Medical Image Segmentation Thesis Topics

Medical Image Segmentation Thesis Topics

    Medical Image Segmentation Thesis Topics is our custom writing service to help for students and research scholars, for the completion of their Masters/PhD Degree Courses. It is a technique involved in diagnosing diseases. Generally, computer science engineering and information technology students choose this area for research, but now electrical and electronics engineering and electrical and communications engineering students are opting for research.

Our world-class experts have the talent to serve students master’s thesis projects till their research completion. We also have organized various training programs for students and research scholars to know about the Medical Image Segmentation Process and its current trends. Normally, the image segmentation process takes a high time and quite challenging tasks in Image Processing, so you need the proper guidance for making it such a beautiful thing.

Medical Image Segmentation Thesis Topics List Image Segmentation Thesis Topics

    Medical Image Segmentation Thesis Topics covers current trends in Medical Imaging aspects. We offer our A-Z supports for students to complete their research successfully. We have also completed 1000+ Medical Image Segmentation Projects by our experts with addressing the important issues in Medical Image Segmentation and Classification. . Now, let’s have a glance over Medical Image Segmentation,

       …” Medical Image Segmentation is the process of detection of boundaries (automatic/semi-automatic) also within a 2D/3D images. Due to the high variability of medical images, medical image segmentation is quite difficult and also complex for researchers”.

   The process of Segmentation is to subdivide the objects and the aim is to:
  • Identify Region of Interest (ROI) [Lesion, Locate Tumor and also other abnormalities]
  • Study about the Anatomical Structure
  • Tissue volume estimation and also growth of the tumor will estimated

Types of Medical Imaging

  • MRI Imaging [Brain MR Imaging, MR Liver Imaging, Chest MR Imaging, and also in Abdominal MR Imaging]
  • CT Imaging [Brain CT Imaging, CT Liver Imaging, Chest CT Imaging, Abdomen CT Imaging, Spline CT Imaging and also Pelvis CT Imaging]
  • Ultrasound Imaging [Brain Imaging, Abdominal, Bone Sonometry, Fetal, Breast, and also Liver]
  • Positron Emission Tomography (PET) [Brain, Fetal, Breast and also Liver]

Major Research Issues in Medical Image Segmentation

  • Image Quality Degradation
  • Lack of Ground Truth
  • Different shapes of ROI
  • ROI boundaries of ROI
  • Basic Knowledge and also objective required
  • Medical imaging devices limitations
  • Proper technique also for selection

Methods for Image Segmentation

  • Edge Based Segmentation [Edge relaxation, Hough transform based, and also Border detection method]
  • Region Based Segmentation [Region merging, Region Splitting and also Split and Merge]
  • Amplitude Segmentation also based on Histogram Features
  • Model based Segmentation [Registration, Probabilistic Representation, and also Statistical Influence]

Other Approaches of Segmentation

  • Atlas based Segmentation
  • Model also based on Segmentation

Methods for CT Image Segmentation

  • Fuzzy based
  • Neural network based
  • Deformable models based
  • Region based
  • And also in Threshold based

Medical Image Segmentation Algorithms Features

  • Reliability
  • Accuracy
  • Robustness
  • Repeatability
  • Least Dependency also based on the operator

Our Current Research Directions in Medical Segmentation

  • Cerebral vessels segmentation
  • Cells detection also in Microscope images
  • Hear Great Vessels and also in Valves Segmentation
  • Coronary Vessel Segmentation

Hybrid Image Segmentation Algorithms

  • Fast Region Merging and also Watershed
  • Fuzzy C Means Clustering and also Artificial Fish Swarm Algorithm
  • PSO, Learning Automata and also K-means algorithm
  • Kmeans and AntClust algorithms
  • Mean Shift Filtering and also Seeded Region Growing
  • Thresholding and also Morphological Operations

Medical Image Segmentation Applications

  • Locate Tumors and other Pathologies and also Measure Tissue Volumes
  • ROI finding, simplification, classification and also recognition
  • Computer guided Surgery, Treatment, Planning, Treatment and also Anatomical Structure Study

Real Time Applications of Medical Image Segmentation

  • Machine Vision
  • Content based Image and also Video Retrieval
  • Surgery planning
  • Virtual Surgery Simulation
  • Intra Surgery Navigation
  • Video Surveillance
  • Traffic Control Systems
  • Object Detection:

             -Brake light detection

             -Face Detection

             -Pedestrian Detection

             -Locate objects in satellite images (crops, forests and also roads )

  • Tasks for Recognition:

             -Face Recognition

             -Iris Recognition

             -Fingerprint Recognition

Sample Image Segmentation Thesis Topics

  • Phase features also for Spine Curvature Automatic Measurement on 3D-Ultrasound Volume Projection Images
  • Locally varying numbers of outer retinal layers segmentation also using model selection approach
  • Focal lesions and also retinal layers joint segmentation of Topologically Disrupted Retinas (3D-OCT)
  • Black based 3D Wavelet Features of Multiclass Brain Glicoma Tumor Classification also in MR images
  • SVM classification also based on Retinal Blood Vessel Segmentation
  • Automatic Neovascularization Detection of Machine Learning also on Optic Disc Region


We also hope that the aforesaid information is sufficient for your Segmentation Thesis Topics. We are also well-known in many different medical modalities like OCT, Endoscopy, X-Ray, Microscopy, SPECT, and many more for the segment of the medical images.