Master Thesis Wireless Network Projects

Master Thesis Wireless Network Projects

                   Master Thesis Wireless Network Projects is our fundamental research service on wireless networks.Due to the emerging wireless technology, most of the students are getting interested and start working towards wireless networks. Our research group is active and investigates a number of research fields of sensor networks, information theory, WLANs, signal processing, network protocols, applied mathematics, 4G WiMAX networks, communication theory, and ad hoc networks.

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Wireless Network Projects

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Master Thesis Wireless Network Projects Online Recent Research Areas of Wireless Networks

  • Broadband access networks
  • Cross layer design for wireless multimedia transmission
  • 4G and 5G wireless systems
  • QoE management and evaluation
  • Wireless powered communication networks
  • Non-orthogonal multiple access techniques
  • Heterogeneous cloud radio access networks
  • Big data analytics of future wireless networks
  • Video quality assessment and Stereoscopic video
  • Video Harvesting and Video broad casting
  • Frame synchronization and decision theory
  • Wireless Sensor Networks security
  • Video coding/error resilient image
  • SDR and cognitive radio
  • Wireless networks mobility management
  • ASIC and VLSI design
  • Frequency and traffic management
  • Performance prediction methodologies
  • RF subsystems
  • Radio propagation studies
  • Experimental trails
  • Network architecture and signaling
  • Multiple access methods
  • Privacy and security considerations

Project ideas in Wireless Networks

  • Protocols, algorithms, and architectures also for mobile wireless networks
  • Wired and wireless networks integration
  • Data management also based on wireless computing
  • Distributed algorithms also for mobile computing
  • Middleware and OS support also for Wireless Networking
  • Communication, and Routing primitives also in ad hoc sensor networks
  • Resource optimization and also management in wireless ad hoc networks
  • Energy saving and efficient protocols also for wireless networks
  • Issues on Scheduling and also Synchronization
  • Algorithms for complexity analysis
  • Access information also in wireless networks
  • Satellite Communications
  • Cryptography, privacy and also security in wireless networks
  • Performance evaluation of wireless and also mobile networks
  • Environments for Service management and also creation
  • Wireless multimedia systems design and also architecture
  • Absolute stochastic simulation and also in stochastic modeling
  • Network Information Theory
  • Advanced network traffic sampling and also in tomography
  • Software defined radios and also in cognitive radios
  • Advanced techniques also for channel estimation
  • Collaborative signal processing in sensor networks

Sample Wireless Network Projects Topics

  • Directed energy links also with the capacity of wireless networks in the obstacles presence
  • In band full duplex energy harvesting also based on distributed power control schemes in wireless networks
  • Spatial random access wireless networks spectrum sharing also using distributed learning algorithms
  • Green wireless networks also for adaptive energy storage management
  • A flexible polymer fabric tissue UWB antenna also for upcoming wireless networks
  • Trade off from wired networks also to wireless networks: energy efficiency cross networks
  • Overall success probability optimization energy harvesting also in cognitive wireless sensor networks
  • Architecture for Cloud based Future Wireless Networks also for the internet of spectrum devices
  • Secure Ad hoc Wireless Networking open unsynchronized networks also using clean state approach
  • Energy and data integrated communication networks also for big wireless data
  • A novel multi path transmission supported scheme also for software defined networks
  • Cooperative random access distributed interference aware scheme also in multi-hop wireless networks
  • Mechanisms and protocols to recover the unsuccessful packets also in wireless networks