B.Tech Projects in Ns2

B.Tech Projects in Ns2

   B.Tech Projects in Ns2 offers numerous of advanced projects for you to accomplish your academic project with our grand supports and guidance. We have 100+ most excellent and current trends updated technical teams with a minimum of 7+ years’ experience. Our brilliants are world-class certified and highly skilled in all characteristics of Ns2. Due to this reason, our experts provide more guidance and supports to complete your projects with complete knowledge of both theoretical and practical explanations. Our trained experts developed nearly 5000+ projects in Ns2 for students from various countries worldwide. Due to this reason, we are World No 1 today with ISO 9001.2000 standard.

Why our tremendous service is World No. 1 with minimum of 5000+ happy customers

  • Offer best guidance with grand support from your topic selection also to final VIVA
  • Our work is not confine; we work on all major research areas also in various aspects
  • Our domain wise experts support you to become as experts
  • Offer complete tutorial service on Ns2
  • Members also in 500+ top journals
  • Updated also with most up-to-date hi-tech developments- offers inventive ideas

We are the aforementioned marvelous services for you to know about our standard. Now, we also provided few ideas for you in Ns2 projects, namely research areas, network animators, and network animators, which help display output in Ns2 projects.

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Projects in Ns2

   B.Tech Projects in Ns2 provides extensive range of service for your sophisticated projects using NAM animator. Network Simulator participates in a momentous role with NAM animator, which is provided exclusive output in Ns2. NAM file is also a separate program that supports a variety of inspection tools, topology design, and packet animation. It is widely used to display sequences of packets via networks. Due to our past ten years of experience in Ns2, we are also well responsive about each corner and nook of Ns2. So, we also can focal point on each notion of Ns2 briefly. At present, we discuss some basics in Network Animator to get thought about NAM.

Primary Network Domains in Ns2 Projects

  • Water Sensor Networks
  • Social Sensor Networks
  • Multicast Networks
  • Cognitive Radio Networks
  • Wi-Fi and Wi-MAX
  • Mobil Cloud Computing
  • IPV4 and also in IPV6
  • WBAN and also VSN
  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Video Streaming
  • Green Networks
  • Network Attacks
  • Long Term Evolution (LTE)
  • Software Define Networks
  • And also in Internet of Things (IOT)

Few Words About Network Animator

Network Animator

  • TCL (Tool Command Language) is an interpreted, high-level and also dynamic programming language which support multi-programming paradigms such as functional, procedural, and also object oriented languages.
  • TCL/TK is the popular combination for structuring GUI natively in TCL.
  • It is Tool Command Language (TCL)/Tool-Kit (TK) based animation tool also for the purpose of view simulation traces and packet traces in network.
  • It supports,

                           -Packet Animation

                           -Topology Presentation

                           -And also Diverse of data inception tools

  • NAM has Graphical Interface which provide information concerning with set of packet drops at every link

Foremost Important Features in Broaden/Extended Network Animator

  • Integrate with present topology generator
  • Localization and also hallucination of node set tools to different selection criteria
  • Instantaneous of agents also based on specified node set
  • Define new node types
  • Support simulation in web cache system


  We previously mentioned some words about Ns2 projects for your understanding. Consequently, we also believe that it clearly provides better knowledge to know about our incredible services and our novel/original conceptualization support. In that is working in limited areas; because we have worldwide knowledge in uptrend technology to offer sophisticated and advanced projects for students to accomplish their academic and career with our best innovative ideas and guidance.