Thesis Topics on Digital Image Watermarking

Thesis Topics on Digital Image Watermarking

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    Thesis Topics on Digital Image Watermarking is the way to build your research knowledge very trendy and also innovative. Digital Image watermarking is a key domain where researchers and students have also focused their knowledge in research. Digital Image watermarking is a kind of watermarked where we also embedded in a noise signal such as audio, video, and Image data. Image watermarking is gaining more popularity due to the wide use of the internet and multimedia applications. Let’s see some of the research issues and important watermarking algorithms for your reference,

Research Issues in Digital-Watermarking

  • Security issues
  • To maintain balance between capacity, robustness and also imperceptibility
  • Human vision system (Blue color is less sensitive to hiding watermark)
  • Fragile watermarking
  • Payload size (maintain equilibrium)
  • Robustness (Brightness, Rotation and also Geometric attacks etc)
  • Computational cost
  • False Positive Rate
  • Design universal technique ( also for all the digital media)
  • Ambiguity issues

                  -False watermark retrieval


                  -False cove generation

                  -Unauthorized watermark Extraction

  • Copy Right Protection
  • Digital Right Management (DRM)
  • Optimization-intensive watermarking techniques also for decision problems
  • Lagrange optimization problems

Classification of Watermarking Algorithm

  • Fragile Image watermarking
  • Semi-fragile also in watermarking
  • Robust watermarking
  • Optimizing also in watermarking
  • Exploring watermarking
  • Classify also in watermarking
  • Embedded watermarking
  • Invisible text watermarking


  • DWT-SVD watermarking
  • DT-CWT watermarking
  • Combined DWT-DCT also based video watermarking
  • FPGA based digital watermarking
  • SIFT and SURF feature descriptor
  • SVD and APBT
  • Hybrid DWT-FFT and SVD
  • Dual scrambled image watermarking
  • Genetic watermarking
  • 3D watermarking
  • Numerical also based efficient watermarking
  • CFA domain visible watermarking
  • SVD also based watermarking
  • DCT-DWT-SVD also based watermarking
  • DIBR watermarking
  • Pixel also based fragile watermarking
  • Weibull also based watermarking
  • Semantics also based watermarking
  • Spread spectrum also based video watermarking
  • II based watermarking
  • Reversible watermarking
  • Quantum steganography
  • Mesh-bashed watermarking
  • Integrity verification also based fragile watermarking
  • Wavelet-domain watermarking
  • Decomposition also based audio watermarking

Performance Metrics in Digital-Watermarking

  • Equal error rate
  • IQA Metrics (SSIM, PSNR and also NCC)
  • Accuracy ratio
  • Image Fidelity
  • Triangle Distance measures
  • Inter arrival times
  • Optimize power and also area
  • Mean Opinion Score (MOS)
  • Root Mean Squared Error (RMSE)
  • Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR)
  • Mean Absolute Error (MAE)

Advance Watermarking Applications

  • Artificial boo colony with usage of quality guaranteed robust image watermarking optimization
  • Transform-based watermarking applied on 3D depth image also based rendering image
  • An application to image watermarking also using fractional krawtchouk transform
  • Bit-plane of hadamard coefficients also with usage of robust image watermarking
  • A potential solution also for multimedia authentication for digital watermarking
  • An application also in ophthalmology imaging effect of trigonometric functions based watermarking on blood vessel extraction
  • General LTI systems using classical techniques and also recent developments dynamic watermarking
  • Parameter measures and techniques also for digital watermarking applications
  • The laplacian pyramid based on projection also with efficient image watermarking
  • Automation and watermarking approaches also with concise analysis of current text automation
  • Particle swarm optimization also for adjustable-purpose image watermarking technique
  • Embedding multiple watermarks using blind DCT also based color watermarking algorithm
  • Chaotic encryption for robust and also secure key-frames based video watermarking system

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