Electronics Projects in Ns2

Electronics Projects in Ns2

             Electronics Projects in Ns2 is our most popular service to offer best assistance for you to select recent research topics with the aid of our professional’s guidance in the best way. With our expert’s guidance, you can easily develop from your own electronics projects in Ns2. We initiate our electronics projects in Ns2 service to provide the best training in Ns2 implementation for accomplishing their projects with our complete knowledge in Ns2.

Our world level dedicated experts have high experience in network simulation and most popular networking research including, wireless acoustic sensor network communication, laser communication, robotics, heterogeneous networks, power line and smart grid communication, vehicular communication, very large scale integration, digital signal processing, etc. To utilize our electronic projects in Ns2 service, you can approach our branch on all business days.

Projects in Ns2

             Electronics Projects in Ns2 provides highly sophisticated project topics for you with our complete guidance in your way. Daily, our certified professionals renew their creative ideas in topmost magazines/research papers/review articles. Due to this, our experts can easily implement a wide range of highly sophisticated and complicated projects without any difficulty. We can use a very simple code to solve highly critical problems in any type of network simulation project. Recently, our brilliants are developed 5000+ electronic projects in Ns2. Here we also discuss Ns2,

                     –“Ns2 is an object-oriented discrete-event network simulation tool which is written in C++ (For frequency execution) and OTcl (For system configuration). It is mainly designed for computer communication network research. It is used to simulate both wireless and wired networks”.

Best Electronics Projects in Ns2 Online

Let’s discuss about some of the important research areas for your understanding,

Recent Research Areas in Electronics Based Network Simulation

Very Large Scale Integration:
  • Rail-To-Rail Dynamic Latch Comparator
  • Graphic Processing Units
  • Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) Computation
  • Energy Efficient Cross Layer Load Balancing
  • Perfect Parallel Algorithm also Based on Hashing
  • Bound Delay and Maximum Throughput on MDP
  • Robotic Vehicle Control
  • Secure Smart Grid Communication
  • Home Security System
  • Digital Watermarking
  • ZigBee Application
  • In-Tunnel Wind Powered Monitoring
  • Gamma Radiation also Based Sensor Application
  • AR Drone Quad-Rotor UAV
  • Heterogeneous Cooperating Objects
  • And also in Vehicular Traffic Signal Control System
Underwater Acoustic Communication:
  • Acoustics Deep Sound Channel
  • Detect and Isolate Sensor Node Failure
  • Intelligence and Geo-Spatial Knowledge
  • Platforms Simulation and also in Experimentation
  • Dynamic Vary Power Transmission
  • Optimized Vertical Handover Framework
  • Underwater Surveillance and also Target Tracking
Vehicular Communication System:
  • Radio Frequency Fingerprinting
  • Intrusion Detection also in Self Driving Vehicles
  • Fog Computing
  • V2V Multi Hop Broadcast Transmission
  • V2V Safety Communication
  • Security Improvement Strategy
  • On Board Unit also Based Authentication
Heterogeneous Networks:
  • Consensus Congestion Control
  • Cyber Enabled System
  • Adaptive Power Management Scheme
  • Analyze Critical Infrastructure also in Simulation Platform
  • Bio-Inspired Cyber Security
  • Cyber Physical Distribution System
  • Quality of Service Guaranteed Robust scheduling
  • Cyber Physical System

Interesting Topics in Electronics Based NS2 Simulation

  • High Step-Up IPOS (Input-Parallel Output-Series) DC/DC Convertor also Based on Photovoltaic with Dual Coupled Inductors
  • Tree Based Self-Organizing Protocol also for Efficient Data Transmission
  • Electrolytic Capacitor-Less LED Drivers Three Port Topologies also Based on Flyback
  • Bluetooth Technology also for Home Security System Based on Android
  • Enhance CDMA Concert also Using Novel Security Improvement Strategy
  • Symmetrical Components Theory also Based FPMASRM (Five-Phase Permanent Magnet Assisted Synchronous Reluctance Motor) Open Phased Fault Detection
  • T-N Threshold also Based Anti-eavesdropping Algorithm Support Network Coding
  • Isolated DC/DC Convertor also for DT-ATAB (Dual-Transformer Based Asymmetrical Triple Port Active Bridge)
  • Three Terminal Switch Mode Support Power Convertor to Design and also Implement Feedback Controller
  • VAS (Value Added Services) also in Recommender System Based on Big Data Analytics
  • Detect Malicious Node in Black Hole Attack also Based on Data Mining
  • Surface Engineered Oxygen Vacancy Controlled TiO2 Nanosheets also Based Gas Sensor Devices
  • Authenticated Key Establishment Scheme also Based on Secure Signature

     We previously mentioned very few most popular research areas and topics in Electronics Based NS2 Projects. You can approach us through online or offline service at 24 hours / 7days a week for more information.

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