5 Cool Cloud Computing Research Projects

5 Cool Cloud Computing Research Projects

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Computing Research Projects

Our Research Projects offer highly innovative thoughts and novelty ideas for you to choose highly sophisticated cool cloud computing projects. Our knowledgeable groundbreaking experts have nearly implemented 5000+ cloud computing-based projects for you with our creative ideas. Cloud computing is a technology to deliver computing services (cloud providers), including software, networking, analytics, storage, server, database, etc. It provides distributed computer processing data and source to system and other parallel devices on demand. Now, we provide some of the advanced mechanisms in cool cloud computing.

Recent Research in Cool Cloud Computing

  • Isolation, Protection and also compliance management for private, public and hybrid cloud
  • Automatic business workflow and also  process management in cloud
  • Cloud-orchestration provisioning
  • Cloud SLA (Service Level Agreement) and also quality management
  • Self-service cloud dashboard, portal and also analytics
  • Cloud Federation, composition, bursting and also bridging
  • Cloud programming paradigms and also in models
  • Green cloud computing
  • Cloud migration
  • Cloud workload deployment and also in profiling control
  • Cloud-performance, configuration and capacity management
  • Cloud software license and patch management
  • Platform, infrastructure, application, social, business, and also in mobile clouds
  • Business, economic and also in ROI models for cloud computing
Advanced Tools and Software’s for Cloud Computing
  • Enstratius
  • DivvyCloud
  • Cisco Prime Cloud Automation
  • Rundeck Runbook Automation
  • AtomSphere
  • AppCore Cloud Management
  • Sprinkle
  • Qualys
  • Fabric
  • Juju

Best 5 Cool Cloud Computing Research Projects Online Purpose of tools and software’s

Enstratius: It is a CCIM (Cloud Computing Infrastructure Management) platform which provide single platform also for the utilization of multi / hybrid cloud service management

DivvyCloud: It is a cloud management platform also for managing event driven infrastructure and hybrid / multiple cloud footpath

Cisco Prime Cloud Automation: It is an automation tool also for developing and managing cloud service

Rundeck Runbook Automation: It is open source software to automate ad hoc and also in routine procedure

AtomSphere: It is a software platform

AppCore Cloud Management: It is a management and also in automation based software which is designed to simplify cloud environment through single monitoring interfaces and management

Sprinkle: It is a conditional software tool to build remote server

Qualys: It is a CIA (Cloud Infrastructure Automation) tool also for provide global scalability and automation in the cloud

Fabric: It is an automation and also command line tool for upload and downloads files

Juju: It is a cloud infrastructure automation tool which helps to build complete cloud environments using few commands

Our Cool Cloud Computing Research Projects
Wireless Technologies and Green Computing for Big Data and Cloud
  • Energy Efficient Communication, networking and also protocols
  • Modeling and measuring energy consumption
  • Green technologies and also in sustainable infrastructure design
  • Protect distributed big data storage also in cloud computing using cryptograph approach
Data Offloading in Mobile Cloud Computing Environment
  • Cloud computing techniques to provide high performance
  • Battery life of SMD (Smart Mobile Device) can offload on cloud
  • Shifting mechanism compute applications on server
  • Major steps also intended for application execution in Mobile Cloud computing,
    • Validate application also for partition
    • Offload applications on cloud
    • Receive result on Smart Mobile Device
Big Data analytics for cloud, cognitive networks and IoT
  • Parallel processing and also in computing architecture
  • Trendy movement monitor by,
    • Computing cloud
    • Storage
    • Mobile phones
  • For the purpose of,
    • Revival artificial intelligence
    • Widespread IoT (Internet of Things) deployment
    • Broaden super computer applications
  • Major goals are achieved throughout,
    • Internet of Things (IoT) sensing
    • Cognitive Computing
    • Machine Learning
    • Data Analytics
    • Deep Learning
Mobile Cloud Computing in 5G
  • Rapidly growing demand in mobility and high data rates
  • Research enabled on 5G mobile networks
  • Support applications and also service with thousands of network traffics today
  • Complex and also in huge location aware dataset exceed spatial computing technology facility
  • Mobile cloud technology (Combination of mobile and also in cloud computing)
Multiple Cloud Based Internet of Things (IoT) Applications using Energy Aware Composition Algorithm
  • Motivation for IoT applications to control cloud’s unique characteristics
  • Interconnect self configuration and also intelligent nodes
  • Establish dynamic and also efficient platform for collaboration and communication
  • IoT have virtual resources utilization infrastructure privilege
  • It integrates,
    • Visualization platforms
    • Storage devices
    • Analytical tools
    • Resource monitoring
    • Client delivery

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