Ad Hoc Network Projects

Ad Hoc Network Projects

Ad Hoc Network Projects is one of the most popular and more interesting domains chosen millions and billions of students in current years. An ad hoc network is a type of infrastructure-less network consisting of devices that directly communicate with each other. The term “Ad Hoc” means “Spontaneous” because these networks often bypass the central access point (router) or gatekeeping hardware. For example, a Mobile Ad hoc NETwork (MANET) is composed of mobile devices in which mobile users can communicate directly with one another, and another one example is Vehicular AdHoc NETwork (VANET), take in communication devices in cars. Current PhD AdHoc network projects include distributed resource management with the cooperative relay in cognitive ad hoc network, energy-aware multicast routing, topology-aware and power-aware ad hoc network, and advanced mobile ad hoc routing protocols, etc.

Let’s explore the advanced ad hoc network technologies,

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Best Ad Hoc Network Projects Online Advanced Ad Hoc Network Technologies

  • Bluetooth smart enabled Internet of Things Construction
  • RASeR (Robust Ad hoc Sensor Routing) also for Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Large Scale Heterogeneous Ad hoc Networks (HANETs) also for big data transmission, self-organization, privacy protection, data fusion and also processing
  • Flying Ad hoc networks also in multi-UAVs (Unmanned Air Vehicles)
  • HANETs Smart protocols also in IoT.

Recent Ad Hoc Network Technologies

  • Fuzzy clustering based target detection also in Radar Sensor Networks
  • Sensor networks for Bypassing holes
  • Attacks prevention and also detection in intelligent transportation systems
  • Counter in duty cycle wireless sensor networks also for synchronization
  • Massive MIMO also with Hybrid wireless networks
  • 3D sensor networks and also wireless multimedia
  • V2V and also V2Roadside communication
  • Qos and also in Traffic engineering
  • SDN also with heterogeneous traffic flows in 5G networks for end-to end delay modeling
  • Cognitive Radio Mobile Networks
  • Service discovery also in ad hoc and sensor networks
  • Ultra-wide band technology in ad hoc and also sensor networks

Development Tools and Simulation Software’s

  • NS2
  • NS3
  • OMNET++
  • Qualnet
  • NetSim
  • Prowler
  • OpenSimulator
  • ANSim
  • REAL 5.0
  • GTNetS
  • TraNS

Purpose of Tools and Software’s

  • NS2: Open source event driven simulator designed also for TCP and Multicast routing protocols
  • NS3: Discrete Event Simulator provides IP /wireless simulations like Wi-Fi, LTE, Wi-Max etc.
  • OMNEST: Network simulator to simulate all types of communication networks.
  • OMNET++: Traffic modeling and also protocols description in open architecture simulation environment.
  • OPNET: Manage and also in deploy network infrastructure predictive modeling and designing.
  • JIST/SWANS: Wireless scalable network simulator built to form sensor network configurations and also complete wireless network
  • Qualnet: Simulation and modeling also for both wired and wireless networks
  • NetSim: Both network simulation and emulation tool also for network planning and designing
  • Prowler: Probabilistic Wireless Network Simulator for simulating wireless distributed systems
  • OpenSimulator: Open source multi-platform and multi user 3D application server also for virtual environment creation
  • ANSim: Ad hoc Network simulation is a tool used to specify the size, shape and number of nodes in the network simulation.
  • IMUNES: Realistic Simulation and emulation framework also for large scale real time research
  • REAL 5.0: Network simulator originally developed for analyzing the behavior of packet switched data networks.
  • GTNetS: Georgia tech Network Simulator working in fully features network simulation environment.
  • TraNS: Traffic and Network Simulation environment based GUI tool to combine SUMO and NS2 also for modeling VANETs simulation

Advanced Research Areas in Ad Hoc Networks

  • Scalability and Quality of service
  • Client server model shift
  • Power control and security
  • Node cooperation and interoperation with Internet
  • Different Multicasting routing protocols
  • Interoperation with other wireless networks
  • Routing and clustering
  • Data aggregation and traffic classification
  • MAC and Scheduling
  • Special type of Ad hoc Networks
  • Multimedia applications
  • Ad hoc networks internet protocols
  • Network management and service differentiation
  • New innovative network concepts
  • Service availability, Cooperation and Mobility
  • Situation awareness and positioning
  • Power-awareness

      We have enumerated very few minute concepts and technologies in ad hoc networks. We hope that this will be valuable and beneficial for students and scholars undertaking Ad hoc network projects. You can contact us anytime for more sophisticated ideas; we proud to enlighten your research work.

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