OPNET Modeler Projects

OPNET Modeler Projects

        OPNET Modeler Projects is our unique service offer for our research talents to cherish their dreams of goal. Our organization has started in the aim of aiding students across the world. We support students to do research analysis on OPNET modeler projects for various disciplines like CSE, EEE, ECE and IT. We conduct training program where our world class genius experts and developers participate to support for their academic/research projects. We allocated special team for installing software and tools they may also assist students whenever required. Students from any of the countries like America, Australia, Germany, Italy, France, Europe, can connect with us. As we spread in worldwide countries, call us from any corner of the world. We ready to support as per your guidelines.

        –“OPNET Modeler is a tool that used to develop the new technology in a network environment. It incorporates with more and more features in communication networks, network protocols, devices and other technologies etc.”

  Let’s see about our OPNET Modeler Projects,

New Developments in OPNET Network:

  • SD-WAN to Hybrid Networks
  • Greater data security and app performance
  • WAN optimization solution
  • Secure connectivity to cloud networks (Microsoft Azure)
  • SteelFusion 5.0 for NAS Storage
  • Service automation with security
  • AWS direct connect deliver to improve cloud network connections
  • Network performance and application monitoring tools
  • 100+ wired and wireless protocols service access
  • Vendor service models with source code access
  • LTE model enhancements
  • External objects, libraries and objects integration
  • OpenFlow v1.3.0 switch specification

Latest Version of OPNET:

Riverbed Modeler-18.6.0: Riverbed Modeler is an OPNET modeler suite. It consists of set of protocols and technologies considered in sophisticated development environment. It can model all types of networks and protocols, including TCP, OSPFv3, MPLS, VoIP, IPv6, and many more). Riverbed Modeler analyzes the impact of end-to-end behavior for different technology.

OPNET Modeler Projects

      OPNET Modeler Projects is our project medium to offer enormous projects based on OPNET modeler. OPNET modeler projects demonstrate about a wide range of network simulation and observe the performance the quality of service metrics. We works based on the above as we have developed nearly 500+ OPNET modeler projects with guaranteed output. Here’s we emphasize about the current application and latest OPNET modelers.

Current Application of OPNET Modeler:

      OPNET Modeler is recently used in New IPv6 Planning and Operations module. It facilitates with various IPv6 capabilities for implementation and as well it models and capable with IPv6 networks. In this, we have specified our interest research for your research purpose:

IPV6 Tunneling:

  • 6to4
  • GRE Tunnels
  • Configured tunnels in manually
  • Native tunneling over MPLS LSPs (6PE)

Dual-Stack Addressing:

  • DHCPv6
  • Anycast (Uni/multi) addresses
  • Autoconfiguration
  • DHCPv6 prefix delegation


  • RIPng(Next generation version)
  • OSPFv3
  • BGP IPv6 address family
  • IS-IS IPv6 extensions

Quality of Service:

  • Policing
  • classification
  • Shaping
  • Marking
  • WRED
  • Queuing

Multicast Routing:

  • PIM-SM
  • IPv6 BSR
  • IPv6 BSR directional
  • MLDv2


  • IPv6 MANETs
  • Mobile IPv6

New Modules in OPNET Development Software:

  • eXpress Data Import
  • Wireless Module
  • 3D network visualizer
  • Terrain modeling
  • System-in-the Loop
  • TIREM propagation model
  • Urban Propagation
  • SDN model
  • Server characterization editor
  • High-level architecture
  • SITL module 802.1Q (VLAN) tags
  • Shared code development

Supported OPNET Modelers:

  • SteelCentralTM AppInternals
  • SteelCentralTM AppResponse
  • SteelCentralTM NetAuditor
  • SteelCentralTM NetCollector
  • SteelCentralTM NetPlanner
  • SteelCentralTM NetSensor

Purpose of OPNET Modelers:

  • SteelCentralTM AppInternals: Granular and deep monitoring of network parameters over the application components for the approach of data-driven.
  • SteelCentralTM AppResponse: APM works based on network to monitor the various activities such as web transaction analysis, network performance and end-user experience to analysis the issues of application performance
  • SteelCentralTM NetAuditor: Management tool for diagramming and network auditing to manage the comprehensive network configuration.
  • SteelCentralTM NetCollector: Real-time network data model build based on multi-vendor network discovery that creates relationship between network components for a clear data management
  • SteelCentralTM NetPlanner: Tool used for multi-technology, multi-vendor network design and planning that supports completed lifecycle.
  • SteelCentralTM NetSensor: Synthetic testing and infrastructure component monitoring tool to analysis the impact factors for availability and performance