Wireless Sensor Network Projects for Master Thesis Students

Wireless Sensor Network Projects for Master Thesis Students

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Projects for Master Thesis Students

     Wireless Sensor Network Projects for Master Thesis Students provide highly advanced research for welfare of students and research scholars to complete their curriculum with their dream of career. We also offer confidential research for you with the best guidance. Are you required our comprehensive support in every step of your research? Approach us. We are also always ready to guide you from your topic selection to the final viva voce. We nearly finished 5000+ Master Thesis Students. Wireless sensor networks are growing in demand. It also contains foremost standard technologies including ultra-wideband, ZigBee, 6LoWPAN, ISA100, Bluetooth, Wireless Hart, etc. 6LoWPAN technology wireless sensor nodes allocate to IP address also for communication via the internet, which uses low power wireless networks.

Let’s have a glance over some of the information about Wireless Networks

Advanced Research in Wireless-Sensor-Networks

  • Packet Size Optimization also for Smart Grid Applications
  • Estimated Zero IF FM-UWB Receiver also for WSN
  • Biometric Based User Authentication Scheme also for WSN
  • Mitigate NLOS Effects in TOA also Based Localization
  • Extract Kernel Dataset from Big Sensory Data
  • Time Synchronization also for WSN
  • Distributed Clustering and Task Scheduling also for WSN
  • Energy Harvesting and Battery Power also Based Routing in WSN
  • IEEE 802.15.4e DSME MAC also for WSN
  • Energy Efficient Broadcasting System also for Smart Industrial WSN
  • Privacy Aware Factor Authentication Protocol also for WSN
  • Solve Target coverage Problem also in WSN
  • Efficient Clock Synchronization also in WSN
  • Energy Efficient Communication also in IEEE 802.15.4 Networks
  • Integration of Secure Smart Grid Information and also Communication in WSN
  • Mobile Anchor Assisted Localization in WSN
  • Monitor Water Quality also Using Wireless Sensor Networks
  • 3D Target Localization also in WSN
  • Distributed Segmentation also Based Anomaly Detection in WSN
  • Evaluate Multi Hop IEEE 802.15.4/4g/4e Smart Utility Networks

Needed Things for Wireless-Sensor-Networks

  • Web Interfaces and also Database
  • Microphones and also Cameras
  • Asset Tags
  • Window, Door and also Motion Sensors
  • Gateway Nodes
  • Dozens of High Bandwidth Nodes
  • Hundreds of Generic Sensor Nodes
  • Special Purpose Sensors

Supported Hardware and Software

  • Xbee
  • Arduino
  • Iris Mode
  • NetSim
  • NS2
  • SunSPOT
  • LinusMCE
  • Avrora
  • WSN Simulator
  • jWebDust

Supported Operating Systems

  • Contiki
  • Nano-RK
  • TinyOS
  • OpenTag
  • ERIKA Enterprise
  • OpenWSN
  • LiteOS

Wireless Communications and Protocols

  • 6LoWPAN
  • 11a
  • Z-Wave
  • WirelessHART
  • 15.4
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (Wibree)
  • TSMP
  • DASH7
  • One-Net
  • Bluetooth

Wireless Sensor Network Applications


-Habitat Applications

  • Animal Tracking

-Military Applications

  • Enemy Tracking
  • Battle Field Soldier also in Tracking

-Business Applications

  • Human Tracking

-Industrial/Public Applications

  • Car/Bus Tracking
  • Traffic Tracking


-Habitat Applications

  • Animal Monitoring (Birds, Zebra, also in Cane toad)

-Military Applications

  • Security Detection
  • Monitor Soldiers also in Battle Field

-Environmental Applications

  • Environmental Monitoring (Weather, Pressure, Temperature)
  • Earthquake and also in Other Disaster Monitoring

-Business Applications

  • Inventory Monitoring
  • Employee Activity also in Monitoring

-Healthcare Applications

  • Patient Monitoring
  • Medicine also in Monitoring

-Public/Industrial Applications

  • Factory Monitoring
  • Machine Monitoring
  • Structural also in Monitoring
  • Inventory Monitoring
  • And also in Chemical Monitoring

      We previously pointed information about wireless sensor networks, including advanced research, needed things also for WSN, supported hardware, software, operating system, wireless communications & protocols, and applications. If you are also eager to utilize Wireless Projects’ dedicated service for Master Thesis Students, approach us at 24 hours on all running days.

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