MPhil Thesis Topics in Computer Science

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M Phil Thesis Topics in Computer Science Online HelpThesis Topics in Computer Science

    MPhil Thesis Topics in Computer Science is our outstanding service to provide complete guidance to select record-breaking research topics for your thesis preparation. Nearly we also completed 5000+ best-standardized thesis for MPhil Thesis Computer Science. We also provide highly sophisticated research topics for your intellectual research in most popular research domains, including digital image processing, multimedia, soft computing, advanced security & networking, natural language processing, real-time & embedded operating system, also in the knowledge management system, high-performance cluster & grid computing, agent-based computing, next-generation heterogeneous networks and also biometrics authentication system. Now, you glance over some of the important aspects of uptrend research for MPhil Computer Science.

Interesting Research in Most Popular Research Domains

  • -Architecture and Embedded system
    • Identify and also Mitigate Root-kits
    • Traffic Light with Evaluation of Simulation
    • Multi Channel Data Acquisition
    • Embedded Multi-core Framework
    • Intelligent Control Framework
    • Scalable Power Battery Management Framework
    • Network Monitoring Framework
    • And also in Embedded Synchronized Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy
  • -Sensor Networks
    • Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks also in Cryptography
    • Cloud Based Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks
    • Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks
    • Road Traffic Data Management also for Cloud Storage
    • Infrared Body Temperature Tele-Monitoring Framework
  • -Geographical Information Systems
  • -Databases and Data Mining
    • Distributed Big Data Mining
    • Hybrid Approach also for Non-Transitional Data Mining App
    • Predict Protein Secondary Structure
    • Data Mining Based Automate Chemical Process Route Selection
  • -Human Computer Interaction
  • -Visualization and Graphics
    • Protruding and also Interior Regions Visualization
    • Uncertain Network Visualization
    • Graph Based Visualization also for Data Based Meta Analysis
    • Mobile Graphics Rendering also with Cloud
    • Graphics Processing Unit Accelerated Code
  • -High Performance Computing
  • -Compiler Optimization
    • Automatic Data Intensive Applications Optimization
    • Verified Optimized Compiler Comp-Cert
    • Memoization of Compile Time Function
    • Control Parallel Data Processing systems
    • Extend LLVM Complier Frameworks
    • Matlab Subset to C Compiler Targeting Embedded Systems
    • Detect Android Native Code Malware Variants Optimization
  • -Distributed System
  • -Neural Network for Machine Translation
    • Neural Machine Translation
    • Patient Notes De-Identification
    • Trainable Greedy Decoding
    • Evaluate Rating Prediction also Using Convolution Neural Networks
  • -Networks and Security
  • -Artificial Intelligence
    • Moral Decision Making Systems
    • Interpreting Difficult Decision Medical Datasets
    • Reduce Non-adherence Risk also based on Anticoagulation Therapy
    • Evaluate Moisture Damage also Using Artificial Intelligence

Supported Languages

  • Java
  • C++
  • Python
  • C
  • C#
  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • Ruby
  • And also in Perl

Supported Most Popular Simulators for Simulation Based Projects

  • Matlab
  • NS2
  • NS3
  • OMNET++
  • And also in GloMoSim

Latest MPhil in Computer Science

  • Temperature Phenomenon Information and Artificial Intelligence also for Develop Reservoir Monthly Inflow Forecasts
  • Concentrated Solar Plant Maintenance Management also Using Artificial Intelligence
  • Multimodal Sentiment Analysis Using Ensemble Applications of Multiple Kernel Learning and also Conventional Neural Networks
  • Integrated Artificial Neural Networks with Ant Colony also for Bio-ethanol Production Optimization from Sorghum Grains
  • Artificial Neural Networks also for Modeling Voltage Pollutants Removal Under Transient Conditions in Two-Stage Bio-Reactor
  • Optimized Neural Networks also for Indian Sign Language Recognition
  • Distributed Spanning Tree Structure also for Wireless Sensor Networks Using Effective Lightweight Key Management Model
  • Hidden Markov Model Based Game Theoretic Energy Control Mechanism in Cognitive Wireless Sensor Networks also with Damaged Information
  • Required and Formal Design of Real Time and also Embedded Systems Using Model Based Engineering Methodology
  • Breathable and Flexible Packaging and Fabrication Patch Antennas on Textiles
  • Multilayer Perception Neural Network also for Omni-directional Mobile Robot Using Visual Serving
  • Design and Simulate Load Monitoring and also Control System by Demand Side Management Mechanism

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