Undergraduate MATLAB Projects

Undergraduate MATLAB Projects

  Undergraduate MATLAB Projects is suitable for all undergraduate students from various disciplines include computer science, information technology, electrical and electronics etc. Our research experts will improve your knowledge in order to get the high academic grades. Due to the high productivity and research scope, MATLAB is a highly popular language among worldwide researchers. Majority of students come to our organization with no programming knowledge. We have found those students for provide excellent guidance in programming concepts to learn quickly. When compare with C and other similar languages, MATLAB is more interactive language that provide dynamic and interactive environment for users. Once students understand the basic programming concepts in MATLAB, they can easily develop projects from own. We are working on Undergraduate MATLAB Projects for the past 10 years. Our versatile developers and experts updated their knowledge with latest news and technologies. Up to now, we have completed 5000+ Undergraduate MATLAB Projects for students from 120+ countries.

Our MATLAB Developers Have the Following Skillsets:

  • Knowledge of Optimization in All MATLAB Filters
  • Vast Experience in working with MATLAB Interfacing
  • Knowledge in all operating systems [Familiar in Robot Operating System]
  • Experience with MATLAB hardware [Mu-controllers (Arduino/Raspberry-Pi/ARM processor)]
  • Good Knowledge with avionics and lab instrumentation [GPU and IMU]
  • Knowledge in MATLAB Programming Concepts
  • Knowledge in MATLAB Simulink and other simulation tools

Undergraduate MATLAB Projects

  Undergraduate MATLAB Projects provided for students and also beginners. Students can choose your undergraduate final year projects in the fields of Audio Processing, Video Processing, Medical Imaging, Remote Sensing, Geosciences, Pattern analysis, Wireless Communication, Image mining, Text mining, Signal Processing Machine Learning etc. In order to get a clear idea about MATLAB, we have enumerated few lists of project ideas in MATLAB.

Matlab Projects Core Ideas for Undergraduate Students:

Sample MATLAB Projects Ideas [Image Processing]:

  • Breast Cancer Detection- LESH Technique
  • Iris Sclera Identification- Learning Vector Quantization
  • Fruit Disease Recognition- Combination of Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Food Segmentation- Multiple Hypothesis Segmentation
  • Image Denoising Applications- Higher Order Singular Value Decomposition
  • Speech Recognition- Modifier Hidden Markov Model
  • Skull Identification- Craniofacial Reconstruction and Superimposition
  • License Plate Detection- Neural network with Genetic algorithm
  • Brain MS Segmentation- Spatially Constrained Possibilistic Fuzzy C-Means
  • Indian Currency Identification- Probabilistic Neural Networks

Sample MATLAB Projects Ideas [DSP]:

  • Sinusoid parameters estimation- DTFT, and Least Squares Techniques
  • Data Compression- FFT, IFFT
  • Spectrum Analysis- FFT
  • Amplitude modulation, and FIR filters implementation on DSP board
  • Fourier Series and Periodic Signals
  • Approximation Theory
  • MATLAB Interface to DSP filter

Sample MATLAB Projects Ideas [Electronics]:

  • Vector Electric Field from an Arbitrary Charge Distribution
  • Vector Magnetic Field from an Arbitrary Current Distribution
  • Frequency Dependent Reflection Coefficient into impedence matching networks
  • Beam Pattern for an Arbitrarily Arranged 4 dipole array
  • Autonomous Spacecraft Relative Motion Dynamics and Control
  • Microstructure analysis and reconstruction
  • Hall effect Thruster Plume Measurements
  • Detonation Structure Measurements
  • Multi- UAV Trajectory Planning for Flight in Low Altitudes

Latest Undergraduate MATLAB Projects Topics:

  • Size optimization and microgrid cost based in Wind, PV and BESS for a School of engineering
  • PV systems optimal allocation in networks distribution using PSO algorithm
  • Radiation patterns comparative study of circular patch antenna using model based approach
  • Control challenge and smart grid operations using SSSC tailored to optimize performance on GCC Power Grid
  • Modular organization planning and functional subsystems of mobile robot behavior with partial uncertainty for 2-dimeniosnal space
  • FPGA Implementation for image enhancement in Biomedical engineering
  • Arbitration with Dynamic Multi-Hop Networks based on Game Theoretic Analysis
  • Calibration board integrated design in a Smart Electrical Energy Water
  • EV discharging/charging service using novel communication protocol in VANETs
  • Future Self-Organizing Network Performance Optimization using Multi-Objective Evolutionary Techniques
  • PMSM drive EMI reduction through Matrix Converter Controlled with Band gap-wide switches
  • EV applications on Magnetic Design Considerations of Inductive Bidirectional Wireless Power Transfer System
  • Massive Neural Data Processing based on GPU accelerated multivariate empirical mode decomposition

  These are the few projects ideas and research topics, which will give you some idea about our projects. If you need more assistance from us, we ready to explore your projects in MATLAB. We live for our student’s academic life….We make our unhappy customers to happy customers with take them to reach happy ending…..