MATLAB Projects for Electrical Students

MATLAB Projects for Electrical Students

    MATLAB Projects for Electrical Students provide you latest and innovative ideas to enhance your knowledge in research. We have a current trend updated technical team that contains highly trained and experienced professionals to guide research scholars and students for their research projects. We have completed nearly 7000+ MATLAB for Students.

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Online Matlab Projects for Electrical Students Projects for Electrical Students

    MATLAB Projects for Electrical Students offer you novel and creative ideas to shine your research career successfully. We provide the best research guidance through our Electrical Students service on MATLAB electronic projects. Our prime aim is to enhance student’s knowledge in MATLAB electronic projects to improve their academic grades and marks. We maintain individuality for each student, which helps us provide their project practical explanations with a high-end approach. Let’s see some of the important aspects in MATLAB for your review

Supported Electrical Components in MATLAB

  • Diodes, rectifiers and Converters
  • Phase voltage and line sensor
  • Circuit breakers and single phase switches
  • Electric drives
  • Support for analysis and simulation
  • Loads, Transformers and RLC branches
  • Motors and asynchronous and synchronous machine
  • Multiplexer, grounds, neural ports, phase splitters used for connection components
  • Flexible AC transmission system components
  • Support for renewable energy system

Electronics Project Requirements in Devices

  • High voltage
  • Low losses
  • Switching fast
  • Rugged operation
  • High frequency
  • Device costs are low
  • High current
  • Simple assembly and also repair

Power Electronics Tools and Software’s

  • MATLAB/Simulink
  • PSIM
  • Simscape
  • Simevent
  • And also in SimPowerSystems

Supported Languages in MATLAB

  • C version 11
  • C++ version 11 and 14
  • Python 2.7, 3.4, 3.5
  • Java JRE/JDK 7
  • And also in .NET CLR version 2.0 and 4.0

Recent Project Ideas

  • Artificial intelligence enhancement
  • Revamps cyber guidelines also in energy department
  • Early availability also for preferred device
  • MIMO VLC performance improvement
  • Three level DC-DC converter
  • Wireless power transmission (Solar)
  • Swarm optimization also for fuzzified particle
  • Brain tumor extraction
  • Vehicle number plate recognition
  • JPEG compressor
  • Radiation detection also for nuclear
  • Algorithm of anti-collision (RFID)
  • DC and servo motor controller system
  • Technique also for road extraction (Satellite images)
  • Unified power flow controller also for control design
  • Object tracking and also detection based on vision

Major Research Topics

  • Multiple PV based DC micro grid also using differential current based fault protection with adaptive threshold
  • HVDC circuit breaker also for characterization of a counter current injection
  • Grid connected PV array also with maximum power point tracking using design and simulation of power electronic controller
  • Conservative power theory also for model predictive control of PV- based shunt active power filter in single phase low voltage grid
  • A mixed signal field programmable analog array also for proof of concept energy efficient and real time hemodynamic feature extraction from bio impedance signals
  • Reactive power management also using investigating the performance of PV interfaced PBT based DSTATCOM by adaptive fuzzy logic controller
  • Power electronic control systems designing
  • Different multiplication techniques also for comparative study of 16 order FIR filter design
  • Evaluating the performance of power aware routing algorithms also in practical software defined networks also using benchmark implementation
  • Aerospace applications also for probabilistic time variant sensor accuracy model and GUI
  • Driving 32 MJ muzzle energy rail gun using design and also analysis of a modular pulsed alternator power system
  • Effective energy management in IWSNs also using fuzzy logic approach by using particle swarm optimization
  • Teaching wave propagation in transmission lines also using software tools

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