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Get Unique Article Writing Service where all the content will be original. Uniqueness is our key ethics that we follow get tailored article writing services from PhD experts . All your work will be free from plagiarism, we provide plagiarism free report from leading tools like TURNITIN.  There are numerous steps that are to be followed while writing research articles. The following are few hints and procedures that assists you to write a research article that shows their standard and novelty:

  1. Choose an Innovative Topic
  • Identify a Gap: In previous research, you must search for uninvestigated gaps or regions. The process of examining the modern research papers can assist you in identifying patterns and unresolved queries.
  • Pick a Niche subject: It is approachable to concentrate on certain or nook factors of extensive domain, which results in novel viewpoints.
  • Cross- Disciplinary Approach: From various domains, the way of interpreting aspects can produce unique perspectives.
  1. Formulate a Unique Research Question or Hypothesis
  • Be Specific and Clear: Your research query must be certain and particular. A well-described research query directs your research and writing.
  • Challenge Existing Theories: If your study has appropriate evidence, be open to ask queries or oppose previous concepts or facts.
  1. Conduct Thorough and Diverse Research
  • Use Varied Sources: A wide range of materials such as educational journals, discussions, interviews with specialists and other reliable resources must be encompassed.
  • Stay Updated: It is advisable to assure that you are conscious about the most current advancements in your discipline.
  1. Develop a Strong Thesis or Argument
  • Unique Perspective: Your novel viewpoints or techniques to the topic must be considered by your thesis.
  • Be Bold, Yet Credible: You must make sure that your statement is supported by effective research, at the time of being creative.
  1. Organize Your Article Effectively
  • Structured Format: You must adhere to the usual format such as introduction, literature review, results, discussions, conclusion. It is significant to immerse it with your novel viewpoints.
  • Logical Flow: It is approachable to make sure that your article has a consistent flow, such that every phase efficiently flows to the subsequent phase.
  1. Analyze and Interpret Data Creatively
  • Original Analysis: By providing novel perceptions or viewpoints, it is better to offer innovative investigation of the information.
  • Use Visuals: To demonstrate information in an interesting and useful manner, you must involve graphs, charts, and other visuals.
  1. Write Clearly and Concisely
  • Engaging Writing Style: An interesting and educational writing format should be employed. It is advisable to neglect highly complicated language.
  • Be Precise: You must convey your thoughts and outcomes, in an explicit manner.
  1. Discuss the Implications
  • Broader Impact: The wider significance of your results on the domain or society must be explained.
  • Recommendations for Future Research: For the purpose of future investigation, it is beneficial to recommend some regions that emerge from your research.
  1. Cite Sources Properly
  • Avoid Plagiarisms: To offer acknowledgement wherever necessary, you should make sure that all the materials are cited appropriately.
  • Use the Correct Format: It is appreciable to adhere to the citation format that is mentioned by your university or the journal where you aim to publish your work.
  1. Revise and Seek Feedback
  • Peer Review: It is advisable to obtain review from advisors or experts, before the submission process.
  • Revise Thoroughly: You must include the reviews that are obtained from experts or professionals. For clearness, consistency, and capacity of statements, it is better to analyze your article.
  1. Stay Ethical and Transparent
  • Ethical Research: Always assure that your study techniques and actions are moral.
  • Transparency: It is approachable to be clear about your methodology and any challenges in your study.

What should be included in an article writing proposal?

Normally, an article writing proposal is a file that summarizes our idea for writing an article, and it is generally employed to encourage a publication or editor to acknowledge our article for the process of publication. The following are steps that provides information about what needs to be involved in an efficient article writing proposal:

  1. Title
  • Proposed Title: Our title must be attractive and related. It must provide an explicit plan about our article.
  1. Introduction
  • Overview: In the overview section, we concisely introduce the topic or key concept of the article.
  • Relevance: The reason why the topic is beneficial or significant and why viewers would be passionate about it must be described.
  1. Objective or Purpose
  • Goal of the Article: What we intend to attain must be mentioned certainly. This might suggest, influence, instruct, or entertain some approach.
  1. Target Audience
  • Audience Demographics: It is approachable to explain the targeted viewer for the article. Information such as age, occupation, passion, or any other related demographic details must be involved.
  1. Unique Angle or Perspective
  • Unique Selling Point (USP): The novel technique or viewpoints should be described. We emphasize what makes our article look unique from the previous articles on the similar topic.
  1. Outline and Content
  • Structure: Encompassing the key concepts or major facts, we offer a short summary of the article.
  • Content Preview: To display the intensity and scope of the article, it is better to provide a hint of the content.
  1. Research
  • Sources and Research Method: It is significant to specify when we have interviews, particular information, or viewpoints. The kind of study we will carry out or the materials we intend to employ must be explained.
  1. Writing Style and Tone
  • Style and Tone: The accent and format of the article should be defined. We also specify whether it will be proper, casual, communicative, systematical, etc.
  1. Estimated Length and Format
  • Word Count: A determined number of words for the article must be offered.
  • Format: It is approachable to specify any certain structure necessities such as bullet points, subheadings, etc.
  1. Author’s Background and Credentials
  • Our Expertise: It is important to introduce ourselves in a concise way. We should incorporate our related credentials or expertise. The reason why we are the correct person to write this article must be described.
  1. Timeline
  • Completion Date: A calculated time limit for submitting the final design of the article should be offered.
  1. Sample Work (if available)
  • Previous Publications: When the currently suggested article is the same as our past work, it is beneficial to incorporate files or documents related to them.

Unique Article Writing Assistance

What factors should be considered when choosing an article writing service?

Before handing over your work to experts look for the experience level for the writers if they are aware current trends of that research area. Make sure that all your work must be delivered on time and everything is open and confidentiality plays a vital role in it. Here at phdtopic.com we follow the above essential factors to write your paper so be free to work with us. Sample of our work are listed get awe struck with our work, for all areas of research we assist with subject experts.

  1. Forecasting of the electric vehicles’ charging amount of electricity based on curves clustering
  2. Implementation of Five Level Battery Charging Scheme for Electric Vehicles
  3. Coordinated Charging Strategy for Electric Vehicle Charging Station Based on Demand Prediction
  4. Clustering and Previous Visit Dependency Technique for Electric Vehicle Station Visits
  5. An Ultra-high Gain Current-fed Universal Auxiliary Power Module for 400V/800V Electric Vehicles
  6. Voltage Profile Enhancement of a 33 Bus System Integrated with Renewable Energy Sources and Electric Vehicle
  7. Design of high charging power supply for Electric Vehicle based on BUCK circuit
  8. Multi-stage voltage dependent load modelling of fast charging electric vehicle
  9. Flexible Energy Management Strategy For Electric Vehicles Charging Stations
  10. Efficiency modeling and analysis of a switched capacitor converter for a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle energy storage system
  11. A Hierarchical Control Scheme for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Coordinated Operation
  12. Bidirectional Converter Using Fuzzy for Battery Charging of Electric Vehicle
  13. Predictive Energy Management Strategy for Fully Electric Vehicles Based on Preceding Vehicle Movement
  14. Design And Analysis Of Integrated Dual-Input Dual-Output DC-DC Converter For Electric Vehicle And Drives Applications
  15. Emerging Intelligent Bidirectional Charging Strategy Based on Recurrent Neural Network Accosting EMI and Temperature Effects for Electric Vehicle
  16. Assessing electric vehicle distributed energy resource potential and transport energy requirement constraints
  17. Electromagnetic performance analysis of hybrid-excited flux-switching machines for electrical vehicles by an improved magnetic network model
  18. High Power Integrated Charging System for Electrical Vehicles Based on Winding Multiplexing of PMSM
  19. Integration of Distributed Generation and Electric vehicles in a distribution network using Political Optimizer
  20. Electric Vehicle Cell Balancing using Single and Multi tiered Switched Capacitor