Weka Projects

Weka Projects

        Weka Projects offer excellent standard and quality of research & development projects for you to complete your graduation excellently with the high score. We are constantly looking towards up-to-the-minute technologies to provide state-of-the-art and IEEE standard research topics for students and research academicians.

Due to this, our awe-exiting and fast-growing research organization is popular among students and research society.

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         In this Weka Projects is inaugurated by our splendid knowledgeable expert’s hard work with the vast expectation of create record-breaking knowledgeable young scientist in this emergent research environment. Today, we serve students and the research community through real-time project & research development training, research proposal writing support, guidance on thesis/dissertation preparation, and support on internal and external viva voce with PPT presentation. Now, have a look at the weka projects,

       ..…”Weka is an open source data mining tool written Java. The expansion of weka is Waikato Environment for Knowledge Analysis”.

Requirements for Weka-Projects (Depending on your computer system):
  • Weka Version (e.g. 3.9) //Latest Version
  • Any Operating System (e.g. Windows 7, Linux, Mac, or Ubuntu 10.10 64 bit)
  • Java Version (e.g. 1.6.0._24 bit or later)
Data Mining Techniques used in Weka are:
  • Association Rule Mining
  • Attribute Selection
  • Clustering
  • Classification
  • Estimation
  • Filtering
  • Data preprocessing
  • Regression
  • Visualization
  • Feature selection
  • Knowledge discovery process
  • Machine intelligence
Classification Algorithms:
  • Rule Learner
  • Holte’s oner
  • 5 Decision Trees
  • K-Nearest Neighbor learner
  • Naïve Bayes with and without kernels
  • Kernel Density Classifier
  • Support Vector Machines
  • Logistic Regression
  • Adaboost
  • Logit boost
  • Decision Stumps
Weka Project Ideas:
  • Large scale data mining experiments
  • Executing and constructing knowledge flows
  • Very large datasets processing
  • Association rules mining
  • Data clustering and classification
  • Learning curves producing
  • Learning parameters optimization in data mining
  • Data preprocessing using range of filters

Benefits of our Weka-Projects

  • 50+ Data Preprocessing Tools
  • 10+ Software Frameworks
  • 80+ Classification Algorithms
  • 15+ Clustering Algorithms
  • 25+ Hybrid Algorithms
  • 10+ Association Rule Mining Algorithms
  • 15+ Attribute or Subset Evaluators
  • 10+ Searching Algorithms
  • 2,50,000 Word Text Datasets
Development Tools and Software
  • YALE: Yet Another Learning Environment that can be used in weka tasks
  • TagHelper Tools: Analysis tool also for analyzing conversational data that can be used in clustering
  •  Kea: Tool that can be used also for automatic key phrase extraction and word sense disambiguation
  • Tertius: A data mining system also for rule discovery
  • Weka-Parallel: A powerful machine learning and also data mining application
  • KDDML-MQL: Data mining tool that supports knowledge discovery process
  • Bayesian Network Classifiers: Weka tool also for binding classification data
  • RSW: Sequential classification also with Weka
  • Cahit Arf: Weka tool that used also for data extraction
  • Balie: Baseline for Information Extraction
  • Weka4WS: Tool for Distributed Data Mining
  • RWeka: An R interface to Weka
  •  Rarff: A library written in Ruby that can be also used for ARFF files manipulation
  •  PROMPT: A statistical comparison and mapping of protein sets. It is also used for Import and also Export of Weka arff data files
  • Agent Academy: Development framework integrated also in Java for creating multi agent systems and intelligent agents
Lets some tools and softwares
  • Genetic Programming: Bio-inspired classifier also used in weka programming
  • Weka-GDPM: It is also an extended version of Weka 3.4 that support automatic geographic data preprocessing for spatial data mining
  • Contrast Mining: The concept of mining the interesting differences among also pre-defined data groups
  • Pattern Miner: Miner or extractor also for integrated pattern management include extraction, retrieval, storage, and also data comparison between mining patterns
  • Scalalab: Matlab related Scala interface that also used in weka algorithms
  • GroovyLab: Matlab oriented Groovy interface that also used in weka algorithms
Application Areas for Weka
  • Images and also in Speech
  • Adversarial Solutions
  • Web Mining
  • Text Mining
  • Data Stream Learning
  • Applying Data Mining
  • Learning from Massive Datasets
  • Data Stream also in Learning
  • Incorporating domain knowledge
  • Ubiquitous data mining
Advanced Research Topics in Weka
  • Twitter Streaming Dataset also for Evaluate Mahout Clustering Algorithms Performance
  • Students Performance Prediction also Using Linear Regression and Multilayer Perception in Final Examination
  • Predict Brest Cancer Surgery Survivability also Using Bayesian Network and SVM (Support Vector Machines)
  • A Model for Different Meteorological Locations Monthly Solar Radiation Prediction also Using Artificial Neural Network Data Mining Tools
  • Fault Location in Decision Trees and also Optimized Allocation Based Radial Distribution Systems of Power Quality Meters
  • Machine Learning Classifiers Performance also for Indoor Person Localization with Capacitive Sensors
  • Effective Classification and Feature Selection Technique also for Cardiovascular Disease Prognosis
  • Portable Thumb Training System also for Thumb Posture EMG Based Classification
Recent titles for projects
  • Predict Yield of Rice also Using Data Mining Technique in Humid Subtropical Climate Zone
  • Discriminative Lexical Features of Malware URL Identification and also Evaluation for Real-Time Classification
  • Motion Data from Android Smartphone also for Behavioral Biometrics User Authentication Study
  • Vegetation Indices Based Segmentation also for Brown Spot and Blast Diseases of Rice Automatic Classicization
  • Keystroke Dynamics Authentication also for Strong Password Analysis in Touch Screen Devices
  • Texture Based Classification in the High Resolution Computed Tomography Thorax Images also for Reticular Pattern and Ground Glass Opacity
  • Breast Cancer Prediction also in Blood Test Datasets Using Classification Rule Mining Techniques