BE Projects in Network Simulator

BE Projects in Network Simulator

    BE Projects in Network Simulator offer extraordinary service for you with the goal of serve student society using our inventive and innovative ideas. Nowadays, technologies are rapidly increase in this animation/simulation of world. Due to this reason, most scholar’s eager also to take ns2 projects with their wholeheart.

Day-by-day, our world-class trained and certified professionals are implementing highly sophisticated Ns2 projects for you by using recently updated techniques, operations, most recent algorithms, well effective pseudo-codes, and highly developed tools. We are also not specialized in static fields; we have more sophisticated knowledge in both previous and modern tools and domains. For your overwhelming achievements, you come and work with us. “Team Work Makes Us Dream Work”

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Projects in Network Simulator

BE Projects in Network Simulator provide amazing service also for you to easily learn about Ns2. Tool Command Language (TCL) is one of the open-source dynamic programming languages for implementing Ns2 projects. Ns2 related projects are implemented using C++ and also OTCL (Object Oriented TCL).

C++ is mainly used as an internal mechanism that facilitates event forecasting/scheduling, packet forward, and easy to code and run. OTCL is primarily used for the configuration and construction of networks in ns2. Our developers have more knowledge in an enormous domain. So, we also develop highly sophisticated projects for you in many domains. Below, we also listed some of the domains for your illustration.

  • Vehicular Adhoc Networks
  • Mobile Adhoc Networks
  • Body Area Networks
  • Network Security
  • SDN (Software Defined Network)
  • Underwater Sensor Networks
  • Wireless Security
  • Protocol Analysis
  • Optical Networks
  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Social Sensor Networks
  • And also in Wired Networks

We are above-mentioned some domain areas for your project idea. Now, we also discuss protocols that manage interaction/communication between two or more groups of people/devices. For your orientation, we also provide some of the protocols in various domains, which are also widely used in our Ns2 projects.

  • Topology also Based Routing Protocol
  • Hierarchical Based Routing Protocol
  • Position Based on also Greedy Routing Protocol
  • Fidelity Aware Routing Protocol
  • Zone Routing Protocol
  • Proactive Routing Protocol
  • Spectrum Aware Mesh Routing Protocol
  • Wireless Adhoc Routing Protocols
  • Cluster Based Routing Protocol
  • OSPF Routing Protocols
  • Negotiation Based on also Routing Protocol
  • Dynamic Aware Mesh Routing Protocol
  • Link State Routing Protocol
  • Cognitive Radio Network Routing Protocol
  • And also in Static Node Assisted Adaptive Routing Protocol

Our Best BE Projects in Network Simulator 2

  • Smart Wireless Sensor Network Deployment also using Anomaly Detection Algorithm
  • Motion Identification also using Raspberry Pi
  • Sensitive Data Exposure also based on using Privacy-Protecting Recognition
  • RFID based technology also for solving vehicle missions in cities using maximum spanning tree algorithm
  • WSN and Embedded Linux Board also for online based irrigation automated system
  • An Internet of Things also for Real time water quality monitoring
  • Build Advanced Trustworthy Smart Cities  also using M2M Technology
  • Android Based Anti-theft Application
  • Web-based wireless sensor network also for monitoring air pollution

      In the above list, we listed a few topics for BE projects in network simulator 2 to know about our knowledge and standard. Our marvelous experts provide complete support and guidance to improve your knowledge conceptual and theoretical wise. In your every stage of implementation, our experts make you professionals. Due to our outstanding experts, we also have 5000+ happy customers in 120+ countries. Our service started with the best motivation to guide also you to touch the highest point in your projects. You can contact us at any time; we also always willing to help you.

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