OPNET Simulation Projects

OPNET Simulation Projects

    OPNET Simulation Projects offer enormous of uptrend project topics for you with the aid of our creative thoughts and novel approaches. We have 100+ modern trend development professionals in a vast array of network domains. Day by day, our universal certified brilliants acquire numerous new-fangled plans from the world level popular journals. For this reason, our celebrated brilliants can easily renovate their mind with our wide range of modern ideas without any difficulty.

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Opnet Simulation Projects Online HelpProjects in OPNET Simulation

     OPNET Simulation Projects Provide highly modernized project topics for you with the goal of help you to accomplish your academic project with high grade. Our fantastic, knowledgeable experts have developed 5000+ OPNET simulation projects for you in the recent uptrend of research areas.  OPNET is commercial simulation software that is used for telecommunication traffic modelling, queue network modelling, protocol modelling, and multiprocessor modelling. It simulates whole heterogeneous networks with different protocols. So It can also be used for network design and planning, application troubleshooting, and operational validation. Here, we provided some of the details about OPNET simulation projects for your best reference.

Major Supported Modelers

  • SteelCentral UCExpert
  • Riverbed Modeler
  • Steel-CEntral AppSQL
  • SteelCentral Web Analyzer
  • Steel-Central Transaction Analyzer Packet Trace Warehouse
  • Steel Central Net Auditor
  • Steel-Central Transaction Analyzer
  • Steel Central NetPlanner
  • OPNET AppResponse Xpert
  • Steel Central AppInternals
  • Steel-Central NetSensor
  • And also in Steel Central Net Collector

Here, we provided one line definition for some of the most important modelers for your understanding.  

Steel Central Net Auditor:
  • It is a network configuration tool for troubleshooting, network auditing, diagramming and also change control
Riverbed Modeler:
  • A set of protocols and technologies (Ipv6, TCP, MPLS, also OSPFv3, VoIP etc) for analyzing, designing and also modeling communication networks
SteelCentral Transaction Analyzer:
  • It speed up performance of application troubleshooting
  • Then It tacks user transaction throughout application communications and also application troubleshooting problems
Steel Central NetPlanner:
  • It also complete lifecycle supports to design and also plan tool for multi vendor and multi technology networks
Steel Central AppResponse:
  • It is also a network based Application Performance Management (APM)
  • And also It used to analyze web transaction, monitor end user experience and performance of networks
  • It can easily fix performance of application issues quickly
Steel Central AppInternals:
  • It optimizes users experience and improve performance in application
  • And also It can be used for granular and deep monitoring performance matrices across applications to analyzing performance

Steel Central NetSensor

  • It is also used to synthetic testing and monitoring communication components to distinguish how infrastructure is changing performance and ease of use.
Steel Central Net Collector:
  • Multi-vendor network management solution also for network traffic, network topology, network events and also network configuration

Supported versions in OPNET

  • OPNET 14.5 to simulate DSDV routing protocol
  • OP-NET 14.5.1 for LET simulation
  • OPNET Modeler 14.5 i also for made PSTN Model
  • OP-NET Modeler 17.1 also for LTE Wireless LAN
  • OPNET Modeler 17.5 to simulate LTE-A CoMP
  • OP-NET Modeler 17.5 A also for LTE modeling and also Zigbee network
  • OPNET v17.5 (Academic version of riverbed modeler)
  • Latest version for OPNET Riverbed Modeler: OPNET 18.0.3
  • OPNET Modeler 18.6.0 for both Linux and Unix platform

Foremost OPNET Modules and Libraries

Major OPNET Modules including,
  • Support multi vendor import
  • Terrain and radio model for modeling wireless networks
  • Analyzing and planning SAP application deployment of SAP R/3 using ERP network guru
  • Compliance and define SLA testing also by expert service prediction
  • Characterization of application environment also for diagnosis, analysis and simulation
Major OPNET Libraries including,
  • Advanced OPNET Model Library Version of 17.5 PL6
  • 11 (Wi-Fi) and 802.16 (Wi-Max)
  • OPNET modelers use for implementation and maintenance
  • Simulate important characteristics in real network components
  • It also signify behavior of network topologies, communication protocols and applications
Interface Support for OPNET
  • STK (Satellite Tool Kit) interface with OPNET also for modeling Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Mobile Communication Networks
  • SITL (System in the Loop) provides an interface to interconnect also with real network software or hardware applications
  • MATLAB interface also with OPNET
  • MAT-LAB for simulate feedback control and mathematical modeling, whilst OPNET also for simulate behavior of network communication

Recent Research in OPNET

  • Use SC-FDMA and also OFDMA of multiple access scheme
  • MIMO spatial multiplexing techniques
  • Revised SteelCentral (Previously OPNET NEOP and also Cascade)
  • Hierarchical and Vendor Modeling and also GUI (Graphical User Interface)
  • Network P & D in support of next generation technologies
  • Newest development of LED devices both good heat debauchery and also first-rate quality
  • OPNET integrate also with APM, NPM on one appliance
  • Implement OPNET ACE analyst and also live with steelhead application

       We are also aforementioned about OPNET simulation including modelers, modules & libraries and also Interface supports in OPNET. And We always provide supports and guidance also for your internal or external practical tests and assignments. We also always welcome you to achieve the highest place in your career.       

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