Master Thesis WiFi Projects

Master Thesis WiFi Projects

                 Master Thesis WiFi Projects offers you smart and secure way of delivering your projects.Our organization consists of 100+ active researchers who have talent in all major domains and very close collaboration with our budding students and research scholars.

We are doing international research on all emerging areas to apply pure theoretical and practical research on all our projects. Across the world, we are specialized in broadband communications, communications engineering, signal processing, network security, internet of things, network and security, integrated electronics systems, and electromagnetic theory, and also we stand as world no.1 in other several excellence areas like image processing, data mining, big data, machine learning, etc.

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Network Simulator Tools for WiFi

  • Network simulator 2
  • Network-simulator 3
  • Qualnet network simulator
  • Opnet network simulator
  • Wi-Fi open simulator
  • Omnet++
  • Mininet
  • Satellite Network Simulator 3

Best Master Thesis Wifi Projects Online Thesis WiFi Projects

                 Master Thesis WiFi Projects reflects our current research activities into modern Wi-Fi projects. . As part of our research efforts, we aim at improving ourselves with new wireless technologies such as LTE, Wi-max, and WiFi.  Our research focuses on WiFi topics such as opportunistic scheduling schemes, advanced medium access control mechanisms, cooperative and network coding, and interference management scheme and cancellation scheme.

We explore novel programming interfaces that transform low-level operations into high-level resolution in our projects due to their emerging need. Our firm supports publishing your research papers on high impact factors journals abstracted and indexed from SCI, SCOPUS, and ISI standards, and we are connected as a member in 600+ top journals.

In addition, our specialized teams oblige research professionals and students for their project and research needs through our online services: voice, audio, and video files, video conferencing text messaging (Team viewer, Skype, Emails, etc.).

Our knowledge experts are proficient in the Wi-Fi projects areas as illustrated in the below

Major Key Research Areas

  • Wi-Fi Advanced Receiver
  • WiFi 802.11ax [11ax]
  • Wi-Fi using FPGA and Matlab
  • WiFi Self Organized Networks
  • Metropolitan Area Networks
  • Wireless Local Area Networks
  • Software Defined Networking
  • Internet of Things
  • Green ICT
  • Converged Radio Access Networks
  • Cloud RAN
  • Mobile Edge Cloud
  • Heterogeneous wireless networks
  • Ad hoc and mesh networks
  • Mobile wireless networks
  • Wide Rural and Remote Access Areas
  • Optimization of wireless networks

List of Topics on WiFi Projects

  • Wi-Fi based Smart Plug also with iPhone AP
  • Solar energy harvesting system also by super WiFi network powered strategy
  • Future mobile cloud services also using Virtualized WiFi networks
  • Energy optimization also using delay sensitive traffic WiFi networks
  • Wi-Fi network planning and also intra network interference in large scale networks
  • Un licensed spectrum optimization also for LTE-U and WiFi networks
  • Dynamic channel adaptation and also transmit power in WiFi mesh networks
  • Dynamic channel selection also in high speed networks
  • Efficient energy load balancing also in LTE WiFi internetworking networks
  • Jamming resistant reactive frequency hopping also in Cognitive WiFi networks
  • Seamless Flow Mobility based Network architectures also in WiFi networks
  • Near optimal MIMO solutions also in Wi-Fi communication standard.
  • Microchip antennas in modern 4G networks also using WiFi
  • WiFi technologies evolution also in the 4G networks

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