SDR applications using improvements also in CPU & FPGA performance
  • SDR compatibility also for single layer HDR video coding framework
  • Real time wireless applications also using SDR implementation of an adaptive low-latency IEEE 802.11p transmitter system
  • Ambient WiFi and GSM signals also for SDR based indoor localization

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