Face Recognition Using MATLAB Project

Face Recognition Using MATLAB Project

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Face Recognition Project

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Let’s have a glance over the Face Detection,

Face Detection is a very complex problem in the field of image processing. Many methods, techniques, algorithms, and also tools have been introduced to solve this problem. From our current state-of-art, we also find that face detection is a curious research area under research by various country researchers. The lists of troubles that are also facing our students are as follows:

  • Input image was low-quality
  • The databases which also have low input images
  • Easiest and effective steps where faces are also identified accurately
  • Achieve less error rates also with high accuracy

Steps for Face Detection

  • Preprocessing
  • Pose Estimation
  • Image acquisition
  • Image Registration
  • Illumination compensation
  • Face print Creation
  • Patches conversion
  • Feature Extraction
  • Feature Selection
  • Learning/Modeling
  • Verification or identification
  • Detection and also in Classification

Face Recognition Techniques in MATLAB

  • Feature extraction also with BRISK, FREAK, SURF descriptors
  • Machine Learning techniques
  • Deep neural networks
  • Ensemble also learning based methods
  • Video based Face Detection
  • Biometric authentication also in using Watermarking
  • Appearance and Geometric also based feature based methods
  • Fingerprint matching
  • Retina scanning and also in Iris scanning

Face Detection Toolboxes in MATLAB

  • Computer Vision System Toolbox
  • Neural network Toolbox
  • Statistics and also in Machine learning Toolbox
  • Objects or Faces Detection Toolboxs
  • The PhD face recognition toolbox
  • INFace Toolbox
  • Video Face Recognition toolbox
  • Sparse Representation Toolbox
  • And also in Image Acquisition Toolbox

Face Detection Algorithm in MATLAB

  • Principal Component Analysis
  • Support Vector Machines
  • ICA Algorithm
  • Deep learning
  • Ensemble Convolutional Neural Networks
  • MapReduce Assisted K-Nearest Neighbor Algorithm
  • Template matching
  • Fisher Linear Discriminant
  • Neural Networks
  • Dual-tree complex wavelet transformation
  • And also in Deep Belief Networks

Face Databases

  • Face Scrub
  • VMU dataset
  • 3D mask attack database
  • Natural visible facial expression database
  • Infrared visible-facial also based on expression database
  • SiblingsDB database
  • MORPH Database
  • Multi-PIE and also PIE database
  • Face database also for surveillance cameras
  • NLPR face database
  • ORL database
  • Video database [face actions]
  • AR face database
  • Valid database
  • MIT CBCL face database
  • CAS-PEAL face database
  • OUT face database
  • UCD color image database
  • VidTIMIT database
  • UMB also based on database
  • Speech database
  • Mobile biometry database
  • M2MVTS multimodal database
  • Extended M2VTS database
  • AR face database
  • LFWcrop database
  • 3D_RMA database

Applications of Face Recognition in MATLAB

  • Biometrics applications
  • Law enforcement
  • Human identification systems
  • Suspect criminals
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Security Systems
  • Voter Verification and Identification
  • Access control systems
  • And also in Banking applications (ATM transactions)

List of Face Recognition Using MATLAB Project Topics

  • Local Binary Pattern Method also based Face Recognition Methods
  • PCA versus Improved PCA performance evaluation also for image compression, and face detection
  • Artificial neural networks based face detection and also expression recognition using Matlab
  • Face detection from video files also with various file formats in Matlab
  • Eye motion tracking also based face recognition in human computer interaction
  • So Neural Network also based face recognition with DdCT facial features extraction mechanisms
  • Face detection in surveilanace also based application systems
  • Template feature and also skin color feature in RGB space for face detection