Master Thesis Communication MATLAB Projects

Master Thesis Communication MATLAB Projects

             Master Thesis Communication MATLAB Projects accomplished by us for students to learn about how to tackle research project issues within the specified time. Students and scholars work together with our professional experts in our organization, and they develop a well-defined and detailed project. Matlab is one of the superior simulation tools that accompanied for Communication MATLAB Projects.

Furthermore, our technical writers effectively defined the problem in previous literature and reported the solution during the code implementation. Over the past 10 years, we developed 5000+ projects from all over the countries which show our immeasurable and immense knowledge and experience. Before knowing about MATLAB projects, students get insight into the latest areas of communication research.

Master Thesis Communication Matlab Projects Online Major Research Areas in Communication Based MATLAB Projects

  • Novel Radio Access Techniques for 5G network access
  • Smart Vehicular Wireless Networking
  • ASTC CO-Dec in SDR implementation
  • Full-Duplex Satellite Communications
  • SDR satellite transceivers reconfiguration
  • LTE-A Small Cell Wireless Backhauling
  • Iterative Detection for Turbo-Coded Satellite OFDM
  • SDN and SDR for terabit satellites
  • LTE Cell Synchronization
  • Bootstrap algorithms for signal processing
  • Distributed multi target tracking in autonomous sensor networks
  • Robust sequential detection through robust estimation in wireless sensor networks
  • Robust clustering and classification in wireless sensor networks
  • Radar signal processing for Fall Motion Detection
  • Communication systems and electronic devices
  • Mobile telecommunications and electronics systems
  • Steer by wire application in Matlab/Simulink
  • Parameter analysis for battery systems
  • Evolution advanced networks i.e. LTE-A by 3GPP
  • LTE and LTE-A for V2I and V2V traffic communication
  • 4G standard energy aware analytical model in LTE/LTE-A
  • Fairness/capacity tradeoffs in scheduling also for LTE and OFDMA based downlink communication
  • Resource allocation in OFDMA wireless systems
  • Heterogeneous LTE-A networks for load balancing
  • Multiport communications in MIMO
  • Filtering on four wave Mixing

Communication MATLAB Projects

          Master Thesis Communication Matlab Projects give you internal and external support for your communication projects. Communication in Matlab covers the following domains like communication technologies (Zigbee, GSM, and also in LTE, LTE-A, etc.), digital signal processing, sensor networks, satellite communication, etc. It is the feasible area to perform a master thesis also in communication Matlab projects either in the IEEE standard or application standard. You can approach us with any kind of support when you take a project on a specific domain. Similarly, you can contact our experts for any of the domains; we will also offer complete support for you. Here we have enumerated a few of the programming tools and toolboxes list used in Matlab.

Programming Tools used in Communication MATLAB Projects

  • Mat-lab
  • Matlab also with TUWIEN simulator
  • Mat-lab also with Simulink
  • Matlab also with NS3
  • Mat-lab also with FPGA based hardware platforms
  • Matlab also with other open source network simulators
  • Mat-lab also with toolboxes

Toolboxes Support in MATLAB Projects

  • Audio system toolbox
  • Signal processing also based on toolbox
  • Antenna toolbox
  • RF also based on toolbox
  • LTE system toolbox
  • Phased array system also based on toolbox
  • Wavelet toolbox
  • Communication system also based on toolbox
  • DSP system toolbox
  • Control system tollbox
  • Embedded Coder
  • Embedded IDE also based on link
  • Global Optimization also based on Toolbox
  • Instrument Control Toolbox
  • Model predictive control toolbox
  • Parallel computing toolbox
  • Partial Differential Equation also based on Toolbox

Other Domains in MATLAB

  • Networking
  • Audio processing
  • Digital signal processing
  • Wireless sensor networks
  • Soft Computing Approaches
  • Bio medical applications
  • Image Processing
  • And also in Electrical power system/embedded systems

       We offer complete document and project explanation for your Master Thesis Communication MATLAB Projects. Besides, we included review-wise documentation for each project, video file, and much more. We also hope that you may get an idea about communication-based MATLAB projects. 

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