SDN OpenDaylight Projects for Master Thesis Students

SDN OpenDaylight Projects for Master Thesis Students

     SDN OpenDaylight Projects for Master Thesis Students deliberates for our students to write the SDN-OpenDaylight thesis. As a part of our OpenDaylight for Master Thesis Students, we also follow a systematic and logical approach to adding new and novel information for their research on a particular topic. Our research approach includes study, observation, experiment, analysis, reasoning, and also comparison.

    —“SDN OpenDaylight is an SDN controller that provides an open platform to program networks and promotes advanced functionalities for advanced Software Defined Networking.”

     As we are working in this field for over the past eight decades and nearly accomplished 1000+ projects also for researchers worldwideOur technocrats experienced all the latest tools and technical concepts to offer ingenious and innovative ideas for young minds

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New Features in SDN-OpenDaylight

  • TCP-MD5 also for 64 bit Linux OS.
  • SXP based TCP-MD5 also for 64 bit Linux OS.
  • TSDR requires external databases
  • SNBI requires Dockers and also Linux
  • VTN components requires Linux
  • Persistence requirements also for external databases
  • Additional features required also for SFC in some configurations
  • OPFlex requires also Linux
  • AAA federation also using external tools
  • Dlux to view the user interface also in modern browser

Latest Development of SDN-OpenDaylight

     Open Daylight Boron-SR3 supported on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. Changes and bug files can be modified in Boron-SR2 and also Boron stability release version of SR3.

Research Fields for Boron-SR3

  • Cloud computing
  • Network Virtual Function
  • Open Daylight also with Openstack

 Projects for SDN OpenDaylight in Master Thesis 

     SDN OpenDaylight Projects for Master Thesis Students is our service platform to lure of the distant across globally. But this would mean with our attitudes and also surprising findings that are also wondered our researchers

The most prime objectives for our student’s research are:
  • Discern new facts
  • Verify and also test most recent facts
  • Find problems
  • Analyze an process or phenomenon
  • Develop new solutions to solve it
  • Analysis data and also theories for the proof
 Let’s interpretive our Recent Technologies in SDN OpenDaylight,
  • Hybrid cloud and also public cloud deployments
  • Wave changes through SDN
  • Latest SDN/NFV also from OpenDaylight
  • Industrial virtual reality
  • Medical robots
  • Open stack cloud computing
  • Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN)
  • Global cloud computing
  • Advanced Virtualized Network Gateway
  • Open source based cloud solutions
  • Big efforts in data center networking
  • Machine learning also based networking
  • More Wi-Fi Connected also with SDN
  • SDN security add-ons
  • Open source tools: Open-O and also OS-MANO

SDN-OpenDaylight Protocols Used

  • LISP protocol
  • Unified secure channel protocol
  • OF-CONFIG protocol
  • OVS management protocol
  • CAPWAP protocol
  • Link aggregation control protocol
  • NETCONF protocol
  • OpenFlow protocol
  • Source group tag exchange protocol
  • SNMP plugin
  • Distributed LLDP also with Auto Attach Capability
  • Secure Network Bootstrapping Interface protocol
  • Auto Attach Capacity also with Distributed LLDP
  • Source group tag exchange protocol
  • Data management also in IoT
  • Table type pattern protocol

OpenDaylight Supported Services

  • AAA: Authorization, Authentication and also Accounting services
  • Application layer traffic Optimization
  • Centinel
  • Controller and controller shield
  • Device identification and also driver management
  • Fabric as a Service
  • Group based policy
  • Message for Transport
  • Model driven service abstraction layer
  • NEMO
  • NEXT
  • NetIDE
  • Neutron and OVSDB services
  • Network Intent Composition
  • OpFlex
  • Persistence
  • Service function chaining
  • Time series data repository
  • Topology processing framework
  • UNI Manager
  • VPN Service
  • Virtual Tenant Network

Development Tools and Software’s

  • Boron-SR3
  • YANG tool
  • Mininet
  • Eclipse
  • OpenStack
  • EstiNet
  • Maven tool
  • OSGI
  • Apache Karaf

Purpose of Tools and Software’s

  • Boron-SR3: Latest version of OpenDaylight tool that also used for advanced SDN projects development
  • YANG tool: Infrastructure project that aims to develop projects and also applications using necessary tools and libraries.
  • Mininet: SDN simulator in which also OpenDaylight controller tests the Mininet VM
  • Eclipse: very powerful IDE to browse and also edit java code. It is written in JAVA.
  • OpenStack: Very popular open source infrastructure as a service project that also used in cloud computing
  • EstiNet: OpenFlow based Network Simulator and also Emulator for the software defined networking research.
  • OPNFV: Open source platform working also for Advanced Network Function Virtualization.
  • Maven tool: Apache Maven is also essential for SDN OpenDaylight projects. It is used to build automation
  • OSGI: Backend framework also for OpenDaylight projects
  • Apache Karaf: Small OSGi that also used to load different modules by lightweight container

Major Research Areas in OpenDaylight

  • Dynamic path computation
  • Crash tolerant load balancing
  • Security issues also on SDN OpenDaylight
  • Remove vendor lock also in SDN
  • Software defined wireless network
  • DDoS attacks and also other attacks
  • Reconfigurable network systems
  • Rule caching using cost minimization
  • Routing firewall also in SDN
  • SDN access control
  • SDN-based caching also in LTE
  • Software Defied Radio Networking
  • Software-Defined Optical Networking
  • Software defined ORS satellite networking
  • Smart wireless sensor network
  • Collaborative secure ad hoc wireless networks