Face Recognition Thesis MATLAB Projects

Face Recognition Thesis MATLAB Projects

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Face Recognition Projects

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Buy Face Recognition Thesis Matlab Projects Online Most Fundamental Research Issues in Face detection

  • Variations in skin color under several lighting conditions
  • Poor clarity of the face image [due to the noise and also large distance from the camera]
  • Presence of specs, make up and also pimples
  • Different Facial Expressions (E.g. Varying levels of face actions smile, sadness, happy)
  • Hairstyles, caps or hats also that leads to accurate issue
  • 3D pose, foreground, background segmentation and also illumination
  • Insufficient features extraction
  • Image acquisition problems

Key stages of Face Detection

  • Database Building (2D or 3D images/Video)
  • Image (2D/3D) Acquisition
  • Image-Compression
  • Image Enhancement
  • Image-Denoising
  • Image Restoration
  • Image-stitching
  • Clustering technique
  • Image fusion
  • Temporal segmentation
  • Key frame extraction
  • Region localization
  • Region segmentation
  • Patches conversion
  • Feature extraction (Edges, color and also motion)
  • Classification
  • System implementation
  • Robustness analysis

Algorithms/Techniques for Face Recognition

  • Viola Jones Algorithm
  • Artificial Neural Network
  • Principal Component Analysis
  • Independent Component Analysis
  • Support Vector Machine
  • Active Appearance Model
  • Hidden Markov Model
  • Evolutionary Genetic Algorithm
  • Eigen space adaptive approach
  • Deep Neural Networks
  • Decision Trees
  • Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Learning based algorithms
  • AdaBoost Algorithm
  • Face Descriptor also based methods
  • And also in Gabor wavelet also based on solutions

Performance Measures

  • Number of False Positives/False Negatives
  • Computational complexity (Speed)
  • Execution Time
  • Accuracy
  • Recall
  • Precision
  • Equal Error Rate
  • ROC curve

Applications of Face Recognition

  • Face Recognition also designed for Authentication
  • Face Recognition also used for Access Control Mechanisms
  • Advanced Security System also using Face Identification
  • Automatic attendance system also using Face Recognition
  • Multiple Face Recognition System
  • Automated surveillance system
  • Monitoring closed circuit television
  • Image database investigations
  • Multimedia environments also with adaptive human computer interface
  • Sketch based face reconstruction and also recognition
  • Forensic applications

Sample Face Recognition Thesis MATLAB Projects Topics

  • Review of Dictionary Learning Algorithms also for Face Recognition and Identification
  • Local direction based facial expression recognition also using Robust Features and Deep Belief Networks
  • Hyper spectral image classification also for weighted generalized nearest neighbor selection algorithm
  • Fuzzy Linear Regression Discriminant Projection also based Face Recognition in Matlab
  • Mobile applications development also using Emotion Recognition System
  • Sparse Fingerprint Classification Algorithm also for Face Recognition and Identification
  • Face verification through learning methods also based on Video frames-Feature Rich
  • Holistic approach and statistical feature analysis also based on Face Recognition
  • A framework also for online cost efficient customer recognition in retail analytics
  • Tracking mobile phones and also real time face detection for criminal applications
  • Face detection and classification also for investigation purpose
  • Large scale person re-identification also using Part based Deep Hashing