Final Year Master Thesis in Image Processing

Final Year Master Thesis in Image Processing

          Final Year Master Thesis in Image Processing is ever serving service platform where we offers well-defined thesis for our students. Our organization comprises 150+ world class engineers who are always more encouraged and help them write their thesis. We started our service to give and be some important aspects for students to complete their master degree course. And also, We all spend our resources for students to explore their academics with great achievements.

Before we start our work, we look at students’ needs and realize what they expect from us. Our experts are working in this area for ten years and have enough experience working on MATLAB in image processing. Over the years, we have found that MATLAB is a confusing language, and it has a huge number of built-in functions to develop any kind of application. Come to us as we increase your knowledge and get your valuable work on time from us.

Master Thesis in Image Processing

         Final Year Master Thesis in Image Processing is your complete contribution of research. Our institution is The World Number One Institution created for students who are pursuing Master Degree Courses [M.E, M.Tech, MCA, M.Phil. and M.Sc.]. The most important issues of image processing are back-end technologies and commercialization.

Our experts are currently working on current research trends of image processing, which shows our experience and expertise, and we worked on the functions and operations of MATLAB. Our final year master thesis in image processing is becoming a more popular service that attracts many students and scholars worldwide.

Trending Final Year Master Thesis In Image Processing Online Let us demonstrate about our research interest on Image Processing,

Image Processing Operations

  • Image Morphing
  • Digital Composition
  • Image Recognition
  • Image-differencing
  • Image Registration
  • Classification
  • Feature extraction
  • Feature selection
  • Image segmentation
  • Edge Detection
  • Image Denoising
  • And also in Morphological operation

Major Research Fields of Image Processing

  • Digital Watermarking
  • Biometrics and Patter recognition
  • Signal processing
  • Disease identification
  • Object tracking and also in detection
  • Remote Sensing
  • Security, cryptography and also in steganography
  • Image compression and image forensics
  • Biomedical imaging and also in applications
  • Satellite communication networks
  • Biometric authentication
  • Wireless sensor networks
  • Bioinformatics techniques
  • Genetic data warehousing
  • Stereo and also in 3D imaging
  • Blob analysis
  • Internet signal processing
  • Multidimensional signal processing
  • New modalities also for Pattern Recognition
  • Video surveillance and also monitoring
  • Video compression and streaming
  • Document and Handwriting Analysis
  • Content based Image and also in Video Retrieval
  • Visual Search Techniques
  • Medical Image analysis

Image Processing Applications

  • Emotion Recognition and activity recognition
  • 3D face recognition and also facial expression recognition
  • Behavioral recognition and also in activity logging
  • Remote human presence detection system
  • Heart rate monitoring using texture and also facial features
  • Human energy generation and also in electrical signal measurement system
  • Digital image embedding information
  • Remote surgical robotics
  • Data and signal processing through satellite communication
  • Mobile health care delivery system
  • Electronic parts also based Electrocardiogram amplifier
  • Physical activity monitoring also using Home based Virtual Reality
  • Diagnostic Sophisticated Medical Imaging

Project Ideas in Image Processing

  • DWT based Edge Detection
  • Tracking Sequences also using Dynamic Denoising
  • Non-Separable 2D Hear wavelets Phase shifting
  • 3D human body poses form 2D static images
  • Speckle noise removal also using Wiener Pseudo-Inverse Filtering
  • Touchless fingerprint recognition system
  • Asymmetric Digital Watermarking also for Iris protecting
  • Color images deblurring from corrupted noise
  • FPGA design also for handwritten digits on trained neural networks
  • City traffic control also using real time image processing algorithms
  • Algorithm also for combined 2D and 3D image analysis

Future Trends of Image Processing in MATLAB

  • Speedup aircraft start monitoring traffic
  • Environmental conditions monitoring
  • Intelligent military robot also with great visual sense
  • Remotely perform surgeries and also diagnosis
  • Infrared imaging also for night time security
  • Human vision than the computer vision

Research Topics in Image Processing

  • Movement simulation and also stereo camera system based Hand Gesture Detection
  • Video Endoscopic Capsule Localization also using Degree based WCL
  • Design Fast Median Filtering also for Orientation/phase data
  • Gradient based method and also Schunck and horn parameter characterization in optical  computing
  • Image processing based automated surface defect detection system also for ceramic tiles using Matlab
  • Malaria detection and also classification in thin blood slide images
  • Sharpness estimation and also feature comparison in Image forensics
  • Indian standard number plates recognitions also based on automatic approaches
  • An Efficient Hybrid Framework also for Biophysical Variable Retrieval using active learning methods
  • Spatial filtering scheme also for analyzing the performance of remote sensing applications
  • VLSI based object recognition also for street light data acquisition
  • Number plate number comparison also using Matlab in Image processing