Undergraduate Projects in Ns2

Undergraduate Projects in Ns2

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   Undergraduate Projects in Ns2 offers highly sophisticated projects also for you to finish your incredible academic projects with unbelievable success.

       ..” Ns2 is the most popular simulation tool to simulate protocols including IP based protocols and also Non-IP based protocols which are also specially designed for computer network communication research.”

       These days, our dedicated technocrats developed thousands of Projects in Ns2 for you. Our magnificent experts also have miraculous knowledge in miscellaneous networking research areas such as multi-antenna interference networks, cryptography and also network security, social sensor networks, underwater sensor networks, 4G (LTE) and 5G networks, wireless acoustics and sensor networks, green cellular networks, heterogeneous cloud computing networks, also in asynchronous radar networks, etc. Now, we also discuss network simulator (version 2),

Wireless Sensor Networks

  • Mitigation and Congestion Avoidance
  • Jamming Free Traffic Management
  • Middleware Level Intrusion Detection also Based on Multi-Protocol
  • Optimize Energy Utilization
  • Large Scale Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Avoid Hop to Hop Jamming
  • Coordinate Self-Improvement Time

4G (LTE) Networks

  • LTE Advanced Wireless Networks
  • Cross Layer Bandwidth Allocation
  • Coverage Assessments also of Realistic RF EMF
  • Performance Evaluate at Vehicular Speed
  • 4G Application also for High Speed Train LTE Users

5G Networks

  • Integrate Faultless Network also in Cyber Systems
  • 5G Heterogeneous Networks
  • NOMA (Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access)
  • Ultra Low Latency
  • Haptic Communications also with 5G Networks
  • Multi Cell 5G Networks
  • C-RAN also Using Distributed MAC Scheduling Method

Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

  • Child Nodes Selection also Based on Exploratory Assessment
  • ACCA (Adaptive Cooperative Caching Approach)
  • Mobility Prediction also with Fault Tolerant Topology
  • Mobile RFID Systems
  • Agro Sensor Communication
  • AHRS (Adaptive Hybrid Routing Strategy)
  • Mobile P2P (Peer to Peer) Networks
  • Tag Recognition also Based on Priority

Spectrum Sensing

  • OSHF (Optimal Spectrum Channel Hole Filling)
  • Implement Broad Spectrum Antiviral
  • Spectrum Aware Token Medium Access Control (MAC)
  • Spectrum-Aware Any-Path Routing
  • Pre-allocation of Spectrum Selection
  • Optimize Dynamically also in Distributed Spectrum

      In this scientific world, numerous network technologies are growing simultaneously. Most of the network users suffer from attacks. Today, there are also numerous of hackers / networking thieves enter into networks also to interrupt (attempt to access) it which is called networking attacks.

Let’s have a glance over few networking attacks for you,   
  • Wormhole Attacks
  • Sybil Attacks
  • Byzantine Attacks
  • Man-in-the-Middle Attack
  • Face Collusion Attack
  • Black Hole Attack
  • Distributed DoS Attack (DDoS)
  • XSS (Cross Site Scripting) Attack
  • Eavesdropping Attacks
  • Gray Hole Attack
  • Sinkhole also in Attacks
  • Multiple Crosstalk Attacks

Major Routing Protocol

  • Optimized Link State Routing Protocol
  • Fisheye State Routing Protocol
  • Hierarchical Zone Link State Routing Protocol
  • QoS (Quality of Service) Aware Evolutionary Routing Protocol
  • Zone Based Routing Protocol
  • Temperature Aware Routing Protocol also Based on Mobility
  • Intelligent Wireless Ad Hoc also Routing Protocol
  • Asymmetric Link also Based Reverse Routing Protocol
  • Ad Hoc On-Demand Distance Vector Routing Protocol
  • Power Aware DSR (Dynamic Source Routing) Protocol
  • Load Balanced Ring also in Routing Protocol
  • Low Energy Adaptive also Clustering Hierarchy (LEACH) Routing Protocol
  • MAQD (Multi Aware Query Driven) also Routing Protocol

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