Computer Network Topics for Research Scholars

Networking facilitates the interchanging of information between different people and computers at a greater speed, giving way for Computer Network Topics to research students enter its knowledge arena. As quick as a flash, Network rules the world. In this instant era, we expeditiously get everything with the aid of the Network. Let’s take a closer look at the definition of Network and also about the fundamental principles and metrics that power them.

Computer Network Definition

Computer network (wired and wireless) go hand in hand as they support data exchange by sharing as well as transmitting data among different organizations. To put it simply, we use networks to share data and resources in a fraction of a second.

Research Computer Network Topics

What are the new research topics in network?                      

  • 5G Telecommunications – On-body Massive MIMO Virtual Array Design Light Positioning Network Planning 
  • Combine Visible Light and Radio Frequency Signals 
  • Precision Agriculture through Wireless Sensors 
  • Personalized QoE Achievement in Tactile Networks 

From the point of research, computer network topics are collected from diverse areas based on current application scenarios, and the most emerging research areas in Network are as follows. 

  • Wireless Software Defined Network 
  • Network Function Virtualization 
  • millimeter-wave Spectrum
  • Massive MIMO 
  • Network Ultra Densification 
  • Scalable Internet of Networks 
  • New Radio Access Techniques

How does Computer Network work?

There are often multiple paths to get data from one location to another. When it comes to the Internet, which literally interconnects a bunch of smaller networks allowing inter network communication by the way of power transmission. The benefit of a network is that it connects many buildings so as to transmit information among them. 

The Network is always amazing as it offers an end number of benefits. Computer Network Topics provide you a perfect outline for selecting the best topic in networking and supporting you to proceed further in your thesis writing.

How is the network infrastructure designed?

According to the coverage of devices, network design is one of the emerging Computer Network Topics. Let’s get into the design of networks performed by the network designers. These designers usually look into these objectives while implementing the planning of network infrastructure. They are as follows.

  • Network design – it focuses on the requirements of the design draft
  • Network resource planning – it includes considering novel applications, novel network elements, and the new users according to the modification in the performance of networks.
  • Performance modeling – concentrates on numerous performance parameters such as Buffers, Routers, Links, Response Time, Switches, And More and provides statistics based on those.
  • Failure analysis – as the name implies, it analyses the failures of network elements (QoS and QoE)

How to build an application model?

Keeping these considerations in mind, a network is designed successfully. It is also important to know the steps involved in the building of an application Network model. Let’s take a good look at it,

  • The first and the foremost thing is to consider the simulation environment and deploy nodes 
  • Collect data and put it in the respective application events
  • To import that data either automatically or in a manual way
  • To recognize the modeling errors
  • To verify the model

Performance Analysis of Network

If we take network simulation, it is usually done in order to identify the parameters that affect the performance of the networks. Thus scenarios are used to observe the modifications of network parameters projects on computer networks. To give an example, it considers the following, 

  • Variation in network technologies
  • Variation in the simulation parameters values as well as the location of the devices/sensors
  • Variation in the magnitude of network elements

Most Important Simulation Metrics

Following the simulation analysis, a network developer considers the following network parameters,

  • Buffer utilization
  • Communications link utilization
  • Retransmitted and lost packets
  • Switches and routers’ utilization
Simulation setting parameters

As an engineering student, you must be aware of the fact that simulation holds a significant place in testing the new protocols. We have listed some of the simulation setting parameters. They are

  • Mobility model
  • Routing protocol
  • Simulation time
  • Simulation area
  • UPD traffic flow
  • Packet size
Computer Network Topics for Students
Other metrics of importance

Last but not least, we have given some metrics for you to comprehend the proposed evaluations. They are as follows

  • Resource Consumption Rate
  • Packet Delivery and Loss Ratio
  • CPU usage
  • Network Throughput and channel capacity
  • Network latency
  • Time Metrics (Propagation delay, Transmission delay and Latency)
  • Energy Metrics (Consumption, Alive Nodes and Lifetime)
  • Simulation runtime

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