MATLAB Electronics Communication Projects

MATLAB Electronics Communication Projects

    MATLAB Electronics Communication Projects is our major service initiated to students and research scholars for those who are pursuing Electrical & Electronics Communication and Electronics & Communication courses. These days, students are interested in choosing the Electronics and Communication research field, but the major difficulty they are facing in Development. To overcome this, we offer training programs for students to get the particular domain knowledge. We offer both external and external guidance for students and scholars who are seeking external assistance from us.

Our Communication Projects were created with the aim of providing the complete need for their final year academic projects or research-based projects. To join us, make a call or come to us directly to discuss the topics. Time to relax while you committed with us our expert cares to do all the work.

Electronics Communication Projects

    MATLAB Electronics Communication Projects is our novel service initiated with the serve in and around the Globe students. Our service is a Knowledge Hub that mainly offers for students during their final year projects in the field of Electronics and Communication.  Our top experts have recently completed 1000+ Projects for students and scholars from the world’s top 120+ Countries like the USA, UK, France, Germany, Malaysia, India, Singapore, etc. And also, To aid our assistance, just click one mail to us. We also will back to you in a few fractions of seconds.

Best Matlab Electronics Communication Projects Online Major Research Fields

Imaging, sensing and signal processing:
  • Industrial process tomography
  • Vision and information processing
  • Electronic materials, sensors and also devices etc.
  • Digital signal processing
Power Electronics and Conversions:
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Energy Storage
  • Electrical Machines
  • Superconducting applications
  • System integration
Communication and Microwave Systems:
  • Radar Communication
  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Millimeter wave Applications
  • Circuit Optimization
  • Wireless networking and also Communication
  • Computer Electromagnetic
Power systems and Electrical Energy:
  • Renewable Energy Systems
  • Power System Protection
  • Smart Distribution Networks
  • Power system plant
  • High voltage systems
Control Systems:
  • Robotics Control Vision
  • Control system also for Autonomous Systems
  • Control applications and theory
  • Process Control and also Flow Assurance

External Hardware Design

External-Support in MATLAB Simulink
  • MATLAB Simulink with SDR I/O
  • Interfacing LabView and also MultiSim
  • Inter-facing with Arduino, Altera, STMicroelectronics, Proteus, Keil, Seeduino, Raspberry PI, Xilinx, and also ARM etc.
  • Support-Code Generators HDL Coder, PLC Coder and also Embedded C coder
  • Support for Programming C/C++ programming also with Microprocessors, FPGAs Programming, PLC programming etc.
  • Support also for MATLAB Simulink also with SDR I/O and CAN I/O
  • MATLAB Streaming to Android and also Iphone
  • Support-for Robotics with ROS, LEGO and also NAO
  • Integrated Systems and Circuits
  • QCL based Nanophotonics
  • SI Microphotonics
  • Solar Energy Conversion Materials
Electromagnetics and Acoustics:
  • Electrical Geophysics
  • Scattering and antennas
  • Radar Target Identification
  • Wireless Communications
  • Guided wave systems and devices
  • Microwave and millimeter wave integrated circuits
Energy systems:
  • Advanced electrical machines
  • Power systems simulation
  • Energy system optimization and economics
  • Energy-efficiency
  • Demand side management
  • Power quality and power electronics

Other Research Fields

  • Biomedical informatics (Outcome prediction/Data mining)
  • Biomedical-instrumentation and devices
  • Molecular information processing
  • Medical imaging
  • Neural Information Processing
  • Bioinformatics
  • Machine learning
  • System theory
  • Information theory

Sample Application Projects Topics

  • Audio alert system
  • Accident information using GSM and GPS Sensor
  • Self-balancing robot
  • Traffic light switching system
  • Walking robot
  • Infrared Remote Control Applications
  • Tanker Robot for Vision based Surveillance
  • Automatic Street Light Controlling System
  • DC Motor Speed Control
  • Water level indicator
  • Bomb Disposal using Zigbee
  • Smart antenna design
  • Solar Tracking System
  • Robot Following Light
  • Motor Speed Monitoring System
  • And also in Wireless Motor Control System

Latest MATLAB Communication Projects Titles

  • Mine detection on 2D surface Mapping also using Wireless Networks
  • Visual guidance integration and also feedback for an industrial robotic applications
  • Self-tuning Fuzzy PID controller Real time Implementation also based on Microcontroller STM32 FOPDT system
  • Future Self Organizing Network Performance Optimization also using Multi-Objective Evolutionary Techniques
  • Broadcast antenna system design also for Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcasting
  • Cognitive Network based Resource Optimizer also based on Multi-Objective Particle Swarm System
  • Load control and monitoring system design and also simulation via demand side management techniques
  • XBee ZigBee Modules Utilization and MATLAB also for localization applications
  • Soft-Bit Diversity Low Complexity Combining also for Ultra-power wildlife monitoring
  • Implementation of D2D communication and also Multicast Capability Clustering LTE devices Framework
  • On Optimal Relay Nodes Selection and also Position for Data Streaming using Multipath Routing
  • FlexRay Controller Design generation and also verification from SDL to Simulink and StateFlow blocks

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