Master Thesis SDN Cloud Projects

Master Thesis SDN Cloud Projects

  Master Thesis SDN Cloud Projects is one of our leading service started with the goal of serving students and research scholars who are seeking external guidance for their research career. Due to our excellence and experience, we come across with 120+ countries from worldwide. In worlds, each and every corner of the researchers is satisfied with our guidance and support. Still, we are working in this domain, as we accomplished nearly 1000+ SDN cloud projects.

 —“Software Defined Cloud Networking is a new area, which offers new innovative ideas to design pave for students and scholars. It is a technology that used to create virtualization application in an effective cloud environment with large scale data centres”.

 One of the major researches on this domain is Service Level Agreement (SLA). The best master thesis SDN cloud projects must satisfied with all the SLA constraints. Other research interest is QoS provisioning, security, resource allocation, controller migration and scheduling for n user’s requests, storage computation, power/energy consumption, development of new application tools (Amazon EC2, S3, Aneka, OpenStack, Microsoft Azure, KVMs etc.).

Upcoming Technologies in Software Defined Cloud Networking:

  • Open Daylight SDN: Flock
  • Advanced Customer Architecture
  • Adaptive security architecture
  • Services based on Clouds
  • SDx: Software Defined Everything series
  • Influence measure using Rank Method
  • Screens communications

Master Thesis SDN Cloud Projects

  Master Thesis SDN Cloud Projects is our best guidance platform to offer enormous ideas and inventive thoughts grow with their academics. Completing thesis is quite difficult and complex for every master student. As we are here to support your master thesis because we offer any inclusive and exclusive guidance for your master thesis SDN cloud projects. We can write your thesis as per your university and institution guidelines. So come to us for your quality thesis. We stay with you from the topic selection to final paper publication.

Research Areas in SDN Cloud:

  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Software Defined IoT Cloud systems
  • SDN and Cloud based Wireless Body Area Network
  • Load balancing and task scheduling issues in cloud
  • Cloud based Software Defined Networks
  • Parallel applications and computation
  • 5G in Software Defined Cloud Networking
  • SDN security and privacy
  • Software Defined Mobile Cloud Computing
  • Software Defined Service Networking
  • Software Defined Cognitive Radio Networking
  • Software Defined Cloud based Sensor Networks

Development Tools and Software’s:

  • CloudSimSDN
  • Floodlight
  • Estinet with cloud
  • QualiSystems
  • NetworkCloudSim
  • NetFlix
  • RC2Sim
  • Ericcson CloudSDN
  • Mininet with POX
  • OpenDaylight
  • EstiNet
  • OpenSTACK
  • Mininet with OMNET++ and icanCloud
  • NS3
  • OMNET++

Purpose of Tools and Software’s:

  • CloudSimSDN: Simulation framework or add-on package to CloudSim that used to model and simulate software defined cloud networks
  • Floodlight: Java based, Apache licensed, open SDN controller works with physical and virtual switchers through OpenFlow protocol
  • Estinet with cloud: Simulator for network planning and design and it works as a both network emulator and simulator
  • QualiSystems: Enterprise software for hybrid infrastructure automation and orchestration, test automation, device provisioning and lab management etc.
  • NetworkCloudSim: Cloud simulator to model parallel applications. It can integrate with SDN simulation tools for improved simulation and modeling.
  • NetFlix: Open source software center that provides internet television network.
  • RC2Sim: Cloud based application software for managing emulation and simulation capabilities.
  • Ericcson CloudSDN: Network virtualization solution that built top of OpenDaylight that used for unbreakable inter and intra data center connectivity on physical and virtual container workloads.
  • Mininet with POX: Python controller for testing SDN data centre controllers
  • OpenDaylight: Controller platform that used to meet SDN objectives. It is used for an end-to-end solution, extend network services or applications.
  • EstiNet: OpenFlow based Network simulator and emulator for the simulation interactions between the controller application programs, including NOX, Floodlight, OpenDaylight, Ryu Controller, and POX.
  • OpenStack: Cloud based software used to control large set of computations, storage and resource networking for entire datacenter. It is managed through Open Stack API.
  • Mininet with OMNET++ and icanCloud: Interfaced tool for SDN emulation (Mininet), and provide the simulation capability (icanCloud and OMNET++)
  • NS3: Network simulator 3 for simulation of Software Defined Cloud Networks
  • OPNFV: Expansion is Open Platform Network Functions Virtualization and it is a Linux foundation project for service provider and enterprise networks.
  • OMNET++: Open source simulator for simulating all types of wired and wireless networks.

Advanced Research Topics in Software Defined Cloud Networking:

  • New techniques for autonomic computing
  • Wireless unification in SDN Cloud
  • Service orchestration using SDN or NFV
  • Access Control Models
  • Machine learning is everywhere
  • NoT: Normalization of Things
  • SDS security protocols
  • Software Defined Virtualization and Servers
  • Software Defined Data Centers
  • Mobile and wireless networks in SDN
  • NFV State management
  • Inter-controller communication
  • Mobile SDS based cloud: security and privacy
  • Cloud and NFV based radio access networks
  • Service oriented architectures, P2P and service portability
  • SDN APIs, architecture and concepts
  • Software frameworks and tools to support SDS
  • Storage provisioning based on policy driven