Wireless Network Thesis in Ns2

Wireless Network Thesis in Ns2

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Let’s see few wireless networks types in Ns2,

Types of Wireless-Networks

  • Wireless security
  • Wireless access networks
  • Multi-homed wireless networks
  • Wireless body area networks
  • Mobile wireless networks
  • Wireless sensor network
  • Mobile wireless network
  • Wireless Ad hoc network
  • Wireless mesh network
  • Zigbee networks
  • Terrestrial microwave networks
  • LAN, PAN, MAN, WAN wireless network
  • Multiradio, multichannel and multihop wireless networks
  • Heterogeneous wireless networks
  • Multi-rate ad hoc wireless network
  • Vehicular Ad hoc network
  • Cross layer sensor network
  • Wireless packet networks

Recent Research Issues in Ns2

  • IPv6 and Mobility management
  • Invalidation, replacement and also data allocation caching
  • Scheduling and also data broadcasting
  • Fraud detection and also security
  • 3G and 4G connectivity
  • Wireless networks transport mechanism
  • Mobile environment of TCP
  • Wireless multi hop networks also for TDMA broadcast scheduling
  • Wireless mobile environments also for data management issues
  • Route optimization
  • Random early detection gateways also for congestion avoidance
  • Mobile IPv6 protocols performance analysis
  • Wireless Media Access Control [MAC]
  • Packet data network also for fair scheduling
  • UMTS third generation cellular systems
  • Wireless network NDP
  • Issue also for bandwidth allocation
  • Wireless network multicast data delivery approach
  • Handoff mechanism and also location management
  • Geographical wireless networks also for traffic integration
  • Ultra band communication
  • Cellular network also for WLAN routing
  • Wireless networks also for forensic analysis
  • Traffic rate adaption techniques
  • Wireless networks also for multicast and back pressure routing
  • Wireless network also for multicast data delivery approach
  • Cooperative network, delay tolerant network also for routing
  • HTTP-GET flood DDoS attacks
  • Android also based home security
  • Agro-sensor communication
  • Energy consumption pattern and also scalability
  • Secure smart grid communications
  • Low power compute clusters modeling
  • Spectrum sensing
  • Backlog attack also for channel allocation
  • Smart bike sharing

Major Research Topics in Ns2

  • Time critical applications also using delay minimized routing in mobile cognitive networks
  • Network tomography also for network delay modelling in mobile wireless mesh networks
  • Random access wireless multihop networks also using flow allocation for maximum throughput and bounded delay on multiple disjoint paths
  • Small buffer drop tail queues also for stability and performance
  • Nels using shortest path routing algorithm also based on virtual coordinate
  • MANET based on Ns2 also using relative analysis of AODV & DSDV routing protocols
  • MANET also using enhanced energy efficient AODV routing protocol
  • Heterogeneous wireless networks also for user centric QoE driven vertical handover framework
  • Monitoring critical infrastructures in bridges also using evaluation and analysis of a prototype
  • Relay wireless networks also for performance analysis of sliding window network coding
  • Real time information interaction also in vehicle to vehicle communication using embedded node operating system
  • Secure data transfer in dynamic wireless sensor networks also using digital signature based key management protocol
  • Media access control protocol of wireless sensor networks also using traffic adaptive asynchronous

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