MATLAB Electrical Master Thesis

MATLAB Electrical Master Thesis

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MATLAB Electrical Master Thesis

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Thesis Writing Tips:

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  • Propose your thesis idea
  • Prepared a plan for thesis
  • Be aware with plagiarism, do not copy other contents
  • To know about problem statement writing
  • Develop research paper conceptual framework
  • Importance of correct grammar in your thesis
  • Critical analysis or review understanding
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  • The introduction part must keep your thesis noticeable

  –“MATLAB is a high level programming paradigm which is used for mathematical computation, visualization, and analysis and algorithm development. Let’s see some of the significant research areas and research topics for your review

Significant Research Areas:

Power Systems:

  • Power convertors
  • Diesel generator for emergency
  • Power systems for marine electric propulsion
  • Renewable energy sources using grid power inverter
  • Wind turbine generator
  • Modeling waveforms for power quality disturbance analysis
  • PWM generator
  • Distributed robust bilinear state estimation
  • Stand-alone hydrogen photovoltaic fuel cell hybrid system
  • Power systems for Shipboard DC hybrid
  • Reliability of critical infrastructure networks
  • Power system for electric ship
  • RES-based hybrid Isolated power system
  • Hybrid renewable energy system design (micro grid)

Electromagnetic Waves and Antennas:

  • Transmission lines and waveguides analysis
  • Electrically short active antennas
  • Multi-sources in indoor corridors and tunnels [Correlation analysis]
  • Electromagnetic radiation and compliance assessment
  • Improve the effectiveness of plasmonic antennas
  • Modeling challenging EMC problems
  • Film structures analysis of multilayer

 -Multilayer films birefringent

 -Giant birefringent optics

 -Mirrors on omni directional

 -Coating anti reflection


  • Body-worn phased-array antenna


  • Robotics in nuclear
  • Robots machine learning
  • Assistive and medical robot
  • Control and motion planning
  • DaNi 2.0 robotic development platform
  • Human interaction with cognitive robot
  • Model predictive control for underwater robots
  • Finger design automation for industrial robot grippers
  • Robotic arm for modeling inverse kinematics
  • Robot arm of selective compliance assembly
  • Automated design and modeling of soft robotic systems

Control Systems:

  • Cooling system for green house
  • Control system for digital flight
  • Control system for automatic climate
  • Design of complex reconfigurable systems
  • Analysis of benchmark models and control of small signal oscillatory
  • Off-peak ground pre-cool control strategy
  • Position control of nonlinear hydraulic system
  • Control system for acid plant boiler level
  • Critical infrastructure networks reliability analysis

VLSI Design:

  • Integrated circuit testing and fault diagnosis
  • Circuit design for low power
  • CMOS circuits
  • High speed viterbi decoder
  • Silicon carbide based semiconductor integrated circuits for smart power
  • VLSI architectures for video coding
  • Real time image processing using FPGA prototyping
  • Real Time EOG signal processing
  • Heart sound sensing
  • Colorimetric ELISA implementation based on smartphone
  • Speech signal processing for android based mobile
  • Mouse visual areas identification

DSP Systems:

  • Speech recognition and generation [Audio processing]
  • Techniques for bio imaging
  • Cellular automata and spatio temporal systems
  • Signal processing and nonlinear system identification
  • Denoising and classification of hyper spectral images
  • Drowsiness tracking based on EEG
  • Compressive video sensing
  • Reflection seismology, sonar, compression, multiplexing and echo control-Radar [Telecommunication applications]

Important Research Areas:

  • Integrated optics
  • Packet switching and optical network
  • Hybrid and nonlinear control systems design
  • CO design and electronic / optoelectronic design
  • Package for integrated transceiver
  • High frequency transistors and NM transistors
  • Integrated circuits for high frequency
  • Hybrid systems with control theory
  • Aircraft structural health monitoring
  • Underwater robot model predictive control
  • Biological activity prediction
  • Seismic and acoustic ambient noise measurements
  • Integrated circuit design for MM wave and sub MM wave
  • Millimeter wave circuits and microwave and devices etc.
  • Field effect transistors for compound semiconductor

Recent Research Topics:

  • Demand side management technique using designing and simulation of load control & monitoring system
  • Spatiotemporal and foveated masking effects using DCT based JND profile
  • Massive neural data processing using GPU accelerated multivariate empirical mode decomposition
  • Improvement of power swing blocking and deblocking functions in distance relays using novel approach
  • Fast paced research and development based production environments using universal real time control framework and internet of things
  • Under unbalanced faults and harmonic disturbances using adaptive estimation of three phase grid voltage parameters
  • A new composite control technique, multiple classifier and artificial neural network for fault location
  • Current operation of asymmetric dual active half bridge converters with and without ZVS for minimum RMS
  • Battery charging by using cauchy and Gaussian sine cosine optimization using single based MPPT of partially shaded PV system

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