MTech VANET Simulator Projects

MTech VANET Simulator Projects

          MTech VANET Simulator Projects is our world class service offer for anyone who wants to leave a mark on the world. Network simulators and traffic simulators are two rock pillars of the brand new technology call VANET simulator. It is a hopeful area for research as it has great influence on subjects like traffic lights, traffic flow models, traffic congestion, vehicular speed, trip model, multipath fading and many more. Due to its high importance in these area VANET simulator has gained a monumental position in the field of research.

In VANET Simulator Projects in various generators available for application. Our expert professionals are well-versed in all the recent happen of Simulator Projects which helps them to narrow down the best suite generator. They also got their hands on all the brand new advanced tools regarding VANET Simulator as a result you will be present with technically advanced and relevant MTech Projects.

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Best MTech Vanet Simulator Projects Online VANET Simulator Projects

        MTech VANET Simulator Projects deals with an advance technology which helps clever transportation system in the aspect of communication.

VANET Simulators allow communication among vehicles through Roadside units. It possesses an amazing dynamic topology. Network protocol design in VANET is due to mobile modelling and prediction. An incredible environment for various forms of communication is enabled by it. It also includes high processing power and storage system. Hand delay constraints are provided by it. Onboard, sensors are made interactive by VANET simulator. MATLAB is interfaced with the help of VENTOS. These are the technical advancements of the VANET simulator. We are large you to take up our service on simulator projects as you will greatly benefit.

Architectural Structure of VANET System

Five Layers in VANET:
  • A Physical layer contains antenna, spectrum allocation and modulation.
  • A MAC layer that presents transmission collision
  • A Network layer that specializes vehicular movement data dissemination and traffic congestion.
  • A Transport layer that helps in data transportation with contains such as reliability and delay.
  • An Application layers that provider safety and entertainment applications.
Three Categories of VANET communication:
  • Vehicle to Infrastructure Communication
  • Infrastructure to Vehicle communication
  • Vehicle to Vehicle communication
Features of VANET Simulator:
  • Extensibility and realistic map
  • Micro simulation capability
  • Promix zones-mix zones and also promix zones are used for integration of privacy.
  • Map editor and extensive scenario is provided.
  • GUI support leads to details visualization of simulation.
  • Vehicles in Network Simulation
  • VEINS 4.4 is the latest version
  • OMNET++ and also SUMO++ are combine in it.
  • Vehicular network simulations run by also using open source framework.
  • MAC OS X 10, Linux 32 and 64 bit and also windows 7 are the platforms supported.
  • Mobility simulator and also network are integrate
  • Communication among simulated and also real vehicles are provide for communication
  • Open source hybrid simulator.
  • Network centric and application centric are also the two modes it works in.
  • TransLite is used for mobility generation
  • Network and also traffic simulation environment
  • Realistic VANET simulation is conducted also by both network simulator and mobility generator.
VANET MobiSim:
  • Vanet MobiSim 1.1 is the recent version
  • Mobile Networks such as GlomoSim, Qualnet and also NS2 simulation tools is supported by various simulations.
  • Platform Independent.
  • Focuses on Vehicular Mobility

Mobility Generators

  • Expanded simulation of Urban Mobility
  • It is a portable microscopic road traffic simulation package.
  • Open GL graphical user interface is also provided.
  • Built on top of SUMO
  • Contains mobility model generator and also traffic model
  • GUI support is also provided in order to quickly generate realistic simulation scenario.
  • Lends great support also in intelligent transportation system simulation
  • Portable free flow traffic simulator and also open source
City Mob:
  • A GUI based mobility model generator also used in VANET
  • A portable open source
  • Downtown model, Manhattan model and also simple model is generated by these three models

Widely Used Protocols

Clustering Protocols Used:
  • K-Hop Clustering
  • SDMA based Clustering
  • Position based Clustering
  • Destination based also in Clustering
  • Authentication Clustering
  • K-means clustering
  • Fuzzy C-means clustering
  • Distance based on also  used clustering
  • TDMA based Clustering
  • Geographical clustering
  • Agent based dynamic clustering
  • Stability oriented also in clustering
  • Lane based Clustering
  • Utility based clustering
  • Traffic infrastructure also based cluster
Routing Protocols Used:
  • Reactive Protocol
  • Position based routing also with distance vector recovery
  • GPSRJ+ Routing
  • Proactive Protocol
  • Zone based routing
  • Traffic-aware routing
  • QoS-based routing
  • Greedy Perimeter Coordinator Routing
  • Ant Colony Optimization
  • Dynamic source routing
  • Graph based routing
  • Distance based routing
  • Artificial bee colony also  using algorithm
  • Location based routing

Latest Highly Effective VANET Simulator Projects

  • Trustful Platoon selection also using Recommendation schemes
  • Accurate localization for V2I, V2V and also I2V communication
  • Secure traffic management also using route reporting schemes
  • Safety message dissemination by also integrating with cloud
  • Trajectory detection of taxi by also using temporal structural property
  • Integrating VANET with Cognitive Radios also for effective spectrum utilization
  • Multi-Channel MAC schemes
  • QoS- supporting VANET communication
  • Multimedia Data dissemination by also maximizing VANET utilities
  • Achieving higher data rates also for video steaming by the use of 5G in VANET
  • Congestion avoiding systems also with traffic re-routing
  • Minimization of packet collision also with TDMA-MAC protocol
  • LTE based hybrid architecture also with Multi-hop cluster for safety message dissemination


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