Master Thesis VANET Projects

Master Thesis VANET Projects

                  Master Thesis VANET Projects is our best services which creates one of the most expensive projects and thesis by our top experts. VANET plays a vital role in every area of today’s ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems). It impacts all aspects of our lives’ attacks, security, privacy, authentication, and confidentiality, and it mainly affects road safety. In our organization, we are also dedicated to helping our students and shape their future.

As part of our VANET Projects, we also work across every field of science and engineering. A thesis is the soul part of the research as your thesis decides your final results. Students face a major problem in the Thesis Writing of their research/academic projects. We can also help you explore the thesis and projects and give a grounding in how the projects working and how VANET impacts safety/non-safety applications. Go confidently in your dreams; being with us, we can also do anything you want.

Master Thesis Vanet Projects Online Our Thesis Structure for VANET Projects

  • Title page
  • Front Matters [Acknowledgements and abbreviations]
  • Abstract
  • Table of Contents [List of figures, tables and appendices]
  • Introduction



               -Overall Problem Statement


               -Background Overview

               -Organization of the Thesis

  • Literature Survey

               -Related work on Phase 1

               -Related work on Phase 2


               -Related work on Phase n

  • Research Methodology


               -Technical Terms used [Minimum 10 Terms for each chapter]

               -Theoretical Background

               -Problem Statement

               -Proposed Work [Architecture, Algorithms, Pseudocode, and also Mathematical provenance]

       -Performance Analysis with Comparative Study [Simulation Environment, Performance Metrics, and also Simulation Results (Comparative)]


  • Overall Conclusion
  • Further Research or Future work
  • Bibliography/References list
  • And also in Appendices

Thesis VANET Projects

                  Master Thesis VANET Projects offer for students [B.E, B.Tech, M.E, M.Tech, and M.Phil] and research scholars [PhD/MS] from worldwide. We have 150+ great experts especially allotted for VANET Projects who have the abundant knowledge and also great experience to do it properly. Our organization has ISO 9001.2000 certification, where we also explore only original and novel research ideas for students and research scholars. We also served in the world’s 120+ countries, and also our experts are given guidance in both online and offline mode.

 Let’s just view about VANET,

Major Obstacles in VANET

  • Dynamic network topology and also in high mobility
  • Vehicle positioning/localization
  • Hard delay constraints
  • Restricted mobility and also prediction modeling
  • Lack of Security and also Fault tolerance
  • Congestions also in urban environments
  • Sufficient storage and storage
  • Interaction also with on-board sensors

Current Research Interest in VANET

  • Adaptive Transmission Rate
  • Dynamic Power Transmission Control
  • Software defined and also in cloud mobile networks
  • Traffic, channel and also in network modeling
  • Cross layer and also cooperation optimization techniques
  • Routing and MAC protocols
  • QoS provisioning and also in traffic engineering
  • Mobile communication
  • Privacy and also in security
  • And also in Cognitive radio mobile networks

Routing Protocols in VANET

  • Ad hoc/Topology Driven Routing: AODV, FSR, DSR, and also in TORA
  • Broadcast based Routing: DV-CAST, BRADCOMM, V-TRADE, UMB, SRB, EAEP, and also PBSB.
  • Cluster based Routing: CBDRP, CBLR, CBR, HCB, TIBCRPH, COIN, and also LORA-CBF,
  • Geocast Routing: DG-CASTOR, IVG, ROVER, DRG, and also DTSG
  • Geographic/Position based Routing: GPSR, PRB-DV, GRANT, and also GPCR, CAR, CBF, GSR, A-STAR, also in STBR, GyTAR, LOUVRE, TO-GO, and GeOpps

Available Simulators for VANET

  • NS2 and NS3
  • MOVE
  • NCTUns
  • TraNs
  • Canumobisim
  • GlomoSim
  • VanetMobiSim
  • Qualnet
  • GrooveSim
  • NHTSA Simulator
  • FleetNet
  • And also in VNSim simulator

Wireless Technologies: IEEE 802.11a, IEEE 802.11 (b) ad hoc mode and infrastructure mode, IEEE 802.11g, and also in IEEE 802.11p, GPRS, IEEE 802.16.

Applications of VANET

Public safety applications:
  • Curve speed warning
  • Cooperative Collision Warning
  • Emergency electronic brake lights
  • Left Turn Assistance
  • Pre-cash warning
  • Stop sign movement assistance
  • And also in Traffic signal violation warning
Non-Public Safety Applications:
  • Access Control
  • Gas Payment
  • Car Rental
  • Drive Thru Payment
  • Data Transfer
  • Fleet management
  • Toll collection
  • Instant messaging
  • Parking lot payment
  • Enhance route guidance
  • And also in Truck stop data transfer

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